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Weigh-In Wendesday…

Weigh-In Wendesday…

Interesting thing… I have been going over my calories pretty much every day since Sunday. Not by a ton, but a little bit (like 50-100) calories. And we ate out last night, so I was not expecting much of a good change in my weight this morning. But I have somehow lost 1.5 pounds since Sunday!  Wow! That’s kind of crazy, in my book. It makes me wonder if maybe I am not eating quite enough calories some days. I do not add extra calories in for any exercising, so I have allowed myself some flexibility this week, just to see how it would go. I guess that is something to start thinking about!

To everyone who has commented or “liked” my photo of my new jacket on Facebook, you are all so sweet! Thank you so much! All of your compliments have really been a boost to me. Especially since the photo itself is actually a pretty bad representation! Lol. So thank you all!

The Thirty-One List…

The Thirty-One List…

Ugh. I have had a bad couple of weeks. I shockingly did manage to lose half a pound since September twelfth… But I am still up about a pound since September first. I guess that is really not that bad, but it is still a bit of a bummer.

Yep, I have been bad. Being sick so much this month has really thrown me off. I am ready to be healthy again!! So, I am taking over starting today. I am eating better and I am going to start my exercise program over again. I still have a bit of a cough, but I am more than willing to take breaks when I need to. I just need to reset. I feel like I have been eating everything in sight the past week or so! I feel like I have no control over myself at all. I need to get that control back.

In light of all of this, I have decided to set some new goals for myself. I have been thinking about doing this for a while now, but I really do need to do it now. I think it will help me refocus. I know I have all of my mini weight-loss goals, but I think that it has been hard for me to focus on those things because it has been so long since I set them.

I actually think that I am going to make a “things to do before my 31st birthday” list. I have been wanting to do that and I have several weight-loss goals I want on it, so this will be a great combo list! It also has some very random items on it… Shocking, I know! Here goes!

Things To Do Before My 31st Birthday!

    Refinish my nightstand
    Hang at least three things on the wall
    Finish my headboard!
    See fall leaves
    Go to an apple orchard with Zeeva
    Complete another round of ChaLEAN Extreme
    Get a new hair cut (as my reward for finishing my first 30 days of ChaLEAN Extreme)
    Make an article of clothing for myself
    Reach my final weight-loss goal
    Make some Christmas presents
    Finish three paintings
    Have a shopping day with my mom and sister
    Decorate for Christmas!
    Throw Zeeva an awesome second birthday party
    Get a massage
    Play in the snow with Zeeva
    Watch all six Star Wars movies     :o)
    See awesome Christmas lights
    Introduce Zeeva to hot chocolate
    Make applesauce
    Make a box tunnel for Zeeva
    Play with Play Doh with Zeeva
    Have Zeeva make a handprint ornament
    Organize favorite recipes, finally!
    Get together with friends!
    Have a kid-free weekend
    Trim plants for winter
    Bake homemade pretzels
    Wear a cute outfit with tights (eek!)
    Have a spa night at home
    Decorate cookies with Zeeva 
    Start a new tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas
    Watch White Christmas
    Fit into single-digit-sized pants!
    Spend a winter day relaxing with Thomas
    Take family photos… Twice!
    Have a daily devotional plan that I stick with

So there you have it… I may end up adding items to the list in the future, but that is it for now! I guess I better get cracking on these things… I have more than one item to do a week!  

Sweet-Free Month…

Sweet-Free Month…

I made it 34 days without having any sweets! That is just one day shy of FIVE weeks! I was honestly planning on just having a cheat day yesterday and then picking it back up again through the end of the month. But my body had other ideas… I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat that I have had in a long time. I can barely talk and swallow. And drinking water actually aggravates the pain for me. So I am currently living on tea and I just opened my first bottle of Sprite. The carbonation from the Sprite and the heat from the tea both feel good. I also have some ice cream waiting for me in the freezer for when I actually feel like I could swallow something like that. Thus far, I am not the slightest bit hungry. 

Because of this insane sore throat, I have decided to go ahead and end my sweet-free time. When I originally started, I was not sure if I wanted to go for a month, or if I wanted to go all the way through September. Well, I lasted more than a month, so I am good with that. I have to be able to ingest what my throat can handle right now. And I definitely succeeded in my ultimate goal, which was to reset my sweet tooth. Everything tastes way sweeter to me now. My first sip of Sprite was a bit of a shock, I can tell you that! Even some fruits are almost too sweet for me now… I call that success for sure!

I also paid homage to the start of my weight-loss journey… Last September, I started my journey by going sweet-free for a month. I am so glad that I decided to do it again because it reminds me of where I started and shows me that I can do ANYTHING. That is an awesome gift to give myself!

Please send up prayers that I start feeling better really soon and that Zeeva and Thomas are spared this pain!

Side note… I took a nap this morning while Thomas watched Zeeva. He said that she spent quite a bit of time playing with her blocks outside the bedroom door because she wanted to be near me. How cute is that?! And she has given me lots of kisses too, which she is normally not very big on. I think she knows I am not feeling good!

I Don’t Wanna Work Out!

I Don’t Wanna Work Out!

I did not want to work out tonight. I was feeling very frustrated with Zeeva, very down about myself, and very tired. I just wanted to curly up in a bawl and either cry or sleep. I had zero motivation to work out.

So I decided to put a little ditty that I had running through my head as my status on Facebook about how I really did not want to work out one bit. Why did I do that? Because I knew that people would respond to it and help me stay accountable to myself. I needed to work out tonight. I knew I did. I also knew that I would probably start feeling better about everything once I did it. And I was right. I do feel better. I killed my workout as much as I could and I feel so much better about myself now. If I had not worked out, I am sure that I would be feeling even worse about myself. And I now feel less frustrated about Zeeva because I was able to work some of it off.

The days when you do not feel an ounce of motivation? Those are the days when you need to work out the most. Those are the days when it counts the most.

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I was not feeling at all confident about weighing myself this morning. And I was right to feel that way. I gained 1.4 pounds… Since SUNDAY! What in the world did I do to myself?! I felt completely sick to see myself back in the 160s! I was so excited to get into the 150s and I just threw it away. Granted, a tiny bit of it might have been water weight from starting my workouts again on Sunday (and my muscles retaining water in an attempt to repair themselves)… But I really do not think that is the case for the majority of it. I did not work out on Monday or Tuesday, so I do not think my muscles would have still be saturated with water. Maybe I am wrong and I will have dropped an amazing five pounds on my next weigh-in. That would be awesome, but I am not holding my breath.

I have not been doing wonderfully with my calories the past couple of days. I have just been so hungry, it has been hard to resist food. At least my choices have not been crazy, like cake. I have been overdoing it for sure though. I am getting back on track TODAY.

I did not work out last night because I was sooooo incredibly sore still from Sunday’s workout. I think being sick for almost two weeks put a damper in my recovery mode. I could barely even lower myself to sit down. So I promised myself that I would make up the workout today and I took a hot bath and did a lot of stretching afterward. Something must have helped because I am a lot less sore today. I am still plenty sore, especially in my hamstrings, but lowering myself to sit does not hurt nearly as much. So, I lived up to my promise and I spent the first forty minutes of Zeeva’s nap time killing my ChaLEAN Extreme workout from last night! It felt good too! Yes, it hurt in many spots, but I felt great knowing that I was doing something to help myself. That number on the scale will be better next week!

Give Thanks…

Give Thanks…

Ok… I am feeling very frustrated right now because of some things Zeeva did during lunch (like,once again, chucking her cup to the ground and actually splitting it open and getting milk everywhere! No, I did it cry over spilled milk but I felt like it!). So I am doing a post about a few things I am thankful for today to help get me back in a good mood.

1. I am thankful that I am incredibly sore today because it means that I had an awesome workout last night.

2. I am thankful that Zeeva went back to sleep this morning! She tried to get up for the day at 5:30… More than three hours early! Thankfully, after an hour of whining and a dose of Orajel, she went back to sleep until her normal wakeup time. That is the first time in a week that she has let me sleep in the morning!

3. I am thankful that Thomas is feeling better, after having a rough morning. I do not like it when he is sick!

4. I am thankful that Zeeva let me finish all of the dishes that I planned on doing during lunch today. I am also thankful for those dirty dishes because it means that we have plenty of food to eat.

5. I am thankful that God helped me stay on track with eating and exercising yesterday!

6. I am thankful that today is a rest day from ChaLEAN Extreme! Lol!

7. I am thankful that it is a BEAUTIFUL day out today! I fully plan on taking a family walk tonight.

8. I am thankful that Thomas ran to the grocery store so I did not have to do it!

9. I am thankful that it is now nap time and Zeeva is sleeping peacefully… And I get to take a nap too!  ;o)

And on that note, I am going to go take a nap! I had a hard time sleeping last night, which made it even better when Zeeva finally went back to sleep this morning. I hope you all can find something to be thankful for today!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I have been sick in some way for over a week now.  :o( So, I have not started my new round of ChaLEAN Extreme yet, like I planned. Life happens sometimes. Zeeva decided to give me her Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease… It is rare for adults to get it because most people have it when they are kids. But I am apparently not most people! Lol. Thankfully, I did not have much rash. It has mostly been headaches, aches and pains, dizziness, and exhaustion. I feel like I could sleep for a whole week. I did sleep almost all day Monday!

There is only one “positive” about being sick… I have not had much of an appetite. I actually ended up losing 1.3 pounds since Saturday! Crazy!! But I will take it.

I am planning on getting back in the swing of things with workouts as soon as I have a day where I feel good… And not weak!

Ps… One positive thing about being sick this time around… I normally seek out comfort food when I am sick, especially with the types of symptoms I have been having. I generally want some Sprite and some ice cream. But I have not even really thought about those things this time around! I have had a couple of ice cream cravings, but I have not caved. I am more than halfway done with my FOURTH week of being sweet-free and I am to going to let being sick throw me off course. It has already thrown off my workouts, I will not let it take this as well!

My One-Year Anniversary!!!

My One-Year Anniversary!!!

Now on to the second reason today is a big day for me (if you have not read the first reason yet, please start of with that post). Today is my one-year anniversary of officially starting my weight-loss journey! It has been a CRAZY year… Full of ups and downs. I actually recently read back through a lot of my blog posts, just to remind myself of the things I have conquered this year. All I can say is, I am so incredibly glad that I listened to the nudge that God was giving me last August. My life has changed so much, way more than I would have ever thought possible in just a year. I have conquered my health problems and am no longer afraid of them because I am doing something to help myself. I am much happier now, both with myself and with the things around me. I actually LIKE exercising, which I would have never thought possible.

So I know that you are all probably wondering about the physical changes that I have gone through over the past year… Don’t worry, I have some stats for you!  Here is how much I have lost from ten different areas that I have been measuring once a month since I started this journey (I only recently started measuring my abductors, so that is not included here).

neck: 2.5 inches lost!
upper arm: 2.5 inches lost!
forearm: 2 inches lost!
wrist: 0.875 inches lost!
chest: 4 inches lost!!!
waist: 7.5 inches lost!!!!
hips:  9.5 inches lost!!!!
thigh: 4.75 inches lost!
calf: 3 inches lost!
ankle: 1.25 inches lost!

That is sooo awesome! I have lost 9.5 INCHES from my hips! And 7 from my waist! That is just crazy to me! Even crazier is the 2.5 inches that I lost from my neck! Who would have thought that was even possible?? My grand total of inches lost for the year from just these measurement areas is 37.125!!!! Say what???! And I have lost 58 pounds! Eek! AND I have lost 10.6% of my BMI and moved myself from being in the “severely obese” weight to being in the “overweight” weight range! I cannot even express how exciting all of this is.

Zeeva was cuddled up on my lap this morning, and I had a little talk with her. I told her that today is Mommy’s anniversary of taking her life back into her hands. I told her that I did it for her, so I would be around for a long, long, long time. And then I tickled her. :o)

All of the hard work is so worth it.


I really wanted to do a handstand today to commemorate my anniversary… But I was not so great at it! Lol! This is the best one I could do. I had fun trying though!

ChaLEAN Extreme Day 90!

ChaLEAN Extreme Day 90!

Today is a very big day for me, for two reasons. I will talk about reason number one in this post… And reason number two will be in the following post!  :o)

Today was my 90 Day Measurement Day for ChaLEAN Extreme! Eek! I actually had a hard time sleeping last night, partially because of the anticipation of what today would bring. I was excited and nervous to see how my weigh-in and measurements would go. So here are my “final” stats for this round of ChaLEAN Extreme (round two starts tomorrow!):

neck: -0.25″ (total lost 1.5″)
upper arm: -0.5″ (total lost 0.875″)
forearm: -0.25″ (total lost 0.875″)
wrist: +0.125 (total lost 0.375″)
chest: -0.25″ (total lost 1.5″)
waist: -0.75″ (total lost 5.625″!)
hips: -1″ (total lost 3.5″)
abductors: -0.25″ (total lost 2.25″
mid thigh: -1.25″ (total lost 2.5″)
calf: -0.375 (total lost 0.75″)
ankle: -0 (total lost 0.25″)

I have lost a total of 19.875″ since May 26, 2012! That is AWESOME! And the number I am super excited about is my waist… I lost 5.625 inches in just my waist, which has always been a huge problem area for me! Woohoo! I know I slacked off a bit this month, so I know my numbers could have been better… But I am just celebrating what I have accomplished! I will do even better about keeping to my schedule during the next round. I have to say, the ChaLEAN Extreme program was the best Mother’s Day present Thomas could have possible given me this year!

In addition to taking measurements, today was also a weigh-in day. I am very happy to report that I have lost two pounds since last Wednesday! And I am extremely happy to report that I am now in the 150s!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO!! 159.8, to be exact! This was not one of my specific goals, but it every time I reach a new decade, I feel like I have reached a HUGE milestone! 

So, yeah…I would say that today has been pretty good!