My Thirty-First Birthday!

My Thirty-First Birthday!

Today is my thirty-first birthday. Happy birthday to me! Lol! I had so many plans for today… Even though I already had my actual birthday celebration, I had many plans for today. I was going to exercise my butt off… That was going to be my birthday present to myself. I was going to build a snowman with Zeeva (and yes, it is very depressing to say that there is snow on the ground on my birthday!). I was going to take some new pictures with Zeeva. I was going to take a nice, long bath to relax. And I was going to cook an amazing dinner.

Unfortunately, the only piece of that which I was actually able to accomplish was the bath. Why, you ask? Because I woke up sick this morning. Pukey sick. Thomas joined me a few hours later. Thankfully, Zeeva seems to be fine (in fact, she was a bit TOO fine today, as in way too active and drove me nuts). I am finally starting to feel a bit better (as is Thomas), but I am bummed that my day did not turn out nearly like I had planned. I am praying that we all feel better tomorrow so we can make up for today!

I have something else to share too.. I have been working on this for about a week now. I, like many people, am signed up for the clubs that many restaurants offer, in order to get an occasional discount. I used to be excited around birthdays and anniversaries, because it was always fun to see what kinds of offers would roll into my inbox. I would not use them all, but it was always nice to have choices and ways to save some money. This time around, I did not use a single discount that came my way… And I got a LOT of them. Thirteen to be exact! Even though I did not use them, I did decide to save them in my email so I could keep a tally. I went through and figured out exactly how many calories each dish would have been… And then I added them all up.

If I had used every coupon that came into my inbox, I would have consumed between 8,186 and 11,196 calories! The low end is if I had shared some if the appetizers and desserts (which is likely). The high end was if I was a major pig and ate every morsel by myself. And neither of those numbers includes the other food items I would consume while in the restaurants… Main meals, free bread, salad… It would all add up to a LOT more calories than just the freebies! Would I have saved a bunch of money? Sure! Would it have been worth it? Absolutely not.

Happy birthday to me!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you too!! So sorry to hear you’ve been sick, I hope you both feel better soon.
    But way to go on avoiding that temptation!!! I am so proud of your determination! I know I would have caved with a, “But it’s my birthday….” excuse. You are doing so amazing, we are all so proud of you!

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