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When “Advice” Goes Wrong…

When “Advice” Goes Wrong…

I have not been posting on here much lately… Sorry about that! Honestly, I have just been too tied to form words! Lol! But I am doing great with my exercising… And I am working on doing better with food. But that is not why I am writing today.

Pet peeve time!

Something that I absolutely cannot stand about the fitness industry and something I have seen a lot while on my fitness journey is food shaming. Is that the actual term for it? I have no clue. But that is what I am calling it!

Just this morning, I had a page flash on my Facebook newsfeed with a post that seriously made me want to delete the page. I have not yet. But I might be. The page owner posted an article about how horrible bread is and said that everyone following her page should have given it up by now. Granted, this is a page with a low-carb emphasis, but still.

I cannot stand it when people try to dictate how other people should be eating. Are you someone who measures out every grain of food? That is totally fine. Do you have one splurge meal every week? Great! Do you drink Shakeology for every meal? If it works for you (and you can AFFORD that!), do it. Do you eat hot dogs for dinner and do not consider it a splurge because it is built into your calorie allowance? Do you bake French fries (not homemade ones) as part of your lunch? Do you eat zero sugar? Do most of your meal consist of Lean Cuisines? Do you eat a Big Mac for a meal now and then? Do you put two tablespoons of sugar in your coffee? As long as you are eating the right amount of calories for your body, and getting enough nutrients, I honestly do not care what you are eating! (And yes, some of these scenarios MAY apply to me… As I have French fries in the oven right now! Lol) But feel free to pass along awesome recipes!

The point of this post is to say that EVERYONE has a different journey. Each person has different exercises that they love and hate. EVERYONE has different food choices and plans that are going to work best for them. You have to find what works for YOU. And, please, stop bashing other people’s choices. This world and this journey is hard enough without having people trying to micromanage every decision that you are making! And we are hard enough on ourselves without other people adding extra pressure.