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Slow and Steady…

Slow and Steady…

Some of you may know that I have been nursing a bit of an injured foot. I actually took yesterday off completely from working out to give it extra time to recoup. But today was going to be my last chance (with good weather) to get in this month’s virtual 5k that Sara – Use It to Lose It has going on monthly. I was sick last month and unable to participate, so I was determined to do it today. Zeeva decided that she absolutely did not want to nap today (and, boy, did she let us know!), so I plopped her in her stroller and we took off down the road… We hit every road in our neighborhood at least one time. I actually thought that I was going to have to turn back fairly early on because my foot pain started intensifying and I would get some random extremely sharp pains every now and then. But the really bad ones stopped suddenly, so I kept going.

It was a slow one but I managed to get the whole 5k in! It took me seventy minutes (yep, you read that right!), but those are seventy minutes that I am proud of. I could have turned back when the pain got worse. I could have just stayed home and told myself that I needed another rest day. Instead, I moved. And, you know what? Slow and steady wins the race! ;o)

Weigh-In Monday…

Weigh-In Monday…

Today was a very exciting weigh-in day for me, because I’ve really been hitting my workouts HARD for the past week, AND my eating has been on track (except for one treat day), so I was excited to see how I did.

My hard work paid off! I lost 2 pounds this week!! Yesssssssssss!! I know, I know… I am not supposed to be letting the scale rule me. And I am not. But it is always nice to see your hard work paying off in a way that is quickly visible. :o) The only bummer is that I had a moment of weakness last week and took a peek at the scale on Thursday… I really wish that I had not done that because it took away some of the excitement that I would have normally had at seeing those two pounds gone. Which is why I never do that. Lol… I do not know what came over me last week but I will not be doing it again!

My goals for this week are very similar to last week… Continue to hit it hard and strong with my workouts, eat within my calories, drink at least 96 ounces of water, and finish my first four weeks on TurboFire STRONG. Next week is measurement time, so I will probably wait until that day to weigh myself.

How Did I Do?

How Did I Do?

I don’t know about you but I have a really hard time letting go of my past mistakes, even though I know that it just pulls me down to hold on to them. With that being said, I am making a conscious decision to move past all my mistakes and slip ups and just focus on one day at a time.

Here are my goals for Tuesday, May 14, 2013:

- stay within my allotted calories
- drink at least 100 ounces of water
- take a long walk
- TurboFire Core workout
- TurboFire 45 workout
- TurboFire Stretch workout
- doing something FUN with my daughter that includes activity of some sort!

Yes, I have a full day planned… But I need it!

I WILL check back in and let you know how I do!


It is only 2 pm and I already have in my 20-minute Core workout and my 45-minute Fire workout! I can already feel my body thanking me for the good choices I’ve made and will continue to make today!


I soooo wish I had taken a picture of tonight’s dinner… I’m pretty proud of myself! Lol! I cooked chicken in a skillet, with bell peppers and mushrooms, seasoned with lots of yummy spices like chili powder and garlic, plus made rice and corn (which was my first time EVER making corn… I roasted it in the oven because we do not have enough stove burners and it turned out great). It probably doesn’t sound like much, but it was amazingly good… Especially after all the hard work I’ve done today! (Which I will fill you in on later)

Even after all that food, I am still soooo hungry! And it’s real hunger too, not just feeling like I “need” food.


Today was AWESOME! Here’s what I accomplished today:

- I stayed within my calories and still have 25 left for the day.
- I drank a LOT of water… I am already over the 100 ounce mark and still have a couple of hours before bed!
- I did my TurboFire Core workout (20 minutes)
- I did my TurboFire 45 minute workout
- I took a walk with my daughter and husband, and then did some yard work (moving branches), which totaled 80 minutes all together.
- For my something “fun”, I sprayed Zeeva with the hose while I was watering the flowers… She LOVED it. :o)

The only thing I have not done yet on my list is to get in a long stretching session, but I may still do that before bed. I am so exhausted right now that I do not want to move! Lol!

I am very happy with how today went! I set my goals and I achieved them. I feel so much more confident about myself right now. And tomorrow will be a great day too!

Ps… Yes, my body is now ACHING! Lol… It’s a good ache though!

My Mother’s Day…

My Mother’s Day…

I am not going to sugar-coat this… I did not have a great Mother’s Day this year. So, I am counting today as my Mother’s Day redo. :o) It was MUCH better than yesterday. Everyone was in a better mood. Zeeva let me sleep in! I got to take a long walk around the neighborhood with Zeeva and she only fussed when her stuffed animal fell out of the stroller. :o) Then, Zeeva decided that she had to “pee” (which usually means she just wants to sit on the potty)… And she actually peed! In her potty AND the toilet!

And tonight, after Zeeva’s bath, she wanted to cuddle with me and Thomas for a LONG time… We got some adorable pictures of her with her arms wrapped around my neck. So very cute!

So yeah… Today is a much better Mother’s Day! I will take it!

Today is THE Day!

Today is THE Day!

I admit it… I have been “off” for a few months now. It seems like I am either eating great or exercising great, but rarely both. That changes TODAY.

I did such a great job eating today that I still have more than 400 calories left… And we had Mexican for dinner! (I know, some of you will think that I am crazy for thinking that any day that involves eating Mexican food could be considered a great day, eating-wise. But today was a high calorie-burn day for me and when I calculated my calories for the day with my intended dinner, I was going to have almost 800 left over. Not so great. So, the Mexican food was actually an educated decision.) And I am doing fantastically with my water intake too.

Speaking of that high calorie-burn day, here is a rundown on what I did today:

      30 minute walk (my FitBit is currently dead, so I do not know the distance.)
      75 minutes of yardwork, which included nearly an hour of trimming branches.
      13 minutes of TurboFire Stretch
      19 minutes of TurboFire HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

The only thing that I had scheduled that I did not get to was a short weight workout… And I am willing to count that hour of tree trimming as sufficient for that! ;o)

My least favorite moment of the day was when I decided to quit a few minutes into the HIIT workout… I was having a hard time keeping up and doing the moves and got frustrated. That led to my favorite moment of the day, which was when I came to my senses and gave it everything I had…. I actually felt like crying at the end of it because I actually DID IT. Those workouts are extremely intense, so I was very proud of myself!

Another great moment was when I was outside trimming the tree branches… I have done a LOT of yard work in the past week or two, probably more than my whole life combined. (Sadly, I may not be exaggerating on that.) As I was trimming the branches, I realized that it was getting easier than it had been when I first started working on trees. And THEN I started reflecting on how different my life is now than it was when we first moved into our house, four years ago. That summer, and the next, I got a LOT of help with the gardening from my mom… A self-proclaimed “black thumb”, I had no idea what I was doing. And I cannot even begin to tell you how many weeds grew in our gardens that year and the next year… There were several times when we had a jungle of weeds that had to be pulled. And they were the gigantic, prickly ones too. And now, here I am, actually trimming TREES, without any fear of hurting them (or me!), spreading my own mulch, planting every single one of my own flowers… Yep, I am a changed woman. It probably does not hurt that I switched allergy medicines and am now actually able to be outdoors without sneezing up a storm! ;o) But I owe a massive amount of this change to my weight loss… I feel strong now. I feel so much more confident and sure of my abilities. Do I still have my moments of doubt and insecurities? You bet! I would hazard a guess that everyone does at some point. But, when I look back on who I used to be, and see how far I have come? Well, that gives me all the confidence I need to take on anything!