Items in BLUE have been achieved!

    Lose 30 pounds!
    Sew a scarf for myself
    Paint something just for fun
    Start a sketchbook
    Organize Zeeva’s bedroom
    Sit in the sun on a blanket with Zeeva
    Walk 3 miles
    Get new glasses, with a different frame style
    Do something colorful to my hair
    Finish babyproofing the house
    Get my blood sugar out of the pre-diabetic range
    Visit a state park
    Organize our junk room (aka the art studio!)
    Sew some cool pillows
    Go through my boxes of old clothes and donate what I will not use
    Make Zeeva’s hippo!
    Spruce up our bedroom… Maybe make a headboard
    Drive somewhere to see Christmas lights!
    Make a skirt for Zeeva
    Start toning with weights regularly
    Have a fun Girl’s Day/Night with friends!
    Go through the 31 Days To Clean
    Try something new at a restaurant
    Fill the walls with Zeeva’s photos
    Start doing ab workouts on a regular basis
    Clean out our garage
    Stick with a consistant Bible reading plan
    Introduce Zeeva to her first art project!
    Trim back all of our plants in preparation for the new Spring growth
    Play in the snow with Zeeva

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