That Reset Button…

That Reset Button…

I had a meltdown this weekend. It was one of those moments when I realized, really realized, how much weight I have gained, what I have been doing to myself, how much sugar I have been putting into my pre-diabetic body, how few of my clothes fit, and how horrible I truly feel about myself. So yesterday morning, I mustered up my courage and stepped on the scale and started over once again. What I saw on the scale truly terrified me and made me want to puke.

Is it conventional to start eating better and exercising on Thanksgiving week? Nope! But I absolutely had to do this for myself and I know that I will be successful. I had a great day with eating yesterday. And I even got in my first full workout since I injured my shoulder in early September! I started HipHopAbs and had to modify a few of the arm moves to compensate for my shoulder situation, but I made it through the whole workout and felt great afterward! I have never done this program and think I will like it… Something fun. :o) And Zeeva liked it too, she kept joining me periodically. So cute!

So, I have officially hit the reset button, once again. It does not matter how many times you have to hit that button… It matters that you get back up more times that you fall.

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