Follow-Up Time!

Follow-Up Time!

I promised that I would check back in and let you know how my day went so here goes!

Afternoon update…

Ugh! Feeling frustrated! I fully intended on (and WANTED to) work out today. But I appear to now be getting sick (my hubby is on day FIVE of this nasty cold/cough/flu thing) and have been feeling achy, dizzy and sore throaty all day. I’m really hoping for a nice long nap and that I feel much better afterward, so I can try working out then. (My shoulder is also aching again today, probably because of my overall achiness, so if I work out it will definitely be a gentle one.)

But my food has been pretty good thus far today! No candy corn in sight! :o) So there is still hope for me yet.

End of the day update…

Zeeva decided to randomly be anti-nap today, plus my mind just would not shut down, so no nap for me. But we all did get out of the house tonight, despite being under the weather, and went to Lowe’s to look at paint colors for our bedroom makeover. (Have I mentioned that on here? We are doing a fabulous bedroom makeover for our Christmas present!) We also looked at the “holiday stuff”, as Zeeva puts it, which turned out to be the absolute best part of the day… Zeeva was in AWE. She absolutely loves all of it! So cute and precious to see! I am actually excited to decorate! But will be waiting until after Thanksgiving!

With both adults under the weather, we decided that it was okay to go the easy way tonight and just grabbed Subway for dinner. Totally worth it. Unfortunately, my throat has gotten worse as the day has gone on, especially tonight. I cannot even drink water or tea without grimacing. So I drank a soda tonight, which was the only thing that felt semi-good on my throat. And I will be having ice cream. But I am in control. It is not a binge, like with the candy corn! ;o)

Annnnnnnnnnd, I was feeling energetic enough after dinner that I actually worked out tonight!! I did my first workout in probably two months (stupid shoulder!) and tried out HipHopAbs! I like it! I was only able to do about half of the workout because all the breathing through my mouth made my throat feel like it was on FIRE but I am proud of myself! I would say that today was a fairly successful day, especially with being sick! I could have easily just written the whole day off, but I did not.

I am even having my hubby pick up some carbonated water so I can drink that with orange juice tomorrow if my throat is still sore, instead of having to drink more soda. I am a work in progress but I am definitely making forward steps!

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