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A Bit of Hodgepodginess…

A Bit of Hodgepodginess…

I have a million and one things floating though my mind right now, so I have a feeling this is going to a hodgepodge of a post! But, you cannot say I did not warn you… This is Jessii’s Hodgepodge, after all!  ;o)

ONE! I am soooo excited for August! It is my final month before I reach my one year mark for being on my weight-loss journey and I am so excited to see what I can do this month. I went ahead and filled out my workout calendar for the month. If you have never done this and have a hard time keeping yourself accountable with workouts (you find yourself saying you will work out and never get around to it), then I HIGHLY recommend doing this. And even if you are someone who always works out, I still recommend it. It is an amazing feeling to be able to look back over the month and see exactly what you have done. It really helps me stay accountable to myself.  So, anyway, I have my August all planned out. I am going to finish up the Lean Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. My measurement day is August 21st, I believe. After that, I think I am going to start it all over again. It is a program that you can just keep doing and doing, as long as you switch phases every month. I am also thinking that I am going to get out at least four days a week (seven, if the weather will allow) and take Zeeva for a walk. She loves being outside but we have not had much chance to do it this summer because it has been too hot for her to go out most days. I also have a daily countdown marked on the whole month, to remind myself how many days I have left until my one-year anniversary. Yep, I am definitely excited!  ;o)

TWO! I have noticed that I have a lot more confidence lately. I used to ALWAYS have to have full makeup on when I left the house, even if I was just running into the grocery store for an item or two. Now, I usually just throw on a little powder, eyeliner and mascara. And half the time, my hair is back in two buns, which is my signature style these days when I am just lounging or working out. My hair is getting really long, because I am growing it out so I can get an awesome haircut when I really 75 pounds lost. But I hate having long hair, so I almost always put it up. It is so much cooler that way during these hot summer days. I also am willing to wear tank tops around my family, which I would NEVER do before.

THREE! I did something today that I have never willingly done before.  I keep having dreams about this but have always insisted that it is something that I would never do, that it was just not part of who I am. But I really pushed myself today and I did it anyway. What did I do, you ask? I ran. I was out, walking Zeeva in her stroller and I just decided to try to see if I could run one stretch of road. And I could. So I tried another stretch a little while later. I ended up running five stretches throughout my whole walk, which totaled about 0.3 miles. Yes, I know this is not a ton, but it is more than I have ever run before. And it was of my own volition… I was not being forced to run for a gym class or to get to the next base in softball. This was all me. 

FOUR! I just want to leave you all with something that I have had on my fridge for a few months now. It is something that really inspires me and makes me tear up to even think about reaching this point…

Imagine that day, where you can finally say “I did it!”. When you can say “I never gave up, I never quit!”. Imagine that day when you when you win that gold medal, or reach your goal weight. Where these moments of pain turn into memories for the goal you wanted to obtain. It might take long to reach that moment, but as soon as you get there you’ll thank yourself for the rest of your life.

Artsy Fartsy Weigh-In Wednesday…

Artsy Fartsy Weigh-In Wednesday…

Well, I did it… I finally used my art studio for ***gasp!!*** ART!  It only took three years of living in this house!  ;o) I only did a bit of a wash on a piece of watercolor paper… I do not know what it will turn into. I spent a bit of time last night washing out my watercolor palette (it had dried up paints in it) and I took some time this afternoon to mix up some new colors. So, I felt like I had to do something with it before I lost my nerve. It felt weird to paint after such a long lapse… Almost like it was foreign to me. I even forgot exactly how watercolors react on completely dry paper! But I know that I am going to be using them a lot more now. I am planning on painting during a lot of Zeeva’s naps. I have lots of ideas running through my brain, I just hope that I am able to execute them the way I envision.

I am getting so lax about keeping you guys updated about my weigh-ins! I am so sorry! I do not know why that is either, because I have been doing pretty good! So, yesterday was, of course, Weigh-In Wednesday. Thomas and I just started a new phase of ChaLEAN Extreme on Sunday and they say that you can usually expect a gain for the first week or two after starting each phase because your muscles are retaining so much water from the change in the workout. So I was totally prepared for a gain. But I lost 1.1 pounds! The exact same as the week before! Thomas lost the same amount also, which rarely happens. I am completely psyched for this month. I am now half a pound away from my next goal, and I just know this phase is going to be awesome. I can already feel it in my bones. And I will be finishing it near my 1-year mark on my weight-loss journey. This phase is seriously no joke though… Man, does Chalene make you work for it! I am sooooo beat after the workouts, but it also feels so good because I KNOW that it is doing awesome things for me!

A Food Confession…

A Food Confession…

I am totally not a salad fan. I only have two or three restaurants that actually have salad that I like, so it is definitely not something that I normally eat. I do not even eat it at home very often at all. It is just really not my thing. And do not even get me started on adding fruit and nuts to salads… No thank you! I am not a huge fan of sweet and savory combinations!

On average, I would say that I have MAYBE a handful of salads a year… Like I said, salads are totally not my thing. Which is what makes the past week so very abnormal for me… I have had FOUR salads since last Tuesday! And I have actually been kind of craving them. I even had one meal where I hardly even touched my entree… I just ate the salad! Very weird! Thomas and I have decided to make every Tuesday salad day from now on. Wednesday’s are our weigh-in day and we always seem to have a heavier, salty meal on Tuesdays for some reason. This will help with that!

On a side note, I just wanted to let you all know that my ultrasound came back with nothing to worry about! I did an update on Facebook but forgot on here. My doctor said the cyst is the kind that will go away on its own (which either means dissolving or bursting… So we are praying for it to just dissolve!). She also said that my idea about the lower dose of Metformin contributing to the cysts might have some merit. But it could have been a complete fluke too. So, at this point, it is just in the back of our minds, to be considered if I start having more cysts.

ChaLEAN Extreme Day 60!

ChaLEAN Extreme Day 60!

This coming Tuesday was supposed to be our measurement day for Day 60 of ChaLEAN Extreme. For many reasons (some health related), we decided late last night to go ahead and make today our measurement day. We are also going to be starting the Lean Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme tonight. I am excited because I have not worked out since Wednesday because of pain from my cysts and I am just ready to put this behind me and move on to the next phase. (which is one of the reasons I really wanted to do measurements today) the Lean Phase is when they say you lose the most actual weight, so we are excited! We have been very happy with our inches lost and how much our pictures are changing, but we are both ready to see that scale budge a bit more! Lol!

So here are my current stats! I will tell you how my measurements went this month, as well as how much I have lost since starting the program. I also have a surprise for the end.  :o)

neck: -0.5″ (total lost 0.875″)
upper arm: -0″ (total lost 0.375″)
forearm: -0.25″ (total lost 0.625″)
wrist: 0.5 (total lost 0.5″)
chest: -0.25″ (total lost 1.25″)
waist: -2″ (total lost 4.875″!)
hips: -1.5″ (total lost 2.75″)
abductors: -1.25″ (total lost “)
mid thigh: -0″ (total lost 1.25″)
calf: 0.375 (total lost 0.375″)
ankle: 0.25 (total lost 0.25″)

That is a total of 6.875″ lost in the past month on these measurement areas! I am very happy with that, especially since I know I was not as diligent with my workouts toward the end of this set. Life (and heat!) got in the way. And when I add it to my previous month’s total, I have lost 15.125″ from these areas since May 26! Eek! That is AWESOME!! 

In addition to measurements, we have been taking pictures. I do maybe promise to share them when I am “done” with the program (because it just keeps going on and on, you just keep cycling through the months), if I get brave enough. But we can tell huge differences all over when we look through our photos, it is actually kind of crazy. I am even starting to get a little bit of definition in my tummy, even though I definitely still have plenty of inches to lose there! I had planned on doing an ab workout everyday this past month, in addition to ChaLEAN Extreme, but I flaked out on it. This month, I AM doing it! Please, keep me accountable! And join in if you want! And Thomas’s pictures floored me… I think his pictures, more than anything, are evidence of all the hard work he has been doing!

So here is the “surprise” that I alluded to toward the beginning of this post. I took measurements of myself on July 18, 2011. Even though I am really counting September 1, 2011 as my official start date, I did have intentions of losing weight last summer. I lost 3 pounds from June to September. Anyway, I guess I took measurements at the time, hoping to start losing serious weight. And I have been taking monthly measurements since the end of October, after I had already lost 17 pounds. So, I have a record of how much I have lost since the beginning. I have lost a staggering 42.375″ in the past year!! Which really means since September, because I know I did not do anything in July and August!  Will share with you at the end of August what my total amounts for each area are… They are amazing even now, but I really want to wait until this next ChaLEAN Extreme segment before I reveal them. And it will be my one-year anniversary on September 1, which will make it even more exciting. Man, the next 43 days are going to be awesome… I am going to MAKE them awesome! I have tears in my eyes even thinking about it!

John 14:27…

John 14:27…

Some of you, I am know, already know some (or all) of this story, but it has been on my mind a lot so I wanted to share it. On Thursday morning, shortly after getting up for the day, I experienced an extremely bad pain in my lower abdomen. It was a 12 on a scale of 1-10… Yep, that bad. It was actually do bad that I could not even walk from the hallway to our couch, which is only a distance of maybe twenty steps. Needless to say, Thomas and I decided that I should get an appointment with my doctor. They ran a urine test and found some blood in my urine (and also confirmed that I am not pregnant! Lol), so they decided to do a CT Scan, thinking that they would probably find some kidney stones (even though I have never had anything like that before). What they found instead was one large burst cyst on one ovary, which is what caused the intense pain. And another large cyst on my other ovary. I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday morning at 10 am to find out more information about this cyst. 

So many things have been running through my head about all of this. I am exhausted just from the stress and anxiety associated with it. I am scared about what they may find, even though I know cysts are pretty common. After all, I do have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, even though my case of it is somewhat atypical. To my knowledge, I have never had cysts even remotely this size before. So I am wondering if it is maybe related to my Metformin dosage being lowered for almost a month now. That is something I plan to ask my doctor when I speak to her on Monday.

But with all this, I am finding my anxiety of the unknown mounting. I am trying to not think about it, but it is hard when I have constant cramping in my lower abdomen. I am scared to work out or make any sudden movements, even though I know intellectually the odds of anything like that abusing the other cyst to rupture are probably pretty low, I still cannot help but be fearful of it. I honestly feel like a wimp.

So tonight I opened my Bible and was just perusing it a bit, not really knowing specifically where I was headed. I found a paper that a friend of mine in college gave me, probably eight or nine years ago. (yes, that makes me feel old to think that I have been out of college for that long!) I do not remember what the circumstances were or why she gave me this paper, but it was obviously important enough for me to want to keep it for all of these years. I was reading the twelve Scriptures that were written on it, thinking that none of them really applied to my situation or brought me a strong sense of comfort, which is what I was really after. Then I came to the last three verses she had written down for me all those years ago:

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 15:13

“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” - 1 Peter 5:7

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” - John 14:27

That was just so amazing to me, to come across those Scriptures. I almost did not read that paper. I almost just kept flipping pages. God is so cool like that. He really does give comfort when you need it most. He is leaving me with peace, peace in knowing that I am in His hands, no matter what is going on in my body.

Thank You God! And thank you to my friend who gave me those verses so many years ago. You helped touch my life today.

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I completely forgot to do my weekly post last week. For anyone who looks forward to those (if there is anyone!), I am sorry! I did to have a great weigh-in last week… I gained 0.7 pounds. Not real surprising though, considering that I only did two out of my five planned workouts.  :o/

I have been doing much better this week though. I have had to skip one or two workouts, but I made up for them the following day… which meant doing TWO workouts last Thursday! Man was I sore all weekend! But I did it! And I did my normal workout on Friday, after having spent almost seven hours cleaning and organizing our art studio that had turned into a junk room. No worries, I did take “before” pictures! I also took pictures of the explosion that was our living room while I was organizing! Lol… It was seriously a disaster zone. I am 92% done with that room… I just have a table, a bookcase and a countertop to organize. I will definitely be posting my before and after pictures when I am done!

So, I was really hoping for a huge loss this week. I did lose 1.1 pounds… Which I felt kind of sad about. Losing a pound is HUGE… Have you ever seen what a pound of fat looks like?? It is crazy! And I should especially be happy about that because I ate fish and chips this weekend… It was my anniversary dinner splurge. I was a good girl about dessert though… I only had cherries!  :o) Mmmmm… Cherries… I think I need to buy some more!

Next Tuesday is going to be Weigh-In Tuesday because it is Day 60 of ChaLEAN Extreme! Time for measurements! Thomas and I are very excited to see how our measurements and picture progressions are doing! (and I have to send a huge shout out to my awesome hubby… He lost 3.7 pounds this week!! Woohoo!!) So the next seven days need to be extra great for us, so we can get the best results possible!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I think the heat is starting to affect my brain… We have had several days in a row of over 100 degree highs. Talk about HOT! I went outside to water some plants this morning and the heat index was already 97 at 10:00 am! BLECK!  Because of the heat and how sunny it has been, our air conditioning has been having a really hard time keeping up in our main living area. I have been working on a project that I will blog about soon… We are really hoping that it helps with the heat! 

Anyway, I think that the heat made me completely forget about letting you all know about my weekly weigh-in! I thought that I had lost 0.2 pounds. But I realized last night that I forgot to record something, so I have actually lost 2 pounds! Yea! I would call that a happy mistake! And I am woolly 1.3 pounds away from my next goal!

Speaking of goals, I have been mulling over my goal weight the past few days. I am contemplating sticking with my original goal of 127.8. I realized that the goal the doctor set for me would still have me in the overweight range by a couple of pounds, according to BMI. I know that a couple of pounds is not much. But I have been overweight almost my whole life and am really looking forward to being in a normal weight range. I know that I will probably bawl when I get there. And 127.8  (in addition to being an nice even 90 pounds lost) would give me a few extra pounds of padding between that line of being overweight again. The main reason my doctor was suggesting that goal weight was because she did not want me to get discouraged as I get closer to it. But I am good with hard work. And I can always change my goal weight again if I need to.

So that is where I am at! Sorry I am a couple of days late on this update!

The 4th of July…

The 4th of July…

Happy Fourth of July! Our plan today was pretty low-key… Thomas had to work (one of the joys of being self-employed and having a holiday in the middle of the week), so we were just planning on staying home today. We were even going to have leftovers for dinner. Talk about BORING! Then, we were rescued by friends with an invite to a cookout that they were having! Yea for friends! Lol!

We had a lot of fun just hanging out and getting to know some new people. Zeeva had a BLAST watching all the other kids. And there were even two boys right around her age there. (she was the only girl under the age of eleven!) It was so hot outside though! I am so glad that we were inside for most of the time!

One thing that I have learned about myself… I am pretty good about avoiding extra snacking when I am in my own home, even if there is a ton of food around. I am not so good about it when I am at other people’s houses. And I was really bad about it tonight. I ate way too much. And they were not healthy choices either. Unless M&M cookies are good for you… Are they??  ;o) 

So, that is something that I really need to work on. Sadly, I am not at other houses all that often, so I do not get many opportunities to practice this! Or maybe that is a good thing, that I am not around temptation all that often!

Ok. So you had a bad day. Don’t beat yourself up over it, but don’t let one bad decision send you spiraling out of control. Grab those running shoes and get back to init. Get back to making decisions that improve your health and your happiness. You are who you choose to be.

A Journey of a Different Kind…

A Journey of a Different Kind…

Confession time… We have had a HORRIBLE track record of going to church recently. And the word “recently” is really pushing it. For a while, Thomas would have to work on Sundays. And then, it seemed like one (or both!) of us was sick pretty much every Sunday. So we have really not made it to church very much this year. I hate that, but it is how life works sometimes. When we do go, we go to a church our friends started near us last year. They are doing an awesome job trying to reach a new area and are really spreading God’s love and joy there. And they are following God where He leads them, which is what’s really great. We are honored to call them friends!

We did make it this Sunday! Woohoo! And I am soooo glad that we did. This is going to sound really strange to some (or all!) of you, but God really spoke to me about my weight-loss journey. Tyson’s sermon today was about being a revolutionary. It was the first sermon that he is doing in a series on God and Country. Now, you are probably asking what in the world the topic God and Country has to do with weight loss. I will tell you… Absolutely nothing. Lol. That is how I know that God was talking to me through this sermon… There is no way that I would have come up with these connections on my own! Here are the notes from today’s sermon and how God used these words to apply them to my life.

The word “Revolution” means “a sudden, complete or marked change in something”. This was the very first thing that Tyson talked about in his sermon. I have been classifying my weight loss as a journey but, in reality, it is a revolution. I am definitely not the same person that I was a year ago. There is a marked change in me… I make different choices, am more aware of who I am, and am living my life in a completely different way.

Many people may impact the world, but only you can revolutionize your sphere of influence. He also worded this another way… You may never get a chance to revolutionize the world, but you can revolutionize your sphere of influence. Now, this really hit me immediately. I am not trying to toot my own horn here or anything. I am actually a bit embarrassed by this. But I have had a lot of people recently asking me for advice on weight loss and exercise, or saying how my own journey has motivated them to start their own. Things like that. I find it amazing that anyone would ever say anything like that to me. Me, a woman who has been overweight almost her entire life, who definitely has some food addictions, who has had so many health struggles in the past few years. It is a bit flabbergasting to me. Yet, I am starting to see how my weight loss and my dedication is starting to affect those who are around me. I never, ever would have used the term “revolution”. But God revealed to me this morning that, just maybe, that is what is happening. It does not have to be huge to be revolutionary.

A revolutionary person have five qualities: live for a greater purpose, focus on the war and not the battles, be an igniter, be surrounded by other revolutionaries, and see victory. 

    I am living for a greater purpose. That was one of the main reasons for starting my weight-loss journey. I was sick of how I was living and sick of the roll model I was being for Zeeva.
    I do try to focus on the war and not the battles. Yes, I have a slipup every now and then. Yes, I have a cheat day here and there. I do not do every single exercise or workout that I am supposed to do. I am not perfect… I am human. But I do not let those things pull me down (for long!). I get back up and keep my focus on the goal-line. I have less than THIRTY pounds left to lose! I have come soooo far. To turn my back on it now would be craziness!
    Like I said previously, I am starting to notice that my influence has started to ignite some of the others who are around me. I am sooo proud of these people! Especially my husband, who is working his butt off with ChaLEAN Extreme with me! It is incredibly hard work and I know exactly how easy it is to give up. Failure is not when you fall… It is when you do not get back up again.
    Be surrounded by other revolutionaries. This one was an interesting one for me because, honestly, I lead a pretty boring life. I do not interact with that many people. And I, sadly, do not have very many friends right now. But I realized that I do have two friends who are amazing revolutionaries for weight-loss. Sara from Sara – Use It To Lose It and Dana from 2011 – The Year of Fit, Healthy and Slim are both amazing women. They are doing what it takes to get healthy. They have both had struggles and they just pick themselves back up and start again. I started out by just following their blogs on Facebook and getting advice and motivation from them when I needed it. And now I am honored to call these amazing women my friends. What is completely ironic is that we live absolutely nowhere near each other… They both live in Canada!
    I see victory! I know that I know that I know that this time around is different. I have already lost more weight than I ever have. And I know that I will never see it again. I can feel it in the very center of my body. I am on this journey for life. I am a completely changed person.

There were some other things from the sermon that spoke to me, but these where the may points. And it is now 1:20am, so my brain is starting to get fuzzy! Lol! I just really wanted to share this with you all. God can really speak to you about the most random things when you least expect it. I did not go to church expecting to come away with such a different set of thoughts about something. I went to church as a woman on a weight-loss journey. And I left as a woman on a Weight-Loss Revolution.