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I really did not want to work out tonight. I am exhausted and cranky and really just not in the mood to do much of anything. This is where it is great to have someone else working out with you… Thomas convinced me that I needed to work out anyway. And I realized about halfway through the workout that I actually felt much better! Thank you for the push I needed tonight Thomas!

In related news, I updated my workout calendar tonight! July is now all set! I love looking at my calendar and seeing everything in it’s place. I may not be the neatest person in the world (by far!) but there are certain things that I am a bit obsessive-compulsive about! July looks like a busy, busy month for us with workouts… I am ready to kick July’s butt! I only have two months left until I reach my 1-year mark on my weight loss journey and I plan to reach that date with both fists swinging!

Test Results…

Test Results…

Today was a long-awaited day for me. My six month checkups to see how my blood sugar, cholesterol and thyroid levels are doing have never been a source of real excitement for me, until I started losing weight in September. I had an appointment in December and was fairly excited for it. I had lost twenty-five pounds at that point and was anxious to see how all of my hard work was paying off. I had good results at that appointment, but was a bit bummed that my sugar levels still had me in the pre-diabetic range. So I have been anticipating today for a few months, anxious to see how my levels are doing after losing fifty pounds. 

My excitement for today was not in vain! My thyroid levels have been cut in half since December and are now perfect. My good cholesterol went up and is now perfect. My bad cholesterol went down. My totally cholesterol level stayed pretty much the same, which indicates that my cholesterol problems are heredity (thanks mom and dad!) and not caused by diet or lifestyle. But they are only a little high and not high enough to warrant being on medication. So that is good to know that I am already doing everything I can for them!

Here comes the really cool stuff. For years now (I found out in college), I have had high liver enzymes levels. That indicates fatty liver disease. When they tested them a year ago, my levels were at 88 and 166. They are now both at 18! Completely normal! I was SHOCKED at this difference!

Now onto my blood sugar. Two years ago, my fasting blood sugar was 119. Under 100 is considered normal (unless it is too low, of course). 120 and up is when they really start to worry, so I was very close to being there two years ago. My fasting blood sugar is now 83!!!

And here is the last test results… a1c. Tis number indicates what your average blood sugar level is. Under 6.0 is normal, 6.0-6.9 is pre-diabetic and 7.0 and up is diabetic. Last June, I was 6.4. In December, my level was 6.2. I was really hoping and praying for my test results to be under 6.0 this time. In fact, I even imagined how I would feel if it was not under that and I felt like bawling and I was sick to my stomach. Well, I did end up crying, but for a completely awesome reason. My a1c is now 5.5!!!!! That is SO exciting!! When she first told me the news, I jumped up and down! Then, all of the awesome news finally had a chance to completely sink in and I just could not hold back the tears of relief. My doctor totally understood though… She has had a lot of the same health and weight issues as me, so she completely understands how hard I have been working and what an awesome feeling it is to hear those numbers. And I now get to cut my diabetes medication in half! I just have to keep an eye on my weight for any unexpected gains (which are possible)… If that happens, I need to switch back to my current dose.

I also talked to my doctor about what she thinks about my final goal weight that I have set. I told her that I was planning on 127.8, because then I would I have ninety pounds. She said that she thought that would actually be too low for me. So we settled on 137.8 instead. Which means that I now have thirty pounds left to lose instead of forty! I am having a hard time even processing that one. I have all these goals set, so I am going to have to go back and reevaluate them.

So today has been a very exciting day for me (other than getting stung on my finger by a stupid bee!), I honestly do not know if I am going to be able to sleep tonight because I am so excited and relieved feeling. I feel so blessed to have these prayers answered. God really hit me with a HUGE wakeup call about myself back in August. I am so glad that I listened to Him and followed through with my plans for once in my life. This journey is life-changing. And I am also really glad that I decided to start this blog and that Thomas was so supportive and helped me set it up. It has really helped me work through some things and has definitely been key in helping me stay accountable. I would have never thought that I would be comfortable having my weight and everything out there for anyone to see (and especially for people that I actually know to see!), but it is amazing how freeing actually feels. I know that I know that I know that I will NEVER see those weights again… That is an awesome gift to give yourself!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

ChaLEAN Extreme Day 30!

ChaLEAN Extreme Day 30!

Today was Day 30 of ChaLEAN Extreme, which means measuring day! Woohoo! I have to admit, I was very psyched for this day. I am actually surprised that I was able to sleep last night!

The day started off a bit disappointing… Thomas and I both had a weight gain since last Wednesday. I am not too worried about it though. We had a bit of an odd weekend, with both of us being sick. So we had to eat what sounded good. Life happens sometimes. We are totally back on track and that is what counts!

So here are my stats for my measurements:

neck: -0.375″
upper arm: -0.375″
forearm: -0.375″
wrist: 0
chest: -1″
waist: -2.875″!
hips: -1.25″
abductors: -0.75″
mid thigh: -1.25″
calf: 0
ankle: 0

That is a total of 8.25″!!! That is sooo exciting! My previous best month was October 2011, when I lost 8″ in one month. This time around is extra exciting because I can see some definite muscle differences in pictures now. Very cool! I only lost three pounds in the past 30 days… This just goes to show you how important measuring can be. I would have been totally bummed about my results if I were just going by my weight. And pictures are equally as important so you can actually see your photos side by side and see the real differences.

I want to give a shout out to my awesome husband, who also had an awesome loss this month! I am so proud of you Thomas! 

So, what is the game plan for the next thirty days? Well, I will definitely be continuing with ChaLEAN Extreme! Lol… I would be nuts not to, with results like these! And I am also going to be doing an ab challenge that I found online. It is 300 ab and core exercises a day… Yes, I think I am crazy on this one! I am excited about it though! We did not do the ab workout (which is only one time a week) like we were supposed to, so the results I got in my torso (which were shockingly awesome!), were really just from the normal workouts and watching my calorie intake. So I want to focus on that area more. Wish me luck with that!  ;o)

We are starting the new phase of ChaLEAN Extreme today and are very excited to see where it takes us!

The Pinball Machine Complexity…

The Pinball Machine Complexity…

How do you like my Big Bang Theory-inspired title of this blog?? ;o)

My mind feel like a pinball machine tonight… I have so many different thoughts running through my brain! So, I am going to bombard you with lots of stuff, some random and some related. I hope that is ok with you all!  :o) (and, just so you are not confused, my final thoughts on here will be written in the morning after I weigh myself.)

Pinball Number One: I had to fast last night through lunch today. I had fourteen hours without food, which left me feeling like a bottomless pit for quite a while this afternoon and evening. I tried to make good choices, and did not stuff myself with a bunch of junk, but I am pretty sure that I went over my calories a bit. I am honestly too tired to try to remember everything I ate to see how I did!

Pinball Number Two: I have been going out to my parent’s house once a week since the beginning of June, to get Zeeva accustomed to taking naps there. We are hoping that this will help her be ok with her first overnight away from us, which is supposed to be happening at the end of July. Send up prayers for that one please! Anyway, she is doing really good with the naps. She does not sleep as long as she does at home, but she has been going to sleep without a fuss, which is great. And I have been trying to be less involved with the process… Today, I even went out and floated in the pool before it was time for her nap, so she would not be looking for me at nap time. I have to say, it was glorious to float in the pool this afternoon! I was out there for about an hour and a half, and it felt awesome. The water was perfect. The temperature was hot, but I felt great with it since I was mostly in the water. I even fell asleep for about a half hour while I was floating on my back on one of the floaties. Yep, it was great! I did feel guilty though… Thomas was at home, sick for the second day in a row and still having to work. One of the “perks” of being self-employed. I do not think that most people understand that.

Pinball Number Three: When I was somewhere between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, I was sleeping over at one of my best friends houses and cut my leg on the metal corner of the roll-away bed. It bled quite a bit and took quite a while to heal, and I had a scar for a few years. It would get more pronounced during the summers, when I had a bit of a tan. But I have not seen any inkling of it in at least a handful of years, so I thought that it had probably just faded away. I no longer think that. I thought I saw a glimpse of it a few weeks ago, and I noticed it again tonight, but it was much more prominent than it was a few weeks ago. I am sure that me being out in the sun so much lately has helped it to become more visible. But I think the reason I am able to see it again after so many years of thinking it was just gone is because of my weight loss. I think that my body was so stretched when I was heavier that it just stretched the scar out until it was invisible. And, now that I have lost fifty pounds, it is visible once again. It is really bizarre to me some of the changes that your body undergoes when losing so much weight!

Pinball Number Four: I only have FOUR more workouts on this round of ChaLEAN Extreme! This is the Burn phase… Next is the Push phase, which involves even less reps with even more weight. I am loving this program, I am so very glad that Thomas got it for me! Sunday will be our last workout on this set, and then we take our 30-day measurements on Monday! Woohoo! I am so excited to see those results. I am really hoping that I am not disappointed. 

Pinball Number Five: Today was weigh-in day. I am happy to report that I was able to add another 0.9 pounds lost to my total from Sunday’s spontaneous weigh-in… That is 3.3 pounds in one week!! Craziness! That is just so exciting!

Those are all the pinballs I have for you right now! I hope you enjoyed today’s randomness!  :o)

Father’s Day 2012…

Father’s Day 2012…

Today is Father’s Day. So I want to send a huge Father’s Day shout out to my husband, my dad and my father-in-law!

Our plan today was to go to church, and then head out to spend the rest of the day at my parent’s house, lounging in the pool and grilling for dinner. Well, I woke up with a HORRIBLE stomach ache, the worst one that I have had in a very long time. So church did not happen. And my wonderful hubby took over all the baby duties for me so I could just rest and get feeling better. And I, thankfully, did feel better after a few hours. So we did spend the rest of the day at my parent’s house. It was a beautiful day too! Perfect amount of clouds in the sky and, while the pool was very chilly when we first got in, our bodies soon adjusted and allowed for some quality time just relaxing in the water and sun. And Zeeva had a blast discovering her new secret garden that her Grandma and Grandpa set up for her (it is in between two evergreen trees that are in the middle of one of their garden areas…. So cute!). She will have a blast going out there to play when she is a bit older. And she had a blast just sitting on the bench that they set up,looking at her books today. It was adorable! 

So, what started out as a not great day, ended as a nice and relaxing day. And Thomas and I are getting ready to do our last Sunday workout of this type, because our first month of ChaLEAN Extreme is over in a week! I will be sure to post our results (assuming that they are good! Lol). 

Speaking of results… I randomly decided to weigh myself today. Mostly because I was really bloated feeling and just curious to see how it would affect my weight. Well, I was shocked to see that I have lost 2.4 pounds since Wednesday!! AND I have now lost 50.5 pounds all together!!!! That is soooooo exciting! I know that it is not my normal weigh-in day and that my weight may fluctuate a bit by Wednesday, but I am sooooo counting this! I was really hoping to lose 50 pounds before my Doctor’s appointment next week, and now I have!! Woohoo!!

Ps… In unrelated news, Zeeva slept through the night last night! We have not had a break like that in at least a couple of weeks so it was amazing!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I know… I was a bad girl last week and did not post my weigh-in results. What is funny is that I even started a blog entry, but never got past the first small paragraph. Sorry to anyone who looks forward to reading my results, if there is anyone like that! I lost 0.2 pounds last week.

It is very common and normal to “gain” weight for the first couple of weeks when you start a new weight-lifting routine. It is really not that you gain weight, but that your muscles retain extra water because they are repairing themselves. On top of that, I have had a bit more salt than normal in the past few days and not enough water, so I am feeling very bloated. I was actually planning on skipping my next two weigh-in days and waiting until the end of my first section of ChaLEAN Extreme to weigh myself again. But I am sooooo close to a couple of huge goals and the scale was really calling to me this morning. So, I weighed myself… And I lost 1.3 pounds! Not a HUGE loss, but it puts me past my next goal! I now weigh less than I did when I got married almost seven years ago! AND I am now in the 160s!! Woohoo! That is sooo exciting for me! I actually jumped up and down all over the living room when I realized that.

My next three goals are all huge ones for me… Hitting my 50-pounds of weight lost, getting my BMI into the “overweight” range instead of “obese” and reaching 25% of my starting weight lost. The awesome thing is that I am within 6.6 pounds of hitting ALL THREE of these! That is so exciting! I have a feeling that I am going to be doing a lot of jumping up and down this next month or two! I have tears in my eyes just thinking about these milestones!