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My November Wrapup…

My November Wrapup…

I am so excited! One of my goals this month was to walk/bike/run 60 miles. That is the second highest mileage goal I have ever set for myself. And I raked in a total of 75.41 miles this month! All but 14.8 of that was walking and running! Woohoo! 

I also had a goal of logging 1783 minutes of exercise time. I beat that goal too! 1819 minutes, thank you very much! 

I will be honest… I kind of thought I was a bit crazy when I set those goals. I even questioned if I was just setting myself up for failure. But this just goes to show that I can do anything that I set my mind to! Tomorrow is measurement day for ChaLEAN Extreme and I am über excited to see how I did! Not only did I stay on track (most days) with my exercise, but I also did great with my calorie intake for at least the last three weeks of the month! Yep, I am definitely excited!

I will let you all know about my December goals when I fill you in on how my measurements go tomorrow.  :o)

Confession Time Again…

Confession Time Again…

Hello all! Sorry I have not been posting much recently! It is really hard to come up with interesting things to say when I am not allowed to weigh myself! Lol!

Saturday is my official weigh-in day…. FINALLY! It has been soooo hard to not weigh myself every week. And I did cheat in the middle of the month and weighed myself… Only to find that I weighed the exact same. Lol! That is what I get for cheating! Actually, I have a confession. I had a Doctor’s appointment this morning (during which I found out that I have to have a mole removed on the 20th… prayers would be greatly appreciated on this! It is probably nothing but they will be testing it.). And they weighed me at my appointment, like they always do. And I just could not keep myself from peaking at the scale! The number was literally RIGHT in front of my eyes, so it was really just asking to be read. Lol… I know, I know… Cheating is cheating. Anyway, I am even more excited now to see what my official weight and measurements are on Saturday. What I saw today may have been way off, from wearing different clothes and having had breakfast and it being a different scale, so I am just tucking it into the back of my mind.

I had a really cool NSV today! (non-scale victory) I am not a runner… I never have been. I have always found that I get winded very easily, especially if it is colder outside. Over Thanksgiving, I actually had a really cool moment when I ran into a mall (literally, because it was cold and I was in a hurry) and I did not get winded one bit! So today, I decided to try jogging instead of walking in my living room… And I jogged for twenty whole minutes! I am now seriously considering starting up the Couch to 5k program… Which is crazy because I never would have EVER thought I would say those words!

I promise you a really long post on Saturday with all the details on how my weigh-in goes and all the details on my plan for December!

My Thankgiving Wrap Up…

My Thankgiving Wrap Up…

It is time for my super Thanksgiving wrap up!  :o) This is really just about my favorite moments of the holiday.

    Zeeva sleeping through the night on our second night at my in-law’s house. The first night was pretty bad, so that was a major blessing!
    Getting to see relatives that we have live far away and we have not seen in almost (and over!) a year.
    Actually working out on Thanksgiving! More to come on that in another post.
    Picking out fabric with my niece and cutting it with my mother-in-law for a project I m making for Zeeva’s Christmas present.
    Zeeva’s hugs that she kept giving me when she was trying to stay awake while laying in bed with me in the wee hours of our first night at my in-law’s house. Yes, it was aggravating that she was awake, but she was very sweet at times.
    Taking family pictures with Thomas and Zeeva and getting some goofy shots. I love my little family!
    Watching Zeeva play with her cousins… Oh how she LOVED that one of them got to stay with us for our whole time at Thomas’s parent’s house!
    Waking up from a nap to hear Zeeva and her cousin giggling away upstairs.
    Blueberry pancakes this morning, with maple syrup that my brother made. He lives way too far away for him to have been there, but the syrup made it seem like he was closer.
    The traditional Thanksgiving meal that I grew up with, that my mom always makes… I love traditions.
    Seeing Zeeva and my mom camped out in her little tent, with pillows and a blanket.
    Playing games with my family after Zeeva went to bed… Another tradition that I love even more now because we rarely get to do it!
    This one is probably my favorite moment and takes a bit of explaining… Zeeva woke up early this morning (we stayed overnight at my parent’s house) and would not go back to sleep. So I went in with the intention of cuddling with her. She saw me put my pillow and blanket on the big bed (she was in a crib at the foot of the bed), and proceeded to quickly put all four of her stuffies and her blankets on the bed. I put her where I wanted her to lay and then transferred her “friends” to the right area… While I was doing that, she kept patting my pillow like “here mom, put your head here”. So cute! We proceeded to snuggle for about 45 minutes, sharing a pillow, just resting. Then she put her head on my chest and fell asleep. We slept together for at least an hour. This is also a rare occurrence, because we do not bring her into our bed for sleeping at all. So it was a really nice moment.  :o) And it also meant that we got to actually sleep in on our last holiday morning, which was extra nice! Lol!

There you have it… A smattering of my favorite moments from the past few days! I am sure there were many more moments, but those are the ones that really stood out to me. I hope you all had a bunch of great moments to remember too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and pray for safe travels for everyone!

We are having a great time visiting Thomas’s family. His brother and sister-in-law (who we have not seen since last Christmas) are here from Minnesota. And we have one niece staying here too, which Zeeva is LOVING! Zeeva did not sleep well last night, so Thomas and I were exhausted this morning. So we deposited her with her grandparents and went back to sleep. When we woke up a couple of hours later, the first sounds I heard were lots and lots of giggles coming from the living room. :o) It was an awesome sound to wake up to. And, thankfully, Zeeva went down for her nap without a single fuss, so I am praying that means she will sleep a bunch better tonight!

I have also already had a couple of personal victories this trip. I have a really bad habit of always eating horribly when we are up here… I do not know why. It starts in the car… I will get a soda and at least one bad snack for the car ride. And it is tradition now so it is really hard to not do it. But I planned ahead this time around. I packed a baggie full of grapes, and put some light Pringles in another baggie, in case I was in a salty mood. And I got an unsweetened iced tea, with Splenda added, instead of a soda. I was not sure if this would work… but it really did! The grapes were very satisfying and way more filling than the candy I normally indulge in. And I actually restrained myself and did not even eat the Pringles! I contemplated it several times and, each time, decided that I was just wanting them because I wanted something in my mouth, not because I was actually hungry.

I also did really good with the Thanksgiving dinner we had last night. I do not know exactly how many calories I had, and I am not too worried about that, but I was very controlled. And I ended up having some applesauce for a late-night snack instead of treating myself to another serving of the dessert I made! Woohoo!

I have a finally victory to talk about. I never exercise when I am away from home. I am just really bad about that. Part of that is probably because I always sleep horribly when we are gone, because Zeeva sleeps horribly, so then I am so exhausted that I make an excuse to not work out. But today I was determined, so I jumped on the exercise bike as soon as I put Zeeva down for her nap and I biked for 6.4 miles! Woohoo!!! VICTORY!!!

I have a feeling that this is going to be my favorite Thanksgiving EVER. I still have a few more days to survive before I know for sure, but I am feeling really good about this. And I even weighed myself before we left on Wednesday (do not worry… I did not look, I had Thomas make note of my weight), and I will weigh myself like that again on Monday, to see if I gained any weight over this holiday. I am determined to survive the holidays without any gain this year!

Today’s Victory!

Today’s Victory!

I REALLY did not want to workout tonight. Scratch that… I wanted to work out because I knew I needed to. I did not want to work out because I had a really bad headache. I have not felt very good for the past few days, and the headache was my newest development. But I made myself work out anyway. Twelve minutes in to my thirty-five minute workout, I turned off the DVD. My head was THROBBING. Then, I turned it back on and picked up where I left off. I had twenty-three minutes left. I decided that I could endure anything for twenty-three minutes… I am worth a little pain. And a funny thing happened… My head hurt the whole rest of the time… Until I got to the very end, where they have stretching. At that point, my headache basically went away! I still have a tiny bit of pain, but nothing like I did have. So now I am extra glad that I continued with my workout!

On top of doing ChaLEAN Extreme tonight, I took advantage of the beautiful weather we had today (57 degrees, not windy, and very sunny) and took a 2.5 mile walk around our neighborhood with my husband and daughter. It was so peaceful! We actually contemplated taking another loop, but the sun was starting to set and Zeeva’s hands were cold, so we opted to just play in the yard for a few minutes instead.

Another victory that I had this week was one that I worked hard at… I have been under my calorie allowance EVERY day this week! Even the weekend days!  Woohoo! That is major for me… It is something I have been bad about recently. So I am super excited about that! I am really going to have a hard time not weighing myself until November first!

My Very First GIVEAWAY!!!

My Very First GIVEAWAY!!!

Yep…. You read the title right. I am having my very first GIVEAWAY! I am very excited! Somehow this makes my blog seem more “official” to me!  :o)

I used Tiny Prints two years ago when we were sending out our first Christmas cards after Zeeva was born. I have been in love ever since and keep tempting myself with their creations every time I have a reason to send out cards. They have a wonderful selection of every type of card (and other items) you could possibly imagine, but I especially love their Holiday Cards. They have traditional cards and bright cards that are more modern, religious cards (which include holidays other than Christmas, like Hanukkah), and cards in which your fur babies take center stage. I especially love that most of their cards include space for at least one photo… I know that I love receiving photo cards, so I like to send them out too. There is something for everyone on Tiny Prints!

In addition to the giveaway that I am having, I also want to share that Tiny Prints has great specials all the time. Here is a link so you can check out some of the ones they are having right now! So, even if you are not the lucky winner, you can still get a great deal on some personalized cards. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE a good deal!

I was going to post a sneak-peek of the card that we are going to send out this year… But I honestly cannot decide on one yet! Lol… There are just too many awesome ones to make a decision yet! We still need to take some photos, so hopefully that will help us choose. But here are a few examples of the awesome designs that Tiny Prints has available.

Now, on to the giveaway!

The giveaway prize (which I am very excited about!) is $50 off your total order (expires 12/14/2012 – no extensions and does not include shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos). There are FOUR ways to enter the drawing:

  1. Leave me a comment on this blog post and tell me you want to enter! Please make sure you leave your email address too, so you can be contacted if you are the lucky winner!
  2. In addition, I have a very SPECIAL way to enter… I am pleased to announce that I am now on Facebook too!  To get an additional entry, just “like” my page on Facebook at Please make sure you leave me a little message so I know you want to enter the giveaway!
  3. The third way to get an additional entry into the giveaway is to “share” this post on Facebook. Make sure you set the privacy to “public” in the upper right hand corner so I can see that you have shared it. And leave me a message on here so I can make sure I get that additional entry correct.
  4. The final way to enter the giveaway is to “share” my new page on Facebook! Make sure you let me know you are doing that, so I can mark you down for an extra entry!

This giveaway is open until 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 17, 2012. So make sure you enter with both options… and share the love by sharing this post with all your friends so they can have a chance to enter too!

Note: this is a sponsored giveaway by By participating in this promotion, I may be compensated with free products from, however, I will NOT receive any financial compensation for any clicks or products that you might purchase through this post.

Zeeva’s Birthday Wrapup…

Zeeva’s Birthday Wrapup…

Wow… I cannot believe Zeeva’s birthday is over! My little girl is TWO! And she had a fantastic weekend to celebrate it! Saturday consisted mostly of volleyball… Which Zeeva LOVED. She was really good! We were there for about five hours. She played hard and pretty much entertained herself in the bleachers for the first four hours. Then completely crashed for the last hour! Lol… She rang in her birth time by taking a nap with grandma and then mommy. :o) She was so good though, we were very impressed.  After volleyball, we got dinner with my family… It is our family tradition on birthdays to eat out. When we went home, we let Zeeva open her main birthday present from us, which is a doll. It is Merida from the movie Brave. She seems to really like her! In fact, she is taking a nap with her at this very moment.   :o)

Sunday was Zeeva’s party day… We had a Curious George themed party (because Zeeva LOVES the “blast off!” book). She had a BLAST playing with her three cousins. And we discovered that she absolutely loves balloons. We are going to have to keep a package in the drawer for when she needs something to entertain her. She had so much fun at her party that she completely wore herself out and fell asleep in her high chair in the middle of dinner!  Poor kiddo! She was good to go after a short nap though, and had fun just entertaining herself with her new toys for the rest of the night. (and all morning today!)  Thank you to everyone who helped make her birthday special!

With all of the party stuff (and volleyball), I did not get my workouts in on Friday and Saturday.  :o( So my weekly total was way less than I planned for last week. I also went over on my calories on Saturday and Sunday, but I had pretty much planned for that. And I could have done a lot worse than I actually did. But, because of all of that, I was determined to do my workouts on Sunday. I did my Ab workout, then walked four miles (including five whole minutes of jogging in place!), then did my ChaLEAN Extreme workout! 111 minutes all together! So I am starting my week off right, back on track, like I planned! 

Here’s to the start of an awesome week!

November Goals…

November Goals…

Sorry this is several days late! I actually wrote it on the first, but got wrapped up in birthday stuff and just completely forgot to post it!

Goals for November…

I am proud to say that I reached all of my goals for October! Woohoo! Here is the rundown on what I intended to do: 31 minutes of exercise every day, 31 miles of walking through the whole month, 1500 minutes of exercise for the month, and complete the Burn Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. The only thing I missed on was my 31 minutes every day. I did have four or five days where I did not reach this goal, but I more than made up for it in my total minutes. If I only did 31 minutes a day, my total would have been 961 minutes… So I stomped on that!

Now on to my goals for November! I am excited about this month because I am finally back in a groove with my eating. So here are my goals:

1. Track my food EVERY DAY. Even if I am going over for some reason. I need to be accountable.

2. Drink plenty of water. I have been doing better the past few days, but my water intake for most of October was not real great. So I really need to keep working on that.

3. Walk/Run/Bike 60 miles! That is two miles a day… I am determined to do it. I really need to get some more cardio into my routine and this is a great way to start.

4. Complete the Push Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. Even though I did not have great success with my measurements on the Burn Phase this time around, I still need to continue with the program. I feel stronger when I am doing it. And my hope is that by combining this with my 60 miles, PLUS keeping close track of my calories, I will have much greater success this month.

5. Have fun celebrating Zeeva’s 2nd birthday, but do not let my eating get out of control. I am allowed to have a treat or two, but I will not let the treats rule my life.

6. The same goes for Thanksgiving… I can have fun celebrating, but I will not let the food get the best of me. And I will do my best to work off whatever calories I consumer.

7. This one is very hard for me… It is especially hard since I had a good week with my weigh in this week. But I think I need to step away from the scale until it is time to weigh myself at the end of this next phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. That is thirty days of not weighing myself, people! Eek! It is going to be really hard… And I am praying that I see a huge number at the end of those thirty days!

8. Follow my workout plan… Which, after adding it up, totals 1768 minutes! WOW! What am I getting myself into??