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New Year, New Plan!

New Year, New Plan!

Let me start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am sorry that I have not been around lately! My website actually got hacked for a while and it took my husband a bit to get it fixed. Apparently it was a pretty bad one. This seems like a silly site to even want to hack, but what do I know. Lol.

Here’s the thing. I know I have done horribly these past few months. Absolutely. I want to puke when I think about how I feel and how much weight I have gained. But rehashing those things and how disappointed I am in myself is not going to do any good. It will just make me depressed, which is something that I am prone to during the winter anyway. I definitely do not need to add to it. So, I am moving on. New year, new plan! I am going to be setting monthly goals, and maybe a couple of “end-of-the-year” goals too.

As far as exercise and eating go, I am keeping it pretty simple for now. I am drinking my water, tracking my calories, and moving my body. My shoulder has been doing a lot better the last few weeks and even survived me painting my bedroom and lifting a very heavy headboard. But I can still tell that it definitely needs to be a bit babied when it comes to certain things. So, I am going to take it “easy” with my workouts. I am going to alternate days between a Leslie Sansone walking DVD (or something else like that, as my DVD is currently MIA) and HipHopAbs. I am also going to throw in some other ab workouts and light weights here and there, to really get myself back in the groove. I am excited to see what this new month brings! I am ready to be focused again!

I also need to refocus in some other areas of my life. As a family, we need to find a church we’re comfortable at. And I need to get a better grip on handling a very opinionated three-year-old. With that being said, here are the goals I have figured out thus far.

January Goals

  • Stick with my exercise plan. I am not making it too hard on myself, as I really am restarting from ground zero. So I know that it is something I can do. I just need to actually DO IT.
  • Lose five pounds. Yes, I know that weight is not everything. Yes, I know that there are other tools to use to judge your health. But, honestly, I need to lose the weight. I am way up, I feel horrible, I have no energy, and I have an extremely poor body image right now. So yeah, I think it is ok to say I want to lose five pounds this month.
  • Track my calories, even if I end up going over some days. I still need to be accountable to myself.
  • Read my Bible. Just start with five minutes a day. It is way better than nothing! And I want to start incorporating a Bible reading time daily into my Zeeva time too.
  • Attend church every Sunday, weather permitting. If we try one and do not like it, then we will try another.
  • Sew our new curtains for our bedroom. Woohoo for a bedroom makeover!
  • Finish fixing up my new (old) nightstand. This involves fixing a broken piece, staining it, and finding some new knobs that we like for it. It is going to be awesome when it’s done and will look great in our new bedroom!
  • Figure out what I want my new weightloss goals to be. And a reward system.
  • Eat a lot of our meals from food we already have stored up.

  • Year Goals

  • Reach my weightloss goals.
  • Stick with it! Do not give up like I did in 2013.
  • Run another 5k. That was my best moment of 2013.
  • Vacation! Even if it is not far from here.
  • Finish SIX paintings! I did three last year, so I think I can do it!
  • Feel comfortable in my own skin. I am just about as far away from that as possible right now, and I hate feeling like this.
  • can some jelly. Lol… I know, this does not sound very exciting. But it is something that intrigues me and yet makes me very nervous. So it will push me out of my comfort zone for sure!
  • That is what I have for now. I may add to this list or change some things around. And I do not have a single problem with changing my goals as the year evolves. It is my life, after all. Sometimes things come along that make you adjust your thoughts.

    Do you have any goals you would like to share? Or any goals that you reached last year that you are particularly proud of?

    Weigh-In Monday…

    Weigh-In Monday…

    After a not-so-great end of the week last week (I was sick Wednesday, my parents had to put their dog to sleep Thursday, and Friday was filled with major allergies and a naughty toddler), Thomas and I were very much looking forward to our date night on Saturday. We did not do a whole lot of anything too exciting, but we did have a great time just being together and going to random places. I even broke my sweet-fast and had a very controlled ice cream cone. It was delicious. The only problem is that I then gave in to a major craving that I had on Sunday night and ate a HUGE bowl of cereal. Not great. And my tummy did not appreciate it too much either. But I have now decided that it is ok for me to have sweets again, as long as I am very controlled with it. If I cannot handle it, then I am just not allowed to have them.

    Before I get into how my weigh-in went this week, I need to address my weekly questions that I am asking myself…

    1. Did I overeat this week on any day? Unfortunately, yes. I ate way too much bread at dinner on Saturday and I have already confessed to my cereal mishap.
    2. Did I move more and exercise regularly? Nope. But I did get in a nice walk yesterday at a state park with my daughter and my parents. And I now have an official game plan for the rest of the month, which starts today. I am doing a squat challenge, plus some arm exercises. And walking whenever possible.
    3. Did I eat in secret or out of anger or frustration? Nope!
    4. Did I feel, at any time, that I ran to food instead of God? No. This is something that I am truly striving to do.
    5. Before I hopped on the scale, did I feel that I had a successful, God-pleasing week? Aside from overeating on the weekend a bit, I had a good week. But I do need to get back to my devotional. I have fallen off-track with that.

    Time for how my weigh-in went. I gained 2.9 pounds. But I have a definite non-scale victory… It is not phasing me in the slightest! I know that I may have gained a bit this past week. But I know I sure did not gain nearly 3 pounds. It just is not possible. So I know that a lot of that gain is most likely water retention. I actually wavered on whether I should weigh myself this morning, but made myself step on the scale. I am really glad that I did because not being down about my weight being up is a huge thing for me.

    And now on to the bigger news this morning… Today was measurement day! I have now been eating at a higher calorie level (and, unfortunately, not working out much) for four weeks, so it was time to check in with how my other progress went. While my upper arm and forearm stayed the exact same, the rest of my measurements all changed!

    Neck: Lost 0.5″
    Wrist: Lost 0.125″
    Chest: Lost 0.75″
    Belly Measurement #1: Lost 1.625″!
    Belly Measurment #2: Lost 1.625″!
    Hips: Lost 0.625″
    Abductors: Lost 0.625
    Thigh: Lost 0.25″
    Calf: Lost 0.5″
    Ankle: Lost 0.125″

    That is 6.75″ lost, basically just from increasing my calorie intake to where it should be! I see overall consistent changes, with the most change in my biggest problem area. I will take it for sure! I am definitely continuing with this and am excited to see what my measurements are in another four weeks, after I have added in exercise!

    I also took my progress pictures today… Only to find that I somehow have not taken them since the beginning of July. Somehow I did not end up with “starting” pictures from when I first started eating more calories four weeks ago. Oops! Oh well… The good news is that I could not see a single difference between now and the beginning of July, including in my muscle definition. After not having worked out for a month, I will take that! And now I have a good set of pictures to compare with next month!

    Wrapping It Up…

    Wrapping It Up…

    Wow, I feel like it’s been forever since I posted on here… July 8th was a long time ago! I am so sorry for that!

    First, let me just say that my 5k on July 20th went fantastic! I was able to run the ENTIRE thing, which was amazing, especially considering that my training runs were horrible the whole week prior to the race. Me + hot, humid weather + running just do not mix well. Lol. Thankfully, it was a nice, cool morning the day of the race! Not only did I manage to run the whole thing (which was almost a whole MILE longer than I had previously run), I also managed to do it in under 45 minutes, which was a mini goal of mine! My official time was 44:12! Woohoo! On top of the race, my vacation was wonderful, in general. Our first vacation in six years… It better be good! Lol. We squeezed in as much activity and memory-making as possible! I will hopefully get around to posting about that soon, with lots of pictures!

    Now it is confession time… I have not worked out since my vacation. Boooooooooo! I have also been eating horribly! Double booooooooooo! Why? No clue. But today is my Snap Out Of It! day! I even forced myself to weigh in and do my measurements. Honestly, my weight makes me want to be sick… 170.4. I haven’t seen that number in well over a year. Yep, it genuinely sucks. But I have an amazing month planned for myself and I know that I will SOON be back to where I was and doing even better!

    I will do a post tomorrow all about how AWESOME August is going to be!!

    Ps… If you are interested in joining my FREE August Challenge Group, there is still time! Shoot me a message and I will get you hooked into the group. It is an awesome group of ladies and we are ALL going to rock out this coming month!

    My “Big News” Post…

    My “Big News” Post…

    I have really been struggling lately, watching my weight go up and down, up and down, always over the same three to five pounds. And thinking that I will have huge amounts of inches lost, only to be disappointed at my monthly measurements. Even though I can see some changes happening in my pictures, my clothes do not feel any different and all of my measurements do not reflect these changes. So I have really been feeling discouraged. Couple this with the general stress of raising a two-year-old and a few other life things, and I really have had a bad few days of eating. Confession… I have probably consumed more chocolate in the past week than I had in the almost three months since Christmas combined! Not good. Not good at all!

    So I have been mulling over an idea in my head. I really need to learn how to focus less on the scale and my measurements and more on how I feel… How I feel inside, and outside, and learning to really love myself and ignore the numbers. I have come up with a challenge for myself. I am calling it the Spring Forward Challenge because it will take place through ALL of Spring and will be a time of me focusing on leaping forward in many areas of my life. I am sick of being stuck in a rut. I am sick of feeling down. I am sick of not focusing on the awesome things in life. And that is how the Spring Forward Challenge began.

    Jessii’s Spring Forward Challenge

  • Complete the official Hybrid of Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme. **this is actually a 120 day program, so I will not finish this until August 4th.
  • No weighing myself until AT LEAST June 21, the first day of summer. **I am probably still going to weigh myself weekly but not look at it. Thomas will record it for me so I can see my results at the end. I also may not weigh myself until the end of the 120 day exercise program.
  • No measuring myself until the first day of summer, with the same stipulations as weighing myself.
  • No soda.
  • Pictures every four weeks, which I will post on here to stay accountable with my progress.
  • Couch to 5k program with my husband
  • Drink at least four bottles of water a day, which is 96 ounces.
  • Eat as well as possible, with as little processed food as my budget will allow.
  • Make wise choices about sweets and determine if it is really worth it.
  • Eat out once a month, at the most.
  • Stick to a grocery budget.
  • Spend real time with God every day — prayer, praise and worship, Bible reading, devotional — whatever I feel led to do during my time with Him. I just need to actually make the time.
  • Church every Sunday.
  • Figure out how to make a budget for an income that fluctuates a bit.
  • Take Zeeva to Toddler Story Time at the library every Tuesday morning that they meet, as long as we are healthy.
  • Mommy and Me Group with Zeeva twice a month, even if I am tired.
  • Less time in front of the television.
  • Be more intentional in my marriage.
  • Do fun activities with Zeeva more.
  • Take daily walks as a family outside whenever possible.
  • Finish two paintings.
  • Sew at least one thing, using some of the fabric that I already have stored up.

  • There you have it… My list so far. Some of the items are very specific, while others are less specific because I honestly do not know what they will end up looking like. I just know that these are all areas that I need to be working on. These are all things that will help me better myself and be happier in life. And I am sure that I will end up finding other things to add to the list as I think more about it and delve deeper into this.

    A Zeeva Update…

    A Zeeva Update…

    For those of you who are regular followers of my blog and/or Facebook page, you know that the last few weeks have been pretty rough with Zeeva. I was getting ready to start doing potty training with her a few weeks ago, when she decided to start trying to climb out of her crib. So we were forced to switch her to her toddler bed, putting potty training on hold (because there was no way in the world that I was crazy enough to try two such huge changes at the same time!). The first two weeks, or so, were HARD, to say the least. Waking up a ton of times at night, waking up for the day extremely early in the morning, having to sleep with Zeeva while curled up in her rocking chair out of desperation, feeling EXHAUSTED constantly… I seriously felt like I had a newborn again. Actually, it was worse than a newborn. Because she was trying to tell us what was wrong, but did not have the words to get through to us. Needless to say, all of this really wore me down… Completely. I have been more grouchy, and way less energetic, and have had next to no patience. I HATE that and I hate having to admit it, but I honestly have not felt like a very good mommy for the past couple of weeks. And, on top of all of that, Zeeva was also very grouchy from all the interrupted sleep.

    Fast forward to yesterday… Yesterday, I felt like crying most of the day. It was a pretty crappy day in the world of Zeeva and I. There was no one incident to pinpoint. It was just the accumulated exhaustion and frustration of the past couple of weeks. It wore me down completely. Thankfully, we were able to end the day on a high note… We had some fun family time after dinner playing our brand new Just Dance 3 game, and then we had fun making Zeeva giggle for the few minutes she had left until bedtime. And she went to bed easily and slept GREAT!

    I went to bed last night determined to make today a better day than yesterday was… And, honestly, that was not a very hard bar to meet. Lol! Zeeva woke up early this morning, which I thought was going to be an indicator of how the whole day was going to go. But, I am happy to report that we have had a great day so far! She actually ate breakfast (just a banana, but that is more than she has been eating lately!) and I was able to keep my cool when she requested eggs and then refused to eat them when I made them for her. Then we went to the grocery store to get a few items and had a fun time there… Zeeva had a blast “beep, beeping”, coloring on her cousin’s birthday card that we were mailing, and seeing the fish (TWICE!). She was a little piggy in the car and when we got home, gobbling up two snacks AND wanting part of mine! (By the way, I have a newfound love for plain rice cakes with a tiny bit of peanut butter… So yummy and satisfying!) Then I worked out and she was content playing with a chair until the last ten or so minutes when she started getting tired and hungry again. So we ate lunch after I was done, while we watched one of the Tinker Bell movies (Zeeva LOVES Tinker Bell right now… She even spins in circles saying “I can fly!”). We had a few minutes to kill between lunch and nap, so we danced and Zeeva ran in circles around me and I caught her and tickled her over and over and over (which is a good arm workout!). We had a grand old time, filled with lots of giggles! I am going to say that, so far, today has been one of the best days I can remember! And now we are going to take some much needed naps! Lol!

    Thank you all for your prayers and happy thoughts…. I truly appreciate it and definitely know that God was listening!

    A Change of Plans…

    A Change of Plans…

    I am changing my plans for December. I am taking a step back from things. I really just want to take the next two weeks to just live and enjoy being with my family. The horrific events of Friday really made me realize that I have not been spending enough time just being. Almost all of my time during the past few months has been spent working out or cleaning. I have not been taking time during the day to just play with Zeeva. I have barely taken time to relax with Thomas. So I am taking a step back for the next two weeks. I am not going to count calories and obsess over that. I will not go crazy and gain ten pounds or anything like that, but my brain just needs a break from that. And I will exercise when I “want” to. I am not going to stress about it. I am not going to worry about it when I do not get n cruel workout in during the day. 

    For the next week, my focus will be Christmas activities. We went and saw lights last night. Tonight, we watched “White Christmas” and introduced Zeeva to “hot” chocolate.  ;o) Really, lukewarm chocolate. Lol! She even got marshmallows in it, which she loved. Tomorrow the plan is to make salt dough ornaments in the morning, then celebrate Thomas’s birthday in the evening. Wednesday will be painting the ornaments (and some wooden ones I got for really cheap at Jo-Ann’s!) and I will be making the dough for sugar cookies. Thursday will be actually baking the cookies and hopefully visiting Santa at the mall! So yeah, I have plenty to keep me busy this week! Plus, I still need to finish Zeeva’s quilt! I hope you all focus on what you need to this time of year.

    My Thankgiving Wrap Up…

    My Thankgiving Wrap Up…

    It is time for my super Thanksgiving wrap up!  :o) This is really just about my favorite moments of the holiday.

      Zeeva sleeping through the night on our second night at my in-law’s house. The first night was pretty bad, so that was a major blessing!
      Getting to see relatives that we have live far away and we have not seen in almost (and over!) a year.
      Actually working out on Thanksgiving! More to come on that in another post.
      Picking out fabric with my niece and cutting it with my mother-in-law for a project I m making for Zeeva’s Christmas present.
      Zeeva’s hugs that she kept giving me when she was trying to stay awake while laying in bed with me in the wee hours of our first night at my in-law’s house. Yes, it was aggravating that she was awake, but she was very sweet at times.
      Taking family pictures with Thomas and Zeeva and getting some goofy shots. I love my little family!
      Watching Zeeva play with her cousins… Oh how she LOVED that one of them got to stay with us for our whole time at Thomas’s parent’s house!
      Waking up from a nap to hear Zeeva and her cousin giggling away upstairs.
      Blueberry pancakes this morning, with maple syrup that my brother made. He lives way too far away for him to have been there, but the syrup made it seem like he was closer.
      The traditional Thanksgiving meal that I grew up with, that my mom always makes… I love traditions.
      Seeing Zeeva and my mom camped out in her little tent, with pillows and a blanket.
      Playing games with my family after Zeeva went to bed… Another tradition that I love even more now because we rarely get to do it!
      This one is probably my favorite moment and takes a bit of explaining… Zeeva woke up early this morning (we stayed overnight at my parent’s house) and would not go back to sleep. So I went in with the intention of cuddling with her. She saw me put my pillow and blanket on the big bed (she was in a crib at the foot of the bed), and proceeded to quickly put all four of her stuffies and her blankets on the bed. I put her where I wanted her to lay and then transferred her “friends” to the right area… While I was doing that, she kept patting my pillow like “here mom, put your head here”. So cute! We proceeded to snuggle for about 45 minutes, sharing a pillow, just resting. Then she put her head on my chest and fell asleep. We slept together for at least an hour. This is also a rare occurrence, because we do not bring her into our bed for sleeping at all. So it was a really nice moment.  :o) And it also meant that we got to actually sleep in on our last holiday morning, which was extra nice! Lol!

    There you have it… A smattering of my favorite moments from the past few days! I am sure there were many more moments, but those are the ones that really stood out to me. I hope you all had a bunch of great moments to remember too!

    Defeats… And Victories!

    Defeats… And Victories!

    Defeats first… I did not do good with eating or exercising this weekend. We were up at Thomas’s parent’s house and, I swear, I have such a hard time staying on track there! (through my own doing, no one else’s) I just always manage to find all the goodies and I always make bad choices for food (a candy bar and a soda are not exactly healthy)… Surprisingly, I actually think I did ok when it came to meals. It was just the in between times that I had problems. 

    And I went there fully intending on working out on Friday night and Saturday morning. I even brought my workout shoes and clothes with me. Friday night I did manage to do my Ab workout, so I got in about twelve minutes of activity. But I did not do my yoga workout. Then Zeeva decided to only let me sleep about three hours on Friday night (which was, sadly, more than the TWO I got Saturday night!), so I was absolutely exhausted all day Saturday. I definitely did not ever seriously consider working out. I did get in a little bit of walking around when we went to a pumpkin patch, but that was it.  Even today, I did not do my intended workout. I walked about a mile while shopping during the day, but that is it. And I am not even sure if I am going to count that toward my monthly total. I was not feeling too great earlier, which is why I decided to put off my workout until tomorrow.

    So, I am lacking a bit in certain areas. But tomorrow is a new day and I plan to take full advantage of it!  :o)

    Now on to the victories! I went clothing shopping with my mom today (Zeeva was REALLY GOOD, by the way… She was only fussy a few times and it was easily remedied by pushing the stroller around. She had fun with grandma!). I have to say, first of all, thank you to my mom for helping me get out of my comfort zone! She encouraged me to try on some leggings with a long sweater, which is something I would have NEVER thought would look good… I was even uncomfortable as I was pulling them up my legs (and I also had crazy flashbacks to being a preteen and LIVING in leggings). But I tried them and, I have to say, I actually thought they looked cute on me! In fact, I had a crazy thought at one point that my legs even looked skinny in them! For someone who has always hated her legs and still has quite a bit of weight to lose, that is huge.

    I also completed my fall outfit that I have been putting together! I bought tights and a sweater to go with my knee high boots that I recently bought. And, I am not sure if I have already mentioned this, but I started my first clothing repurpose last week! I have a skirt that someone gave me that fit in the waist but was way too long on me. So I cut some of the length off and added a ruffle to it. It looks cute and goes great with the outfit. I still have two decorative things I want to do to it, but it is wearable in its currently condition. I wore it today, in fact!

    I also bought a new pair of jeans today. I have not purchased any jeans since March, and my only pair that I have is getting to the point where they fall down when I walk. So, I decided it was time to take the plunge. Just over a year ago, I was wearing size 20 jeans (and, honestly, some of the pairs I had were a bit snug). In March, I bought size 14 jeans. Today, I bought size TEN! Woohoo! I am soooo close to being able to fit into single digits! I KNOW I will be buying a pair of single-digit jeans for myself for my thirty-first birthday! And, speaking of single digits, I saw a cute dress at Target today that I decided to try on, just for the fun of it. I knew I would not buy it, but I was feeling daring. It looked cute, but was something that I would have nowhere to wear it to. But the great thing was, it was a size EIGHT! And it was very form-fitting! Woohoo! Talk about a victory!

    So, even though I did not have the best weekend with choices I made, I had a great day that reminded me of how far I have come and what great choices I have been making for over a year now. One weekend will NOT make me through that all away!

    Ps… I forgot to mention one more thing. My workout goal last week was 300 minutes. Even though I did not get my workout in two days, I still blew my goal out of the water! 330 minutes! Woohoo!

    Weigh-In Wednesday…

    Weigh-In Wednesday…

    Ok… Today is a bit weird for me. Let me stat out by saying that I have ROCKED my workouts this month. I have put in exercise time of more than 30 minutes every single day. And many days have been a lot more than that. So, I am very happy with myself about that. I promised that I would do better with my workouts and that I would stick with my plan and I HAVE. I have had to change up a couple of things, but I am ok with that.

    I did lose weight this week. I lost 0.4 pounds. I have to admit, I am a bit bummed by that. I was really expecting to see at least a pound and a half gone. I am honestly hoping that my body is still just retaining water from my increased workouts and that I will see an amazing loss next week. I could really use that. I know that the scale is not everything… I really do. But it can be a bit disheartening when you have been really pushing yourself and the pounds are not coming off.  But I am trying to just focus on how I have been rocking my workouts. I even made up for missing Monday’s main workout last night, even though I was in a horrible mood and absolutely did not want to do it. It actually helped me get in a better mood, and I felt better about myself.

    With all that being said, I have some goals for the next week.

      1. I would LOVE to lose two pounds. I seriously think that I would jump up and down and cheer if I saw that.
      2. I need to keep better track of my calories.
      3. I need to actually stay within my calorie allowance! I have given myself a bit of leniency this past week, because I have been working so hard and I have been so hungry. But I cannot keep doing that. I need to figure out something that will help me feel fuller.
      4. Continue rocking my workouts!

    That is all I have for now. I hope everyone is doing fantastically!

    Ps… I just remembered that I had a definite splurge day on Saturday… Date night with Thomas, which included eating out and seeing a movie. I definitely went over my calories that day, probably by quite a bit. So I am feeling a bit better about only losing 0.4 pounds!

    The Thirty-One List…

    The Thirty-One List…

    Ugh. I have had a bad couple of weeks. I shockingly did manage to lose half a pound since September twelfth… But I am still up about a pound since September first. I guess that is really not that bad, but it is still a bit of a bummer.

    Yep, I have been bad. Being sick so much this month has really thrown me off. I am ready to be healthy again!! So, I am taking over starting today. I am eating better and I am going to start my exercise program over again. I still have a bit of a cough, but I am more than willing to take breaks when I need to. I just need to reset. I feel like I have been eating everything in sight the past week or so! I feel like I have no control over myself at all. I need to get that control back.

    In light of all of this, I have decided to set some new goals for myself. I have been thinking about doing this for a while now, but I really do need to do it now. I think it will help me refocus. I know I have all of my mini weight-loss goals, but I think that it has been hard for me to focus on those things because it has been so long since I set them.

    I actually think that I am going to make a “things to do before my 31st birthday” list. I have been wanting to do that and I have several weight-loss goals I want on it, so this will be a great combo list! It also has some very random items on it… Shocking, I know! Here goes!

    Things To Do Before My 31st Birthday!

      Refinish my nightstand
      Hang at least three things on the wall
      Finish my headboard!
      See fall leaves
      Go to an apple orchard with Zeeva
      Complete another round of ChaLEAN Extreme
      Get a new hair cut (as my reward for finishing my first 30 days of ChaLEAN Extreme)
      Make an article of clothing for myself
      Reach my final weight-loss goal
      Make some Christmas presents
      Finish three paintings
      Have a shopping day with my mom and sister
      Decorate for Christmas!
      Throw Zeeva an awesome second birthday party
      Get a massage
      Play in the snow with Zeeva
      Watch all six Star Wars movies     :o)
      See awesome Christmas lights
      Introduce Zeeva to hot chocolate
      Make applesauce
      Make a box tunnel for Zeeva
      Play with Play Doh with Zeeva
      Have Zeeva make a handprint ornament
      Organize favorite recipes, finally!
      Get together with friends!
      Have a kid-free weekend
      Trim plants for winter
      Bake homemade pretzels
      Wear a cute outfit with tights (eek!)
      Have a spa night at home
      Decorate cookies with Zeeva 
      Start a new tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas
      Watch White Christmas
      Fit into single-digit-sized pants!
      Spend a winter day relaxing with Thomas
      Take family photos… Twice!
      Have a daily devotional plan that I stick with

    So there you have it… I may end up adding items to the list in the future, but that is it for now! I guess I better get cracking on these things… I have more than one item to do a week!