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2013, Here I Come!

2013, Here I Come!

I cannot believe that it is the last day of 2012… This year has completely flown by! The year did not go exactly as planned… For those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning, you may remember that I stated last year that I do not like to set resolutions. Instead, I set some goals for 2012. For those of you who are new (or just may not remember this), please feel free to check out this post for the full details.

I did not reach my final weight goal, as I had really expected to do this year. I am still around 30 pounds away from it. That is a bit disappointing. That is really the only goal I feel like I really let myself down on. This past month has been really hard on me…. Really, just the past two or three weeks. I will weigh and measure tomorrow and I am already expecting to be depressed from it. But I am not going to let it hold me down. I made some bad choices… I know that. I let myself have no self-control… I know that too. But tomorrow is a new day. And I already have a full game plan set! 

Starting January 1st, I will be doing a hybrid of my own making of Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme. Thomas and I will also be starting Couch to 5K for the first time ever on January 2nd. Neither of us are runners by any means, so we are a bit nervous about this one!  ;o) But I have full confidence in us! We will just be jogging in our living room for this time around… Sorry, but winter in Indiana is not an ideal time to run outdoors!  We have our new running shoes all set to be broken in on Wednesday! (we will be running Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) I am also going to be getting back into doing my daily ab routine.

For food, I am just getting back to basics… Tracking my calories, not eating a bunch of junk, and drinking at least 96 ounces of water a day. I also already have my dinners planned out for the whole month of January! Yesssss!

I have a lot of other goals for the year, but here are a few highlights… I have a whole-home organizing schedule all planned out. I am loosely following this plan, if anyone wants to join me. I love Pinterest! I also am planning on starting to take Zeeva to the toddler story hour at our local library, as soon as I can figure out when it is. Lol… They have not updated their calendar. Grrrr. I think it will be good for her (and me!) to get out of the house more. Speaking of Zeeva, I have two other things I want to do with her more… Cooking and crafty/fun things. So my goal tonight is to figure out some crafty activities that we can do throughout the year. Yep, I am scheduling them all out. My thought is that I will be much more likely to do them if I can see them on a calendar! It worked this past year with my workouts, so I am hoping it works with other things as well! 

As I said, I have a LOT of goals for 2013… The biggest one is to FINALLY reach my final weight-loss goal. But they are all things that are important to me for various reasons. Some are big, some are small, but they will all help to make this year awesome! Here is my (current) full list. As you can see, I have left empty spaces because this is an ever-evolving list of goals. 

I have also devised a fun way to mark them off when I reach one of my goals. I currently just have them written lightly in pencil. When I complete one of the goals, I am going to “decorate” the square in some artsy-fartsy fun way. It will be a great way for me to keep track and also exercise some creativity. And it will be AWESOME to look back at the page at the end of the year and see all of my progress at a quick glance.  :o)

So there you have it! Tomorrow, I will be honest with you and let you know how my tracking day goes. I will also look back over 2012 and tell you all my proudest moments. I want to start off 2013 by remembering how far I have come in 2012, and by putting my mistskes of December behind me. In just under two hours it will be 2013… And I am going to have a GREAT year!

What are your goals for 2013?

A Snowy Revelation…

A Snowy Revelation…

I just got inside from shoveling our driveway for an hour. I was absolutely coated with snow when I got inside… I really wish I could have gotten a picture of it!

Here is the thing about me and shoveling snow… I like it. I really do… Until I get five to ten minutes in and remember how cold and monotonous and boring it is. Lol! Today I actually made it all the way down the driveway (I did one long strip on one side to mark the edge of the space), and even turned down a snowplow offer before I remembered how much I actually do not like shoveling. No worries though, I did get a phone number to call for the next time we get snow dumped on us! After that, the wind picked WAY up… Like, I could not even see if I was standing facing the wind. It was crazy. But I kept trudging onward. My hubby hurt his back somehow (probably when he went outside at 1am to take pictures of the beautiful snowy scene!), so I really wanted to do as much as humanly possible so he would not have to do any. I was probably close to halfway done when another person came by with a plow to see if we wanted to pay for their services. I did not even hesitate at that point to say no… I had already done that much and was feeling stubborn. (in hindsight, maybe I should have at least seen how much they were charging!) Ten minutes later, I was wishing I had taken them up on their offer. Lol!

But a funny thing happened shortly after that point. I was shoveling the snow, thinking about how much I still had left to do (which was probably about a quarter of what I did), when it dawned on me how different this experience was than two years ago. Last year, we had a really mild winter with only one real snowfall… And I do not even think we had to shovel our driveway for that one. So I did not even pick up a shovel last year to my recollection. But we had plenty of snow the previous year, during Zeeva’s first winter. And I definitely remember how hard it was on me. My arms ached after a few shovels full of snow, my back throbbed after five minutes, my asthma started acting up shortly after going outside, and I was only able to do maybe a quarter (at the most) of what I did today. Here was the difference between then and today… My asthma did not bother me even a bit, and cold weather is one of my main triggers. I really only got the slightest bit winded the whole time i was working, and it was hard work! I was sweating like crazy when I was done. Yes, my arms ached, but I knew I could keep going. Yes, my back hurt, but I knew I could keep going. That is the key… I am in so much better shape now. And I know my body so much better now. I knew I could keep going. I knew my body could handle it. That is so very cool and overwhelming to me!

So now I am inside, sipping a lovely cup of piping hot tea (Cinnamon Hibiscus, which may now be my most favorite winter tea… After only having a few sips of my very first cup of it!). And I am enjoying the fact that I got in a full hour of activity. Plus I was able to shovel not only just the side of our driveway that we needed cleared for our own car to get out, but I also shoveled a space on the other side for my parents to park in when they watch Zeeva tomorrow. The snow was six inches deep along most of it and twelve inches deep in a good portion of the driveway! There is no way that I could have done that two years ago… I do not even think I could have done that last year. Talk about an accomplishment! I love Non-Scale Victories!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Ok… I have been off track for about two weeks now. And I really overdid the indulging in the past week. I am being honest here though, so I have to tell you that I have gained 3.8 pounds since weighing myself on December 11th. That is bad enough, but it get worse… 2.7 of that has been just in the past week! Yep… The Christmas treats called my name this year and I had absolutely ZERO willpower. 

Rather than be bummed out and depressed at this turn of events, I am just going with the flow. It happened. I cannot turn back time and make better choices. But I can start over, starting NOW. The hardest step was taken earlier today… I threw out the rest of the goodies that were around the house! Sorry if that offends anyone who passed them our way or helped make them, but they had to go. They were way too tempting to have around… Obviously! I even almost caved just smelling them when I opened the lid to throw everything in the trash can! 

So, now on to a fresh start. I am still formulating what my plan will be when January comes, but, for now, here is what the rest of 2012 will look like:

    Drink at least 96 ounces of water a day.
    Walk at least 4 miles a day. I will not be reaching my original exercise or mileage goals that I set for the month, but I am at least going to finish out the month by adding to them! And I need to break in my new exercise shoes and FitBit!
    Track my calories every day. It is sooooo easy to just eat whatever when you do not have to be accountable for it!
    Lose at least one pound before my next weigh-in day, which is January 1st!

So those are my immediate goals. Are you all starting to think of your goals and resolutions for 2013? I am going to work on mine now so I can get them all hashed out before the new year!

Surprising Inspiration…

Surprising Inspiration…
Surprising Inspiration…

I did something this week that I have never done before. I finished my first-ever quilt! I am not going to lie to you… it was not the easiest thing I have ever done. And some of my choices really probably ended up making it harder than it needed to be. My design started out as one thing and morphed into a completely different quilt by the end. But I am very happy with it and proud of myself for sticking with it through doubt and stress and tears and aching arms and pricked fingers and a tortured back. Yep, I definitely know the meaning of putting my blood, sweat and tears into something!

Here is the funny thing about the quilt. I am normally very obsessive about certain things being “perfect”. If crafty project do not come out exactly as I planned, then I tend to feel down and a bit like I have failed. This is especially true when it comes to measurements and straight lines. I planned this quilt out perfectly on the computer, but as I was sewing it, some of the lines started to waiver a bit. Some of my threads got messed up. I even ended up with some small folds in my fabric squares. I really thought these things would bother me when I was finished. But, I can honestly say that I do not even notice them. I think the quilt looks fantastic. I just hope that Zeeva loves it, because I know I do!

My very first quilt! Zeeva LOVES Strawberry Shortcake, so we had to go with that!

When I finished the quilt and realized that I did not even notice the mistakes, it immediately occurred to me that the quilt reminded me of my weight-loss journey. I have had plenty of mistakes and setbacks. I have been off track for a lot of this past week especially… it has probably been my worst eating week that I have had in months. And it is very easy to feel down about that. But I need to remember to look at the whole “quilt”, not just each individual square. Yes, each victory moment that I have feels amazing. And each defeat moment feels horrible. But I need to remember that my whole journey — my whole quilt — is the most important thing on which to focus. A few wrinkles and a couple of dropped stitches and crooked seams here and there do not define my whole journey. My quilt will still turn out amazingly… and I will still be incredibly proud when I finish it!


A Change of Plans…

A Change of Plans…

I am changing my plans for December. I am taking a step back from things. I really just want to take the next two weeks to just live and enjoy being with my family. The horrific events of Friday really made me realize that I have not been spending enough time just being. Almost all of my time during the past few months has been spent working out or cleaning. I have not been taking time during the day to just play with Zeeva. I have barely taken time to relax with Thomas. So I am taking a step back for the next two weeks. I am not going to count calories and obsess over that. I will not go crazy and gain ten pounds or anything like that, but my brain just needs a break from that. And I will exercise when I “want” to. I am not going to stress about it. I am not going to worry about it when I do not get n cruel workout in during the day. 

For the next week, my focus will be Christmas activities. We went and saw lights last night. Tonight, we watched “White Christmas” and introduced Zeeva to “hot” chocolate.  ;o) Really, lukewarm chocolate. Lol! She even got marshmallows in it, which she loved. Tomorrow the plan is to make salt dough ornaments in the morning, then celebrate Thomas’s birthday in the evening. Wednesday will be painting the ornaments (and some wooden ones I got for really cheap at Jo-Ann’s!) and I will be making the dough for sugar cookies. Thursday will be actually baking the cookies and hopefully visiting Santa at the mall! So yeah, I have plenty to keep me busy this week! Plus, I still need to finish Zeeva’s quilt! I hope you all focus on what you need to this time of year.

Weigh-In… Tuesday!

Weigh-In… Tuesday!

Yep, you read the title of this post correctly. Today is weigh-in Tuesday!  :o) I decided to go ahead and weigh myself today, since today’s my reset day. (There is a possible snag in the reset, but I will tell you about that in a bit)

I was honestly expecting to be up quite a bit because of my exercise and eating habits the past few days. So I was SHOCKED to see that I have lost 1.6 pounds since last Wednesday! I know I worked my butt off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week… But I really thought that I would be lucky to break even. So I am super excited about the 1.6 pounds. That puts my total lost at 62.2 pounds and leaves me only 3.2 pounds left to lose before I reach my next goal! Woohoo! It also leaves me questioning if maybe one of the reasons for my success was upping my calorie intake. I am just thinking of the extra 150 calories that I added on last week, not the calories that I went over the last two days. So I think I am going to try to get those extra calories in every day this week. I have not lost that much in one week since October, and have not had many weeks at all in the past few months with that good of success. So I am really thinking that may be a key. We shall see, I guess!

Now, on to the possible snag in my plan. My throat actually feels much better today… But my stomach has been upset all day!  :o( I have spent the majority of the day curled up in a ball on the couch and am getting ready to take a nap. I am hoping that I wake up feeling a lot better. But I may end up having to take it easy on my workout today (as in, just a walk and no ChaLEAN Extreme)… Or possibly not work out at all. I hate to do that, but I have to listen to my body. And, right now, my body feels worse every time I even stand up.  :o(

So that is all that I have for you right now! Prayers for healing for my whole family would be fantastic right now!

Reset Button Time!

Reset Button Time!

Ok people… I need a reset. I started off the month GREAT! I even lasted pretty well through Zeeva being sick. I also lasted decently through my first two or three sick days. (is it sad that I cannot remember if I first started feeling sick on Thursday or Friday? I think it was Thursday.) I did not work out on Saturday, Sunday or Monday… I am ok with that. Saturday and Sunday, I was in absolutely no shape to be doing a huge workout. And today I really needed a recoup day. I have been completely exhausted all day long. What I really need a reset for is my eating. Monday I went over by 186 calories. But Sunday was way worse… I went over by 348 calories!! And that is with the extra 150 calories that I decided to start allowing myself last week when I thought I needed more food! What in the world am I doing to myself?? So I am now hitting my reset button for December. Tuesday is a new day. I am starting to feel a lot better, so I will do my full exercise load. The most I have done since Friday is get groceries on Saturday and do a massive amount of dishes today. I will also stay within my calories. And I am only allowed to dip into that extra 150 calories if I absolutely need them… Not because I am feeling snacky late at night! That has been a real trend the past few nights and it stops HERE! I am back on track and ending 2012 STRONG!

Today’s New Development…

Today’s New Development…

Before I get into the details of my day, let me tell you how my weigh-in went yesterday. I have decided to go ahead and weigh myself every week this month, mostly so I can have some added incentive to work hard. I really would love to reach my next goal by the end of the month, even though it is quite a large goal. And I gained 0.9 pounds on this weigh-in, which is going to make it even harder to reach. I am not discouraged by that gain though. I just started the new phase of ChaLEAN Extreme on Monday and it is completely normal for muscles to retain water when you have just started a new exercise program… Especially when it is something as weight-intensive as ChaLEAN Extreme. So I am not worried… I am 100% sure that it is a false gain. Hopefully I will have recovered from the water retention next week!

Now on to my exciting news… At least, it is for me. I have been able to exercise with Zeeva in the room two days in a row now! And today it was just me and her, no Thomas to help referee! For a little background information, I have tried to exercise with her in the room in the past. I believe the last time was in March, when I was doing a lot of Leslie Sansone videos. She would be okay for the first five to ten minutes (if I was lucky!), but then would get fussy and want to be held. So I started avoiding doing any exercise around her, because it is really hard to workout while holding an extra twenty pounds in your arms! (which makes me wonder how I ever survived with an extra 61 pounds!) I was inspired to give it a try again though, because a Facebook page I follow kept talking about how her two-year-old daughter works out with her and actually requests it. I want that too! 

Zeeva was really good last night… Thomas was in the room, so she ended up goofing around with him toward the end of my workout, after she lost interest in what I was doing. Today’s workout was a long one… 46 minutes of intervals. And I would say that she was good for about 93% of the time! She had a couple of moments when she really wanted me to hold her, but I told her I could not do it and she eventually stopped fussing and went back to playing with her toys. She even sat on top of her slide for quite a while toward the end and told me a big, long story! And she LOVED some of the cardio portions… She bounced around with me and thought it was so much fun!

I am excited about this new development! It was really nice to get my workout done right after lunch today, and know that I can relax with my hubby after Zeeva goes to bed tonight. We have not had much time to just relax together lately, between him having to work at night and me having to exercise and shower. Hopefully this will become the new routine!

I almost forgot to tell you my extra exciting news about this! Because Zeeva was wanting to work out too, I let her use my lightest weights, even though those are the ones I always use for this particular workout. The emphasis on this one is endurance… You do a LOT of reps. So you need a light weight. But I have been thinking about going up to my next weight (five pounds) lately on some of the exercises because they were feeling like they were getting too easy. So I used the five pounders while Zeeva used the three pounders, with the intention of only using them on the first few exercises. But I ended up using them for all of the weight exercises!! And the only section that I had a problem with was the second set of bicep exercises! Woohoo!! I am definitely getting stronger! I remember feeling like my arms were going to fall off during the tricep section the very first time I did this video, back in May. I did not even finish that section for at least the first few times I did it. I could not finish that section the first few times! And now I am able to actually up my weights and still make it through! Did it burn? Yep! Did I struggle at times? YEP! But I made it through! And Zeeva sitting on top of her slide, telling me an awesome story, was one of the things that got me though that workout.

My December Game Plan…

My December Game Plan…

Thank you all for being so patient with me! Zeeva has been sick for a few days now (teething, ear infection AND croup!), so life has been interesting. I even had to take two days off of working out… I was just too exhausted from taking care of her. But I forced myself to start my December routine today (which I will tell you about in a bit). First I need to tell you how November went!

I am very proud of how I did with my calorie intake. I (think) I only had five days where I went over, which is great in my book. Especially since it was a holiday month. And I ended up losing 2.9 pounds for the month, 0.4 of which were over Thanksgiving! Woohoo! I was really hoping for more, but I will take what I can get. I think I am just having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I am a lot smaller now, so the weight is not going to fly off of my like I did a year ago. Even though I would really like it to! I am also not real happy with my measurements… I am not even going to bother posting them because most of them stayed the same, or within a quarter inch. I did gain in a couple of spots for some reason. My biggest loss was 0.75″ in my hips. I did compare my photos with last month’s and there is more change evident in the photos than in my weight and measurements, I think. This is slightly embarrassing, but I am actually getting a butt! Lol!

So, on to my game plan for December. Here are the details:

    Water… 96 ounces a day.
    Stay within my calorie allowance 25 days out of 31.
    ChaLEAN Extreme Lean Phase! I did my first workout today… I forgot how intense this phase is!
    90 miles in one month!
    1860 minutes of exercise! Eek! That equals out to 60 minutes a day.
    I am REALLY hoping to be able to reach my next weight-loss goal by the end of the year. 3.9 pounds until I have lost 30% of my starting weight! It would be even more awesome to actually get to the next decade, but am not holding my breath on that one.

I think that is everything! Wish me luck! I am very determined to NOT gain weight this winter! And, just so you know, I may end up waiting until the endof the month to weigh myself again. I have not decided for sure yet.