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Awesome August!

Awesome August!

After a not-so-great last couple of weeks, I have decided that I am going back to basics for the month of August. I asked my challenge group some questions that I am now going to answer for myself…

1. I want you to really think about this one… WHY do you want to lose weight? Is it to get some better test results from your doctor? To keep up with your kiddos? Or are you maybe not even trying to lose weight but are just on a path to a healthier lifestyle? Whatever your reason, I want to you post it on here. If you have three reasons, post all three!
I want to feel better about myself… I haven’t been doing too great lately and I really want to kick the “old me” in the butt for trying to creep back in! I am feeling lazy and exhausted and honestly, fat… I need to break through this junk that’s tying me down!

2. What are your goals this month? Do you want to get more definition in your arms? Lose an inch from your waist? Lose ten pounds? (I would not recommend that, by the way!) Go ahead and post your goals too!
I want to lose inches everywhere… But especially from my waist. If I could lose 1-2″ from there this month, I would be ecstatic! And I want my clothes to fit better and stop feeling insanely tight! I would be extremely happy with losing 5 pounds, but am more focused on the other things.

3. Tell us what your workouts are going to look like for this month! In fact, I would highly recommend writing them out on a calendar because it really helps to remind you of what you have committed to doing.
My original plan was to do TurboFire, but I can’t do that until I can afford new workout shoes. So I am going back to ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m also doing the Ab challenge and will be walking or running every day. Yep, it’s going to be a HUGE month!

4. I want everyone to take pictures and measurements within the next couple of days. I think it is so easy at times to get completely wrapped up in what the scale is saying when, in fact, our bodies can change so much when the scale is not budging an ounce.
I took my measurements and weighed myself yesterday morning… Pictures will probably have to wait until tomorrow. It was hard to do it, but I had to hold myself accountable. I’ve done a LOT of damage in the past month. I now weigh 170.4, which is a number I haven’t seen in over a year. It actually makes me sick to my stomach. Yep, I am kicking my butt this month!

5. Ab challenge! I’d love it if everyone would participate in the Ab challenge I am going to be posting, but I understand if you’re unable to or not interested. Just please let me know if you’re joining in!
I am obviously IN for the Ab challenge!

6. Mini challenges! I have decided that we should have some mini challenges, which will just last for a week! Week 1, August 1-7 — Drink your water!! Take your weight (in pounds) and divide it in half… That is your new goal for the minimum number of ounces you should be drinking. Try to check in daily to let us know how you’re doing on this!
Technically, I should be drinking 85 ounces a day. But I am shooting for 96… It’s easier for me to track with my water bottle!

7. Set up a reward for yourself. This one is important, in my opinion. When I first started out on my journey, I set up about 20 mini-goals for myself and, when I would reach one, I would reward myself. It was usually something small that I don’t normally treat myself to, like nail polish or makeup. I recently realized that, because I started building major muscle and stopped losing much weight, I haven’t rewarded myself for a YEAR. That is entirely TOO LONG. So I will be rewarding myself at the end of this month for sticking with my plans. I really encourage you all to do this too. And post in here what your reward will be, so we can keep reminding you!
My reward… Since I have set up such a huge month for myself with how many minutes and miles I’ll be doing, I’ve decided that I deserve a bigger reward. I’ve said for a while now that I wanted to get a new tattoo at the “end” of my weight-loss journey. Well, I’m not as sure about that now, but I definitely want to do a test-run with a henna tattoo. So that is what my reward will be… A henna tattoo, designed by me!

So that is that! In addition to these things, I am also doing a study of the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa Ter with some ladies from my church. I read this book when I first started my weight-loss journey and it helped me immensely at that point. I really need it now!

I am soooo ready for this month to be AWESOME!!

Wrapping It Up…

Wrapping It Up…

Wow, I feel like it’s been forever since I posted on here… July 8th was a long time ago! I am so sorry for that!

First, let me just say that my 5k on July 20th went fantastic! I was able to run the ENTIRE thing, which was amazing, especially considering that my training runs were horrible the whole week prior to the race. Me + hot, humid weather + running just do not mix well. Lol. Thankfully, it was a nice, cool morning the day of the race! Not only did I manage to run the whole thing (which was almost a whole MILE longer than I had previously run), I also managed to do it in under 45 minutes, which was a mini goal of mine! My official time was 44:12! Woohoo! On top of the race, my vacation was wonderful, in general. Our first vacation in six years… It better be good! Lol. We squeezed in as much activity and memory-making as possible! I will hopefully get around to posting about that soon, with lots of pictures!

Now it is confession time… I have not worked out since my vacation. Boooooooooo! I have also been eating horribly! Double booooooooooo! Why? No clue. But today is my Snap Out Of It! day! I even forced myself to weigh in and do my measurements. Honestly, my weight makes me want to be sick… 170.4. I haven’t seen that number in well over a year. Yep, it genuinely sucks. But I have an amazing month planned for myself and I know that I will SOON be back to where I was and doing even better!

I will do a post tomorrow all about how AWESOME August is going to be!!

Ps… If you are interested in joining my FREE August Challenge Group, there is still time! Shoot me a message and I will get you hooked into the group. It is an awesome group of ladies and we are ALL going to rock out this coming month!

Ready To Rock July!

Ready To Rock July!

Today is the first day of July, which means that it is time to think about what my various goals are for this month. I am not going to lie, I have not done too great on meeting my goals the past few months. Which is why I am completely rethinking EVERYTHING this month.

For workouts, I am keeping it pretty simple. I am alternating daily between training for my very first 5k (July 20th is going to get here fast!) and strength training in the form of TurboFire Tone and Sculpt workouts. I also have some yoga sprinkled in at various days throughout the month. And I am doing a small challenge for the month with my group of lovey ladies on Facebook. (If you are interested in joining the group and gaining more accountability, let me know!) I actually did not even schedule anything (other than the challenge workouts) past my 5k date because that is really my main focus this month. And my training is going GREAT, by the way!

For food, I am going to continue to drink at least 96 ounces of water a day, and am trying to get in more than that on 5k training days. I seem to need more when I run. Which makes sense. I am also trying to have more “real” meals, foods that I actually cook from scratch. One big difference that is happening this month, though, is my mindset when it comes to food. I have decided that nothing is “not allowed”… I have no restrictions. But I am going to be eating in moderation. For instance, I went to get frozen yogurt with my daughter yesterday and we actually shared a cup instead of each of us having our own. It will still very satisfying, and I felt better knowing that I did not eat the whole thing myself. And she LOVED sharing it with me. She was actually super excited about it. :o) I have also decided that, for now at least, if I am starving at the end of the day but do not have any calories left, I am not going to beat myself up over eating some fruit. I am not really sure how my body is going to react to really training for this 5k, since my runs are getting longer now, but it seems to need more fuel because I have been pretty ravenous the past few days.

I have also decided that I am not weighing myself until before my 5k. I need a scale break. I took my measurements, including weight, in the middle of last week, and I also have pictures. So I will redo those things on July 17th.

That is pretty much it, in a nutshell. I am excited to see how this month goes! I am ready to ROCK July!



(This post was written on 6/26, but not posted until 6/27)

Here’s the thing… I am doing horribly right now. I will be completely honest here and say that I am disgusted with myself. I have been bad the past few days, but tonight was the worst I have been in a LONG time. I cannot even begin to guess how many calories I ate, including some that I even scarfed down in secret. Yep. I did that. I am admitting it here and now. It makes me want to cry, just thinking about it. Not to mention how terrible my body feels right now.

And the crazy thing? The whole time, I had this voice in my head screaming at me… “Don’t do this, you’re worth more than this, you are already full, you don’t even want that food!”. Did I listen? Nope. Did I feel guilty the entire time? Yep. But tonight I reached the bottom of the pit that I have been climbing into for a few months now. I have officially reached the point in my food addiction that I have turned so far from where I once was, that I have two choices. I can give in and go back to the person that I once was, go back to all those bad habits, and allow myself to gain back the sixty pounds that I have lost. Or I can stop sabotaging myself, get myself back in gear, and refocus. It is definitely time to refocus!

Tonight, after I finished stuffing my face full of food, I did something I have never done. I redid my monthly workout board, in the middle of the month. Even on bad months, I have never erased it until it was time to set up the next month’s schedule. But I NEEDED to have a new schedule, tonight. So I redid the schedule for the last four days of the month, plus most of July. My focus at this point is the next few weeks, which is how long I have to train for my first ever 5k run. In fact, I did not fill out a single day after the 5k… I need something solid to focus on right now. I thought long and hard tonight and realized that I may have a reason I have been having such a hard time lately. When I first started out on my weight-loss journey, I set so many little goals along the way, plus I had my ultimate “end” goal. I have now lost right around 60 pounds, which is fantastic. But I have been in this stasis area for along a year now, where I still have changes I want made, and I am not happy with where my body is at, but I am not seeing many changes happen. I am also at a point where I need to readdress what I want my “end” goal to be… And I do not think that it can be a number. Would I love to see the 120′s for the first time since I was probably in middle school? Absolutely! But I honestly do not think it is possible for my body, unless I want to lose all the muscle and toning I have worked so hard to achieve. I think the self-sabotage comes into play at this point… I have worked so very hard and am now having to change my original goals, that my insides are trying to fight it. My mind is a messed up place apparently! Lol. I do not even know if this makes any sense at all to anyone but me.

I feel so strongly about this that I actually erased a quote that I have had on my fridge for probably a year now.

“Imagine that day, where you can finally say, “I did it!” When you can say,“I never gave up, I never quit!” Imagine that day when you win that gold medal, or reach your goal weight. Where these moments of pain turn into memories for that goal you wanted to obtain. It might take long to reach that moment, but as soon as you get there you’ll thank your self for the rest of your life.”

The first time I ever read this quote, I got tears in my eyes and that tight feeling in my throat, just thinking about feeling this. I still LOVE this quote. And I still absolutely want to feel this. But it cannot be my focus. My focus needs to be in the here and now. It needs to be on EACH goal that I set for myself, not just the “end” goal. I am going to be setting some new goals this week, ones that are not only weight-related. One of them will for sure be to run my first 5k. And I know that I will feel incredibly proud when I reach that goal, whether it happens tomorrow or next month or next year.

Now that I have completely gone off on a tangent, let me direct you back to me redoing my exercise schedule! Lol. It is pretty simple. Every other day is 5k training. The in between days are toning days. And I will be doing some extra cardio on some of the toning days, plus some yoga on some days. My toning with be the TurboFire Tone and Sculpt workouts. Simple. Easy to stick with. Great results. And I will not be turning back this time.

I am still working on my food goals. I feel like I need to make some changes (other than the obvious ones) and I am still trying to figure out what that looks like. I will let you know as soon as I know! And keep an eye out for my new set of goals!!

Ps… What types of goals would you be setting for yourself if you were in my shoes?

Confessions of a Sugarholic…

Confessions of a Sugarholic…

My name is Jessii. I am thirty-one years old. I have a beautiful two-and-a-half year old daughter named Zeeva. And I am a sugarholic.

Welcome to Confessions of a Sugarholic! Lol. All kidding aside, I really do have a problem. I have been out of control recently when it comes to sweets. And it has started leaking into my other food choices too. After finding myself eating yet another dessert tonight that I, yet again, knew was way too much for me, I have come to a decision. I am going sweet-free for at least the next month.

When I first started my weight-loss journey back on September 1, 2011, I was coming off of a bad bought with sweet binging. I knew I had to do something drastic to break myself of that habit. So, I started reading the book Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst and promised myself that I was going to go the entire month without any sweets. I did it then, and found it to be not nearly as hard as I thought it would be… Because I put my trust in God. I am doing that again. I have not been leaning on Him in the good and bad times like I need to be, and I have been relying on my own self with everything weight-loss related. That ends today. I am trusting in Him to take away my cravings, to help me stay motivated and energized, to run my 5k, and to stay injury-free.

So, what do I mean when I say I am having a sweet-free month? Here is what it is going to look like:

    June 13th through July 12th
    I will reread Made to Crave. I actually started reading it again a couple of months ago, but only got a few chapters into it. This time, I will be finishing it and I will be taking notes along to way, to keep as reminders and to share with you all. :o)
    No sweets… This includes anything dessert-like, soda, candy, popsicles (even though my daughter has been “forcing” me to eat them), iced tea, sweet breads (we have a bunch of banana bread and chocolate zucchini muffins in our freezer that have been calling my name recently), frozen yogurt, sweet cereals, Jello, and on and on and on. I am also going to throw protein bars and peanut butter and jelly (or honey) sandwiches into the mix.
    Water, water, water! Lol… I will be drinking lots of water. In fact, it will be my only beverage, other than the small portion of orange juice I need to take with one of my daily medications, and an occasional serving of milk.
    And I will, of course, be doing everything in my power to stay within my calories.

In addition to these “rules”, I will also be changing up my exercise from what I had planned at the beginning of June. I am now officially in training mode for my very first 5k, which I will be running on July 22nd. My goal with that is to use a modified Couch to 5k schedule, and run every other day. On my off days, I will be doing some toning and core workouts, most likely from the TurboFire series.

I am super excited about finally committing to this 5k… And getting away from doubting myself and my abilities. In fact, tonight was training run number two and it went fantastically! I ran the furthest distance I have probably ever run (0.3 miles, lol), AND a good portion of it was uphill! Yep, my lungs felt like bursting when I finally finished, but I was determined to run that entire hill!

And, for the record, Zeeva absolutely LOVES it when I run. She says she is flying! Lol. And pushing a stroller while running is no joke… Talk about a full-body workout! My arms ache!

“If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t.”

To The Library And Beyond!

To The Library And Beyond!

Today started out great… Zeeva actually let us sleep until a decent hour this morning and then was super psyched to go to the library for toddler story time. She was so psyched, in fact, that she refused to even touch breakfast or drink anything… And she flipped out when I insisted that I needed to eat breakfast. She let me eat in peace when I promised to be quick and we ended up out the door within twenty minutes of waking up… I do believe that is by far a record in our house! She was great at the library… She let me glance at the DVDs and then we picked out her books and she listened to me the whole time. She was extra shy during play time, and I ended up holding her like half the time (which is a workout in itself!), but she had a blast. She even ate a snack in the car on the way home. She was so very good, in fact, that I decided to stop at the grocery store to pick up a couple of very quick items. I even let her ride in the big part of the cart. And she was very good about not touching things and sitting down when I told her to do so. All this easy cooperation from her should have spelled impending doom to me, but I failed to see it coming.

Fast forward to time to go back in the car. I could not get her in her carseat. I would put her in and she would jump back out before I could even get her arm through one strap. I even tried pinning her down (as gently as humanly possible when you have a shockingly strong toddler fighting against you) and it was not even remotely possible. I ended up closing the door after five minutes and leaving her in the car, while I tried to not scream regain my composure. I seriously had no clue what I was going to do. Mind you, we live literally a minute’s drive away from the grocery store. We could easily walk there, but it sits at the corner of two very busy streets with no sidewalks, so that would just be asking for trouble. So it is not like I was asking her to endure an hour drive or something. Nope, she just wanted to climb up into the front seat and “drive” the car. ***rolls eyes*** After a few minutes, I decided to try again. She fought me a littler bit when I first tried to pick her up but she was fine once I actually put her in her seat. I think she knew she had gone too far.

I will admit, it took me a while to get over this incident. I was in a very bad mood for the next hour or two. As my husband can probably attest to. Lol. And all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball while Zeeva napped, and take a long nap myself. I was sick last week and I have had a hard time recovering my energy. But I promised myself that I would not nap today, so I relaxed instead.

After Zeeva woke up from her nap, it was time to get moving — literally. We took a 2.76 mile walk around our neighborhood, during which Zeeva hardly fussed at all. We stayed entertained by singing some songs… Which, I have to say, can start to get pretty tricky when you are trying to walk fast while pushing a stroller! When we got back to the house, Zeeva played with our neighbor’s grandson for a few minutes (actually, she played with his car. Lol… She totally has ulterior motives for wanting to go visit him!), and it was time for mommy to work out. On the schedule for today was a TurboFire Toning workout and a Fire workout. And I was actually able to do them both! This is the first time since being sick that I have been able to do a real cardio workout. And it is the first time since I hurt my foot last week that I have been able to do a full workout, without much regard to the jumping or anything like that. So I felt absolutely great!

After Zeeva went to bed, she had a bit of meltdown. And that is putting it lightly. It was a pretty stressful situation. And then I had to run back to that stupid grocery store again for something we needed. Talk about a pain! I had to go down the ice cream aisle while I was there… For those of you who do not know, I have a real issue with ice cream. I can easily down a pint in one sitting. It calls my name. And it was definitely doing that tonight. I literally stood in front of that ice cream case for five minutes, looking at all the different flavors and the different calorie counts, especially on the new Ben & Jerry’s flavors. I contemplated getting one, thinking about the stresses that I had with Zeeva today. I had enough calories left for a serving. But would I stop at one serving? And then I transferred my attention to the little, itty, bitty cups. But none of those flavors sounded very good to me. So I forced myself to walk on to the checkout… Where I saw Peanut M&Ms, another kryptonite of mine. I quickly decided they were not worth the calories, but looked at the information on all the other candy bars, just in case. Lol! But I kept thinking about all the hard work I put in today and the 107 minutes of exercise I did and the 13,462 steps I walked (including during my workouts).

And then I saw a Skinny Cow selection… Which I had way more than enough calories to allow. And I got it. Healthy? Not exactly. But it is a much better choice than anything else I looked at. And I fully believe that it is ok to have a little treat every now and then. So far, I have not eaten it. I may. Or I may save it for a rainy day, for when chocolate is calling my name. It could save me from running out and making a huge calorie mistake!

So, go ahead and say it… Longest blog post EVER! Lol… Sorry about that! But I had some things to say! And I had to fill you in on how my day truly went, so you could get a sense of why the ice cream was so badly calling my name. I hope you are able to avoid some bad choices equally as well!

Weigh-In Monday…

Weigh-In Monday…

Today was a very exciting weigh-in day for me, because I’ve really been hitting my workouts HARD for the past week, AND my eating has been on track (except for one treat day), so I was excited to see how I did.

My hard work paid off! I lost 2 pounds this week!! Yesssssssssss!! I know, I know… I am not supposed to be letting the scale rule me. And I am not. But it is always nice to see your hard work paying off in a way that is quickly visible. :o) The only bummer is that I had a moment of weakness last week and took a peek at the scale on Thursday… I really wish that I had not done that because it took away some of the excitement that I would have normally had at seeing those two pounds gone. Which is why I never do that. Lol… I do not know what came over me last week but I will not be doing it again!

My goals for this week are very similar to last week… Continue to hit it hard and strong with my workouts, eat within my calories, drink at least 96 ounces of water, and finish my first four weeks on TurboFire STRONG. Next week is measurement time, so I will probably wait until that day to weigh myself.

How Did I Do?

How Did I Do?

I don’t know about you but I have a really hard time letting go of my past mistakes, even though I know that it just pulls me down to hold on to them. With that being said, I am making a conscious decision to move past all my mistakes and slip ups and just focus on one day at a time.

Here are my goals for Tuesday, May 14, 2013:

- stay within my allotted calories
- drink at least 100 ounces of water
- take a long walk
- TurboFire Core workout
- TurboFire 45 workout
- TurboFire Stretch workout
- doing something FUN with my daughter that includes activity of some sort!

Yes, I have a full day planned… But I need it!

I WILL check back in and let you know how I do!


It is only 2 pm and I already have in my 20-minute Core workout and my 45-minute Fire workout! I can already feel my body thanking me for the good choices I’ve made and will continue to make today!


I soooo wish I had taken a picture of tonight’s dinner… I’m pretty proud of myself! Lol! I cooked chicken in a skillet, with bell peppers and mushrooms, seasoned with lots of yummy spices like chili powder and garlic, plus made rice and corn (which was my first time EVER making corn… I roasted it in the oven because we do not have enough stove burners and it turned out great). It probably doesn’t sound like much, but it was amazingly good… Especially after all the hard work I’ve done today! (Which I will fill you in on later)

Even after all that food, I am still soooo hungry! And it’s real hunger too, not just feeling like I “need” food.


Today was AWESOME! Here’s what I accomplished today:

- I stayed within my calories and still have 25 left for the day.
- I drank a LOT of water… I am already over the 100 ounce mark and still have a couple of hours before bed!
- I did my TurboFire Core workout (20 minutes)
- I did my TurboFire 45 minute workout
- I took a walk with my daughter and husband, and then did some yard work (moving branches), which totaled 80 minutes all together.
- For my something “fun”, I sprayed Zeeva with the hose while I was watering the flowers… She LOVED it. :o)

The only thing I have not done yet on my list is to get in a long stretching session, but I may still do that before bed. I am so exhausted right now that I do not want to move! Lol!

I am very happy with how today went! I set my goals and I achieved them. I feel so much more confident about myself right now. And tomorrow will be a great day too!

Ps… Yes, my body is now ACHING! Lol… It’s a good ache though!

Today is THE Day!

Today is THE Day!

I admit it… I have been “off” for a few months now. It seems like I am either eating great or exercising great, but rarely both. That changes TODAY.

I did such a great job eating today that I still have more than 400 calories left… And we had Mexican for dinner! (I know, some of you will think that I am crazy for thinking that any day that involves eating Mexican food could be considered a great day, eating-wise. But today was a high calorie-burn day for me and when I calculated my calories for the day with my intended dinner, I was going to have almost 800 left over. Not so great. So, the Mexican food was actually an educated decision.) And I am doing fantastically with my water intake too.

Speaking of that high calorie-burn day, here is a rundown on what I did today:

      30 minute walk (my FitBit is currently dead, so I do not know the distance.)
      75 minutes of yardwork, which included nearly an hour of trimming branches.
      13 minutes of TurboFire Stretch
      19 minutes of TurboFire HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

The only thing that I had scheduled that I did not get to was a short weight workout… And I am willing to count that hour of tree trimming as sufficient for that! ;o)

My least favorite moment of the day was when I decided to quit a few minutes into the HIIT workout… I was having a hard time keeping up and doing the moves and got frustrated. That led to my favorite moment of the day, which was when I came to my senses and gave it everything I had…. I actually felt like crying at the end of it because I actually DID IT. Those workouts are extremely intense, so I was very proud of myself!

Another great moment was when I was outside trimming the tree branches… I have done a LOT of yard work in the past week or two, probably more than my whole life combined. (Sadly, I may not be exaggerating on that.) As I was trimming the branches, I realized that it was getting easier than it had been when I first started working on trees. And THEN I started reflecting on how different my life is now than it was when we first moved into our house, four years ago. That summer, and the next, I got a LOT of help with the gardening from my mom… A self-proclaimed “black thumb”, I had no idea what I was doing. And I cannot even begin to tell you how many weeds grew in our gardens that year and the next year… There were several times when we had a jungle of weeds that had to be pulled. And they were the gigantic, prickly ones too. And now, here I am, actually trimming TREES, without any fear of hurting them (or me!), spreading my own mulch, planting every single one of my own flowers… Yep, I am a changed woman. It probably does not hurt that I switched allergy medicines and am now actually able to be outdoors without sneezing up a storm! ;o) But I owe a massive amount of this change to my weight loss… I feel strong now. I feel so much more confident and sure of my abilities. Do I still have my moments of doubt and insecurities? You bet! I would hazard a guess that everyone does at some point. But, when I look back on who I used to be, and see how far I have come? Well, that gives me all the confidence I need to take on anything!

To Cheat or Not to Cheat…

To Cheat or Not to Cheat…

I am going to be honest here… I have had a really hard time with food lately. I will give myself a cheat meal, or even just a treat item, and it will end up turning into four days of bad eating. It has been very frustrating. Especially since we have a lot of special occasions coming up in the near future that we will be eating out for… Tonight, for instance, we went out for my dad’s birthday. And I decided that I was DETERMINED to have a nice, awesome meal, without cheating on my “diet”.

The restaurant-of-choice for the birthday boy was Chili’s. In the past, pre-weightloss journey (and maybe even during my journey!), I would have picked an entree that was at least 1,500 calories… And that would have just been for the main course. That would not have included the probably 400 calories of soda I would have consumed, or the 1,000 calories I would have had while splitting an appetizer and a dessert. At my current weight, in order to maintain my weight, I need to consume around 2,300 calories… And to lose at a decent rate, I need to have 1,600 calories a day. So those previous numbers would definitely not have helped me toward my goals!

Tonight was different… I was determined to prove to myself that I can eat out without having a “cheat” meal. I ordered a 6-ounce steak without the butter that it comes with, and subbed the sides that it normally comes with for rice and pineapple (that’s an awesome tip for Chili’s… They have a lot of fruit sides available, but they don’t advertise them. They are listed on their kid’s menu.), and I ordered a side of honey-chipotle sauce that I used sparingly on the steak. And I allowed myself to have one nibble of someone else’s dessert. All of that together was just over 500 calories. And I was full! It tasted amazing, and felt even better because I knew I was making awesome choices for myself. And, even better, today was a weight-lifting day for me, so I knew I actually needed the protein the steak provided! And I was even able to say no to the appetizer that was ordered, even though it was my favorite one! Woohoo!

And now I actually have calories left over for the day, plenty to use on an evening snack! I feel so proud of myself!

Ps…. I want to wish a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad and my uncle!!!! Yes, they are twins. ;o)