A Zeeva Post…

A Zeeva Post…


I have seen this saying floating around for a while now, probably since I first started on my weight-loss journey back in 2011. And it has always rang very true to me. But it passed through my Facebook newsfeed yet again today and I suddenly had a moment. This saying is not just about weight-loss anymore for me. It also absolutely applies to motherhood. As the mommy of a very headstrong three-year-old, I can absolutely apply this to that aspect of life. (By the way, to ALL of you who never warned us that three can be worse than the “terrible twos”… Shame on you!) There have been way too many days in the past six months where I have questioned if I will ever feel sane enough again to even consider trying to have another child, and I was someone who ALWAYS pictured myself with two of them. Today was one of those days. Zeeva absolutely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. AND did not take a nap, which made bedtime just delightful. So, in an attempt to reclaim my sanity, when I saw this saying today, I decided that needed to write a blog post about all the amazing qualities of Zeeva. Because I need to focus on the awesome things, instead of the things that drive me bonkers. So here we go!

First Awesome Zeeva Thing
Her empathy. Most of the time, when someone is hurt or upset, she is a great comforter. She has even lately been playing pretend with her stuffed animals and will comfort them during her play time.

Second Awesome Zeeva Thing
This kiddo has the best playing abilities. Ever, I think. It amazes me that she can now entertain herself the whole time I am doing dishes, and will be completely involved in whatever story it is that she has come up with. The other day, she even had her toys come and rescue me. She said they were saving the day. It was utterly awesome.

Third Awesome Zeeva Thing
How much she absolutely loves her family. When Thomas has to put in extra long hours at work and she does not get to interact with him as much, I can tell that she very much misses him. And she is constantly talking about our extended family members, and will even randomly tell me stories about things that she did with them weeks and even months ago. Her memory ability is crazy.

Fourth Awesome Zeeva Thing
Zeeva’s laugh. Best. Laugh. EVER. Seriously, I could listen to it all day. And she is so incredibly goofy too! What a great fit for the goofiness that Thomas and I both possess!

Fifth Awesome Zeeva Thing
Even though she definitely still needs speech therapy and there are still plenty of times when we have no clue what she is saying, Zeeva tells amazing stories. She is seriously one entertaining kiddo.

Sixth Awesome Zeeva Thing
Artistic to the core! Zeeva loves to sing and dance and paint and she’s great at all three! I’m so curious to see how those things will develop as she gets older. For now, I love listening to her songs (real and made up… She even joins me when I am singing now!), watching her lovely dancing, and seeing what she comes up with when her paintbrush is in her hand.

I am sure that there are plenty of other things I could write here, but these are the ones that really jump out at me. Really, I am so proud of my kiddo, and am trying so very hard to focus on the good right now.

I would love to hear what your favorite things are about her too, if you know her!

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  1. Two things…..when you have more than one child, they tend to keep each other occupied. They can also gang up on you, but usually they’re too busy with each other that it doesn’t happen very often….also the terrible two thing? Yeah, that normally goes along with improving verbal skills, and that is the most likely reason for her threes being more challenging than her twos ;-) Once she is easily understood the majority of the time, it SHOULD get better!
    Zeeva….oh my….while I know it isn’t funny to you, perhaps, I have to chuckle when she’s in the process of getting caught doing or having – something she isn’t supposed to, and she’ll toss it or run away from the area, and act like nothing is wrong. And how she loves on the puppies, and shows them her ballet moves. I love that. If I weren’t so tired, I could think of a dozen things to write, but I am, the wind is howling, snow is blowing, and I’m majorly distracted by all of that

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