Weigh-In Monday…

Weigh-In Monday…

After a not-so-great end of the week last week (I was sick Wednesday, my parents had to put their dog to sleep Thursday, and Friday was filled with major allergies and a naughty toddler), Thomas and I were very much looking forward to our date night on Saturday. We did not do a whole lot of anything too exciting, but we did have a great time just being together and going to random places. I even broke my sweet-fast and had a very controlled ice cream cone. It was delicious. The only problem is that I then gave in to a major craving that I had on Sunday night and ate a HUGE bowl of cereal. Not great. And my tummy did not appreciate it too much either. But I have now decided that it is ok for me to have sweets again, as long as I am very controlled with it. If I cannot handle it, then I am just not allowed to have them.

Before I get into how my weigh-in went this week, I need to address my weekly questions that I am asking myself…

1. Did I overeat this week on any day? Unfortunately, yes. I ate way too much bread at dinner on Saturday and I have already confessed to my cereal mishap.
2. Did I move more and exercise regularly? Nope. But I did get in a nice walk yesterday at a state park with my daughter and my parents. And I now have an official game plan for the rest of the month, which starts today. I am doing a squat challenge, plus some arm exercises. And walking whenever possible.
3. Did I eat in secret or out of anger or frustration? Nope!
4. Did I feel, at any time, that I ran to food instead of God? No. This is something that I am truly striving to do.
5. Before I hopped on the scale, did I feel that I had a successful, God-pleasing week? Aside from overeating on the weekend a bit, I had a good week. But I do need to get back to my devotional. I have fallen off-track with that.

Time for how my weigh-in went. I gained 2.9 pounds. But I have a definite non-scale victory… It is not phasing me in the slightest! I know that I may have gained a bit this past week. But I know I sure did not gain nearly 3 pounds. It just is not possible. So I know that a lot of that gain is most likely water retention. I actually wavered on whether I should weigh myself this morning, but made myself step on the scale. I am really glad that I did because not being down about my weight being up is a huge thing for me.

And now on to the bigger news this morning… Today was measurement day! I have now been eating at a higher calorie level (and, unfortunately, not working out much) for four weeks, so it was time to check in with how my other progress went. While my upper arm and forearm stayed the exact same, the rest of my measurements all changed!

Neck: Lost 0.5″
Wrist: Lost 0.125″
Chest: Lost 0.75″
Belly Measurement #1: Lost 1.625″!
Belly Measurment #2: Lost 1.625″!
Hips: Lost 0.625″
Abductors: Lost 0.625
Thigh: Lost 0.25″
Calf: Lost 0.5″
Ankle: Lost 0.125″

That is 6.75″ lost, basically just from increasing my calorie intake to where it should be! I see overall consistent changes, with the most change in my biggest problem area. I will take it for sure! I am definitely continuing with this and am excited to see what my measurements are in another four weeks, after I have added in exercise!

I also took my progress pictures today… Only to find that I somehow have not taken them since the beginning of July. Somehow I did not end up with “starting” pictures from when I first started eating more calories four weeks ago. Oops! Oh well… The good news is that I could not see a single difference between now and the beginning of July, including in my muscle definition. After not having worked out for a month, I will take that! And now I have a good set of pictures to compare with next month!

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