Yesterday’s Workout…

Yesterday’s Workout…

I am on fire with my workouts! Three days in a row of sticking with them and not giving up at all… Today will be day FOUR.

Yesterday was a 5k training day. However, it was also a very busy, rainy day here. We were out of the house for almost the whole morning. Luckily, Zeeva was hungry early for lunch so she ate and then got in her stroller for our run. Then, as soon as I left the garage, I heard it… Thunder. I had already checked the radar, so I was hoping I would have enough time to get in my full 5k walk/run. My training runs are actually not usually that long but yesterday was my participation day for a virtual 5k that Sara over at Sara – Use It To Lose It puts on monthly. So I was really hoping to get in the full distance.

It was an extra challenging one for sure… We had a dog join us for a while, which made me a bit nervous. She was very friendly though, and went away after a few minutes. And I upped my training level for this run, so I was definitely pushing myself extra hard. The nice part of this run was that it was a bit cooler out, only in the lower 70s, and there was a decent breeze. That always helps.

Then the rain started. Lol. I was all the way on the other end of my neighborhood and probably about 3/4 of the way done with my run when it started. So we were going to get wet whether I finished my distance or not. (Myself way more than Zeeva, who had a lovely canopy on her stroller to hide under) So I decided to just keep up what I was doing. I even ran a few extra distances, once my official “training” portion” was over, just to get home a bit faster. Thankfully, it the really heavy rain decided to wait until after we got home! Actually, I am pretty sure it started within minutes of us getting home.

I am really proud of myself though. I could have gone back at that first distant crack of thunder. I could have turned around as soon as it started sprinkling. I could have called my hubby and asked him to come pick us up. But I kept going on, not letting a little rain keep me from reaching my goals. I am determined to be able to run that 5k in just a few short weeks!

Me, after my run… it’s hard to tell, but I’m very wet. lol. And me with my running partner in crime! :o)

Ps… I rocked today’s workout(s) too! 2.86 miles of walking with my kiddo and TurboFire Sculpt… My body is very happy with me!

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