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Weigh-In Monday…

Weigh-In Monday…

I know that I am not the first person to feel this way but this is really my least favorite time of year. Everything feels cold and grey. Even sunny days do not feel warm because the sun is at such an oblique angle that it never really warms up Indiana. And there is not much hope for relief until you get to March, when you are sure that you can feel Spring just begging to be released. Which is why it was a nice surprise to step out the door this afternoon to 47 degrees! Is it warm? Definitely not. But it is soooooo much better than the -30 degree wind chills that we had just a week ago! I know it will not last but it was nice to feel it for the few moments that I was able too.

Today was also weigh-in day for me. I did fairly well this past week, much better than I have done in a very long time. I did “have” to have a decent amount of soda in the past few days though, due to my food poisoning. It was the only type of drink that did not send my stomach into a revolt. That, combined with the copious amounts of oyster crackers that I had to consume on Friday and Saturday, made for quite a bit of water retention. I feel very swollen, to say the least. So I am not convinced that the scale was very accurate this morning. But I did lose half a pound, which puts me at 1.4 pounds down since the first of the year. And I am ok with that. It is much better than being UP that amount, which was my previous weekly trend for several months! So I will take it. And I am excited to see how the rest of this month goes. And yes, I will definitely be limiting my soda intake from now on! Lol.

I have also been doing good with my leg challenge! I had to switch things around last week, since I was sick, and I completely forgot to do it yesterday, but I can definitely feel the effects of working out again! It will be interesting to see if all of these calf raises, squats and lunges have an affect on my measurements at the end of the month.

Strep Throat Lessons…

Strep Throat Lessons…

Well, I currently have strep throat for the first time in years. I used to get it all the time when I was little and apparently my body decided that it misses that. Boooooo! This is definitely the worst that I have felt in years. But I have learned a few things today.

1. Zeeva can down an ENTIRE bag of M&Ms in one doctor’s visit. Thankfully, she was so tired from not taking a nap yesterday that she still ended up napping for nearly three hours.

2. I really can sleep in nearly any position while sick.

3. The best meal ever for strep throat is from Taco Bell: soft tacos with lots of hot sauce followed by an awesome slushy. Talk about soothing to a sore throat! When I was younger, the guy in the office next to my dad was from India. I remember having to go to work with my dad a few times when I was sick and I have clear memories of Raj always trying to get me to eat spicy peppers when I was there. He said they would help. I never believed him until many years later. I so wish I had been willing to try it back then… Spicy food really does help when your throat is on fire!

4. Another awesome form of “medicine” when sick is curling up on the couch next to my daughter, and relaxing while watching an old favorite movie. This is great any day but especially peaceful when feeling so horrible.

I also have to share my favorite moment of the day… At the doctor’s office, any time the nurse or doctor was examining me, Zeeva would come over and hold my hand. Talk about heart melting! She is definitely a keeper! You will also be happy to hear that she gave Tinker Bell a full checkup while we were waiting for my strep results and she now has a clean bill of health. ;o)

Follow-Up Time!

Follow-Up Time!

I promised that I would check back in and let you know how my day went so here goes!

Afternoon update…

Ugh! Feeling frustrated! I fully intended on (and WANTED to) work out today. But I appear to now be getting sick (my hubby is on day FIVE of this nasty cold/cough/flu thing) and have been feeling achy, dizzy and sore throaty all day. I’m really hoping for a nice long nap and that I feel much better afterward, so I can try working out then. (My shoulder is also aching again today, probably because of my overall achiness, so if I work out it will definitely be a gentle one.)

But my food has been pretty good thus far today! No candy corn in sight! :o) So there is still hope for me yet.

End of the day update…

Zeeva decided to randomly be anti-nap today, plus my mind just would not shut down, so no nap for me. But we all did get out of the house tonight, despite being under the weather, and went to Lowe’s to look at paint colors for our bedroom makeover. (Have I mentioned that on here? We are doing a fabulous bedroom makeover for our Christmas present!) We also looked at the “holiday stuff”, as Zeeva puts it, which turned out to be the absolute best part of the day… Zeeva was in AWE. She absolutely loves all of it! So cute and precious to see! I am actually excited to decorate! But will be waiting until after Thanksgiving!

With both adults under the weather, we decided that it was okay to go the easy way tonight and just grabbed Subway for dinner. Totally worth it. Unfortunately, my throat has gotten worse as the day has gone on, especially tonight. I cannot even drink water or tea without grimacing. So I drank a soda tonight, which was the only thing that felt semi-good on my throat. And I will be having ice cream. But I am in control. It is not a binge, like with the candy corn! ;o)

Annnnnnnnnnd, I was feeling energetic enough after dinner that I actually worked out tonight!! I did my first workout in probably two months (stupid shoulder!) and tried out HipHopAbs! I like it! I was only able to do about half of the workout because all the breathing through my mouth made my throat feel like it was on FIRE but I am proud of myself! I would say that today was a fairly successful day, especially with being sick! I could have easily just written the whole day off, but I did not.

I am even having my hubby pick up some carbonated water so I can drink that with orange juice tomorrow if my throat is still sore, instead of having to drink more soda. I am a work in progress but I am definitely making forward steps!

Awesome August!

Awesome August!

After a not-so-great last couple of weeks, I have decided that I am going back to basics for the month of August. I asked my challenge group some questions that I am now going to answer for myself…

1. I want you to really think about this one… WHY do you want to lose weight? Is it to get some better test results from your doctor? To keep up with your kiddos? Or are you maybe not even trying to lose weight but are just on a path to a healthier lifestyle? Whatever your reason, I want to you post it on here. If you have three reasons, post all three!
I want to feel better about myself… I haven’t been doing too great lately and I really want to kick the “old me” in the butt for trying to creep back in! I am feeling lazy and exhausted and honestly, fat… I need to break through this junk that’s tying me down!

2. What are your goals this month? Do you want to get more definition in your arms? Lose an inch from your waist? Lose ten pounds? (I would not recommend that, by the way!) Go ahead and post your goals too!
I want to lose inches everywhere… But especially from my waist. If I could lose 1-2″ from there this month, I would be ecstatic! And I want my clothes to fit better and stop feeling insanely tight! I would be extremely happy with losing 5 pounds, but am more focused on the other things.

3. Tell us what your workouts are going to look like for this month! In fact, I would highly recommend writing them out on a calendar because it really helps to remind you of what you have committed to doing.
My original plan was to do TurboFire, but I can’t do that until I can afford new workout shoes. So I am going back to ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m also doing the Ab challenge and will be walking or running every day. Yep, it’s going to be a HUGE month!

4. I want everyone to take pictures and measurements within the next couple of days. I think it is so easy at times to get completely wrapped up in what the scale is saying when, in fact, our bodies can change so much when the scale is not budging an ounce.
I took my measurements and weighed myself yesterday morning… Pictures will probably have to wait until tomorrow. It was hard to do it, but I had to hold myself accountable. I’ve done a LOT of damage in the past month. I now weigh 170.4, which is a number I haven’t seen in over a year. It actually makes me sick to my stomach. Yep, I am kicking my butt this month!

5. Ab challenge! I’d love it if everyone would participate in the Ab challenge I am going to be posting, but I understand if you’re unable to or not interested. Just please let me know if you’re joining in!
I am obviously IN for the Ab challenge!

6. Mini challenges! I have decided that we should have some mini challenges, which will just last for a week! Week 1, August 1-7 — Drink your water!! Take your weight (in pounds) and divide it in half… That is your new goal for the minimum number of ounces you should be drinking. Try to check in daily to let us know how you’re doing on this!
Technically, I should be drinking 85 ounces a day. But I am shooting for 96… It’s easier for me to track with my water bottle!

7. Set up a reward for yourself. This one is important, in my opinion. When I first started out on my journey, I set up about 20 mini-goals for myself and, when I would reach one, I would reward myself. It was usually something small that I don’t normally treat myself to, like nail polish or makeup. I recently realized that, because I started building major muscle and stopped losing much weight, I haven’t rewarded myself for a YEAR. That is entirely TOO LONG. So I will be rewarding myself at the end of this month for sticking with my plans. I really encourage you all to do this too. And post in here what your reward will be, so we can keep reminding you!
My reward… Since I have set up such a huge month for myself with how many minutes and miles I’ll be doing, I’ve decided that I deserve a bigger reward. I’ve said for a while now that I wanted to get a new tattoo at the “end” of my weight-loss journey. Well, I’m not as sure about that now, but I definitely want to do a test-run with a henna tattoo. So that is what my reward will be… A henna tattoo, designed by me!

So that is that! In addition to these things, I am also doing a study of the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa Ter with some ladies from my church. I read this book when I first started my weight-loss journey and it helped me immensely at that point. I really need it now!

I am soooo ready for this month to be AWESOME!!

Here’s to Starting (and Finishing!) 2013 RIGHT!

Here’s to Starting (and Finishing!) 2013 RIGHT!

Thank you all for being patient with me in my delay of this post. For those of you who do not know, I had planned on writing this post yesterday but was SLAMMED with a massive migraine mid-afternoon that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Even now, my head still hurts a bit, but it is much better than yesterday.

SO… On to my favorite achievements of 2012!

    I walked 104 miles in March, as a part of a challenge that many people on Facebook did.
    I worked out 1,819 minutes in November, which is just amazing to me!
    I ran for the first time in a long, long time… Not far, but I did it!
    I walked/ran/biked a total of 361.23 “official” miles (not including just normal walking for shopping and such). That is a huge number for me!
    I worked out a total of 13,676 minutes. Thirteen. THOUSAND! Six-hundred-and-seventy-six. Minutes! WOW!!
    I was able to shovel snow for probably the first time ever and now feel like I was going to die after five minutes!
    I made Zeeva a quilt, my very first one ever, and she loves it! (I know, this is not fitness related, but it is still something that I am very proud of!)
    I have lost a LOT of inches, including more than five just off of my hips and another five from my waist, just in the past year!
    I have started getting really toned in areas that are hard to measure… I actually like my arms now (for the most part lol!), which has never been true before.

Those are just the achievements that I can think of off the top of my head… I am sure there are many more! Maybe I should keep a list of them somewhere this year so I can quickly glance back at them. Oh, I did forget to mention one of my biggest achievements… I have lost 29.8 pounds in the past year!!  My starting weight for 2013 is 160.7. As it stands right now, I am currently 32.9 pounds away from my final weight-loss goal… And I KNOW this is the year I will reach it!

And I also have to say that I have started 2013 right! I got in my main workout yesterday (I was unable to do the rest because of the migraine, but am transferring them to today), and ended the day with 43 calories left to spare. And I did all of my scheduled workouts for today (ChaLEAN Extreme, abs and the dreaded first day of Couch to 5K… Which was actually not neariy as bad as I thought it would be), plus I did the yoga viseo that I missed from yesterday (I seriously needed it… Talk about SORE!)

This is a side-by-side comparison of me from January 2012 to January 2013… 29.8 pounds down from the 2012 picture, plus I have lost another 29 pounds on top of this (between September 2011 & January 2012)! And, no, my hair is not blue right now… Although this picture kind of makes me want to give it a try! ;o)

Weigh-In… Tuesday!

Weigh-In… Tuesday!

Yep, you read the title of this post correctly. Today is weigh-in Tuesday!  :o) I decided to go ahead and weigh myself today, since today’s my reset day. (There is a possible snag in the reset, but I will tell you about that in a bit)

I was honestly expecting to be up quite a bit because of my exercise and eating habits the past few days. So I was SHOCKED to see that I have lost 1.6 pounds since last Wednesday! I know I worked my butt off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week… But I really thought that I would be lucky to break even. So I am super excited about the 1.6 pounds. That puts my total lost at 62.2 pounds and leaves me only 3.2 pounds left to lose before I reach my next goal! Woohoo! It also leaves me questioning if maybe one of the reasons for my success was upping my calorie intake. I am just thinking of the extra 150 calories that I added on last week, not the calories that I went over the last two days. So I think I am going to try to get those extra calories in every day this week. I have not lost that much in one week since October, and have not had many weeks at all in the past few months with that good of success. So I am really thinking that may be a key. We shall see, I guess!

Now, on to the possible snag in my plan. My throat actually feels much better today… But my stomach has been upset all day!  :o( I have spent the majority of the day curled up in a ball on the couch and am getting ready to take a nap. I am hoping that I wake up feeling a lot better. But I may end up having to take it easy on my workout today (as in, just a walk and no ChaLEAN Extreme)… Or possibly not work out at all. I hate to do that, but I have to listen to my body. And, right now, my body feels worse every time I even stand up.  :o(

So that is all that I have for you right now! Prayers for healing for my whole family would be fantastic right now!

Confession Time Again…

Confession Time Again…

Hello all! Sorry I have not been posting much recently! It is really hard to come up with interesting things to say when I am not allowed to weigh myself! Lol!

Saturday is my official weigh-in day…. FINALLY! It has been soooo hard to not weigh myself every week. And I did cheat in the middle of the month and weighed myself… Only to find that I weighed the exact same. Lol! That is what I get for cheating! Actually, I have a confession. I had a Doctor’s appointment this morning (during which I found out that I have to have a mole removed on the 20th… prayers would be greatly appreciated on this! It is probably nothing but they will be testing it.). And they weighed me at my appointment, like they always do. And I just could not keep myself from peaking at the scale! The number was literally RIGHT in front of my eyes, so it was really just asking to be read. Lol… I know, I know… Cheating is cheating. Anyway, I am even more excited now to see what my official weight and measurements are on Saturday. What I saw today may have been way off, from wearing different clothes and having had breakfast and it being a different scale, so I am just tucking it into the back of my mind.

I had a really cool NSV today! (non-scale victory) I am not a runner… I never have been. I have always found that I get winded very easily, especially if it is colder outside. Over Thanksgiving, I actually had a really cool moment when I ran into a mall (literally, because it was cold and I was in a hurry) and I did not get winded one bit! So today, I decided to try jogging instead of walking in my living room… And I jogged for twenty whole minutes! I am now seriously considering starting up the Couch to 5k program… Which is crazy because I never would have EVER thought I would say those words!

I promise you a really long post on Saturday with all the details on how my weigh-in goes and all the details on my plan for December!



STRONG! That is how I feel right now… With about fifteen exclamation points! First, I have to say, for those of you who may not already know, I did not work out last night. My nerve pain that I get periodically suddenly flared up last night and I spent mot of the evening moaning in bed. So, a workout was not high on my list of things to do. But I was really bummed about missing it… I had not missed a day in October up to that point. But sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

And I did listen to my body today. It told me that it could handle a brutal workout… So I did double the workout I had planned today! Anyone who has ever done ChaLEAN Extreme is going to think I am INSANE when they read this (and I am questioning that myself), but I did Burn Circuit 3 this afternoon followed by Burn Intervals, Recharge, and a quick Ab workout tonight! I REALLY wanted to make up for missing yesterday! And I REALLY wanted to meet my workout goal that I had for this week. I had planned on working out for 334 minutes… I did 337! Woohoo! And the amazing amount I worked out today (106 minutes, plus walking around an outdoor mall that I did not even count!) just shows me that it really is a mind game sometimes. There are plenty of days when there is no way that I would have even attempted this. But I am bound and determined to reach my goals this month! And I have an awesome motivator waiting at the finish line… My new hair style! Eek! I am so excited for that!

Speaking of motivators… For YEARS I have wanted a pair of cute tall boots. I have never been able to get a pair, though, because my calves were always too fat. And I do not mean that they just did not look good. I mean that I would be unable to get the boots on! Talk about embarrassing. Well, tonight, I was eyeing some boots and mentioned to my hubby that I really wanted to get a pair this winter. And he told me to go ahead and try to find some I liked. I am very proud to say that I was able to fit into EVERY pair that I tried on!! Eek!!! I even bought one of them! Woohoo! I am now halfway to getting a super cute outfit that I have been really wanting to wear this winter… A sweater, a cute skirt, TIGHTS, and an awesome pair of boots. I have the skirt (after I alter it a bit), and now have the boots. Woohoo! 

Yep, today was a great day! I am even able to forget about Zeeva refusing to nap and then screaming in her crib for an hour at bedtime! Lol… Working out does wonders!

Ps… I forgot, I wanted to share this too. We ate out for dinner, which I often use as an excuse to go over a bit on my calories, especially when it is a weekend. Why do we do that to ourselves?? Anyway, I actually made it out of the restaurant with only consuming 516 calories… And I even ate French fries! Woohoo! I still had 370 calories left for the day when we got home! That is awesome!

The Thirty-One List…

The Thirty-One List…

Ugh. I have had a bad couple of weeks. I shockingly did manage to lose half a pound since September twelfth… But I am still up about a pound since September first. I guess that is really not that bad, but it is still a bit of a bummer.

Yep, I have been bad. Being sick so much this month has really thrown me off. I am ready to be healthy again!! So, I am taking over starting today. I am eating better and I am going to start my exercise program over again. I still have a bit of a cough, but I am more than willing to take breaks when I need to. I just need to reset. I feel like I have been eating everything in sight the past week or so! I feel like I have no control over myself at all. I need to get that control back.

In light of all of this, I have decided to set some new goals for myself. I have been thinking about doing this for a while now, but I really do need to do it now. I think it will help me refocus. I know I have all of my mini weight-loss goals, but I think that it has been hard for me to focus on those things because it has been so long since I set them.

I actually think that I am going to make a “things to do before my 31st birthday” list. I have been wanting to do that and I have several weight-loss goals I want on it, so this will be a great combo list! It also has some very random items on it… Shocking, I know! Here goes!

Things To Do Before My 31st Birthday!

    Refinish my nightstand
    Hang at least three things on the wall
    Finish my headboard!
    See fall leaves
    Go to an apple orchard with Zeeva
    Complete another round of ChaLEAN Extreme
    Get a new hair cut (as my reward for finishing my first 30 days of ChaLEAN Extreme)
    Make an article of clothing for myself
    Reach my final weight-loss goal
    Make some Christmas presents
    Finish three paintings
    Have a shopping day with my mom and sister
    Decorate for Christmas!
    Throw Zeeva an awesome second birthday party
    Get a massage
    Play in the snow with Zeeva
    Watch all six Star Wars movies     :o)
    See awesome Christmas lights
    Introduce Zeeva to hot chocolate
    Make applesauce
    Make a box tunnel for Zeeva
    Play with Play Doh with Zeeva
    Have Zeeva make a handprint ornament
    Organize favorite recipes, finally!
    Get together with friends!
    Have a kid-free weekend
    Trim plants for winter
    Bake homemade pretzels
    Wear a cute outfit with tights (eek!)
    Have a spa night at home
    Decorate cookies with Zeeva 
    Start a new tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas
    Watch White Christmas
    Fit into single-digit-sized pants!
    Spend a winter day relaxing with Thomas
    Take family photos… Twice!
    Have a daily devotional plan that I stick with

So there you have it… I may end up adding items to the list in the future, but that is it for now! I guess I better get cracking on these things… I have more than one item to do a week!  

Sweet-Free Month…

Sweet-Free Month…

I made it 34 days without having any sweets! That is just one day shy of FIVE weeks! I was honestly planning on just having a cheat day yesterday and then picking it back up again through the end of the month. But my body had other ideas… I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat that I have had in a long time. I can barely talk and swallow. And drinking water actually aggravates the pain for me. So I am currently living on tea and I just opened my first bottle of Sprite. The carbonation from the Sprite and the heat from the tea both feel good. I also have some ice cream waiting for me in the freezer for when I actually feel like I could swallow something like that. Thus far, I am not the slightest bit hungry. 

Because of this insane sore throat, I have decided to go ahead and end my sweet-free time. When I originally started, I was not sure if I wanted to go for a month, or if I wanted to go all the way through September. Well, I lasted more than a month, so I am good with that. I have to be able to ingest what my throat can handle right now. And I definitely succeeded in my ultimate goal, which was to reset my sweet tooth. Everything tastes way sweeter to me now. My first sip of Sprite was a bit of a shock, I can tell you that! Even some fruits are almost too sweet for me now… I call that success for sure!

I also paid homage to the start of my weight-loss journey… Last September, I started my journey by going sweet-free for a month. I am so glad that I decided to do it again because it reminds me of where I started and shows me that I can do ANYTHING. That is an awesome gift to give myself!

Please send up prayers that I start feeling better really soon and that Zeeva and Thomas are spared this pain!

Side note… I took a nap this morning while Thomas watched Zeeva. He said that she spent quite a bit of time playing with her blocks outside the bedroom door because she wanted to be near me. How cute is that?! And she has given me lots of kisses too, which she is normally not very big on. I think she knows I am not feeling good!