Weigh-In Tuesday…

Weigh-In Tuesday…

I am rather confused. I have not been eating real great the past few days and I have not had a real exercise session in a week or so, ever since my daughter got sick. (She seems to be finally more like herself today, by the way!) I decided to weigh myself this morning, to keep myself accountable. Even though I had pizza for dinner last night. Lol. And here is the crazy thing… I somehow managed to maintain my weight EXACTLY from my last weigh-in. I am very confused by that. And I do not really see how that is possible. The even stranger part is that I can tell that I am seriously retaining water today. So, in reality, it is likely that I actually lost weight this week.

Yep, I am very confused. But I will take it! Since I have been doing so poorly lately, I have decided that I need to set some new goals for the next week to help get myself back in track.

    WATER! I have been doing HORRIBLY with my water intake for the past week or so. It started because I was drinking other things, in an attempt to get Zeeva to drink something when she was sick. She had a fever for four straight days and rarely drank anything. We finally turned to Popsicles, which helped. But I was drinking anything and everything in an attempt to get her interested.
    Stay within my calories! The past few days have been extra hard on this. I have gotten into some bad habits too, like not measuring out my food. That stops today.
    Make better food choices. Just because I have the calories for frozen yogurt every night, this does not mean that I need to be consuming such empty calories on a regular basis… And my bank account will thank me for not doing this too! My goal is to skip dessert for the next week.
    Exercise! I need to do something… I am just not entirely sure what. I am doing a modified version of Couch to 5k right now, for sure. And I was doing TurboFire. But I am not sure that my foot can handle the cardio workouts on that program until I can get some new cross-training shoes. So I may just do some toning workouts on my days off of Couch to 5k.

I was going very strong for the first week of June on hitting my mileage goal for the month. It is going to be harder now, since I had so many days off… But I am still determined to do it! I am currently at 160.1 pounds. My goal for next week’s weigh-in is to be back in the 150s. I was able to maintain being in the 150s for more than six months… I do not like that I creeped back up into the next decade two weeks ago!

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