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I know I already posted once today (and, if you haven’t read that post, I highly recommend reading it before this one… you can find it here), but I just had to write about this. In my last post, I wrote about being disappointed with my results for the month of November.  I also wrote about my plan of attack for the month of December. My sister, Holly, sent me a message that really got me thinking about some things…

Way to go with acknowledging disappointment and then going straight into developing goals so in the future you don’t have the same results! Definitely the way to handle it! Also I would encourage you, since you have your new goals and are set to go for December, to not dwell on November at all… it is in the past and your whole future is what matters now. One not so great month out of this entire journey you are taking means very little. So I guess I am saying just make sure to keep your focus on the bigger picture.

I think she completely hit the nail on the head! I have said all along that I want to focus on the small victories instead of getting bogged down with thinking how much further I still have to go, which I definitely think is the way to go. The problem with that, however, is that it can make it easier to also focus on the disappointments… which is definitely NOT something I want to do. So, right now, I am going to celebrate my victories!

  • I lost 2.4 pounds in November… I know I wanted to lose more, but a loss is a loss is a loss! And that is almost as much as I lost during all of June, July, and August COMBINED!
  • I have now lost a total of 22.4 pounds… that is more than 10% of my starting weight! It is also more than my 13-month-old daughter currently weighs, which is a really funny perspective.
  • I have lost 14.5 INCHES from my body since I first measured in July!!  And when I focus on the specific areas where I have lost the most, it is even more exciting to me: 2.75″ from my waist, 1.75″ from my thigh, 1.5″ from my calf, and FOUR INCHES from my hips!
  • I can see the differences now in photos.  I have even started noticing some things when I look in the mirror, which is a huge step for me.  And I definitely can feel the difference.
  • My clothes fit so much better now… in fact, my pants are basically falling off of me!  I am probably going to have to break down and buy some new pants soon.
  • I no longer crave sweets even remotely like I used to.  Yes, I still allow myself to have a dessert every now and then.  But I have not once broken down and gone out at 10 pm just to get something sweet to eat. And Ben & Jerry’s still does not call my name when I walk down the grocery store aisles like it used to!  ;o)

I am choosing to focus on all these victories… I will not let any disappointments pull me down.  A huge THANK YOU to Holly for believing in me and reminding me that I am in this for the rest of my life… one month, one day, one disappointment does not amount to much in the long run!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Well, last week was Thanksgiving… I think I did fairly good. We had Thanksgiving on Thursday with my family and I was very controlled at that one. The whole family also took a walk in the afternoon, which helped counteract anything I ate. We then spent the weekend at Thomas’s parent’s house… I was ok there. Not great but ok. The pumpkin bread and banana bread that I brought called my name! The good news, though, is that I made them with applesauce and the Splenda baking blend, so I could definitely have been eating something worse!

Unfortunately, I did not do so great in the weight-loss area this week… I gained 0.2 pounds. It definitely could have been worse and I am sure that it was a lot worse in years past. But it is still a gain, which is always depressing to see on the scale. It also means that I did not meet my goal for this month.

In addition to today being weigh-in day, it was also my measurement day. Thankfully, that went a lot better than my weigh-in did! I lost 6″ all over during the month of November, including 1.5″ on both my waist and my hips. The strangest result? I lost almost 1″ in my neck! LOL… Yes, I said my neck! You may recall that I set out this month planning on focusing on losing inches in my arms, legs and abs. I lost a good amount in my tummy (which honestly surprised me a bit because I did not focus on that area like I planned). While I did lose a little in my arms and legs, I am surprised that I did not lose a significant amount in those areas, as they were the body parts that I definitely focused on the most. So, I am not really sure what happened there.

I know I have not been posting much recently… I have been kind of at a loss on what to write about. I have also been feeling a bit depressed and extra tired for some reason. So that has added to my struggles. I am honestly very disappointed in myself right now. November feels like a wasted month to me. I feel like I hardly made any progress at all. I feel discouraged.

With all these negative thoughts floating through my mind, I am determined to make December more successful than November was. I am determined to end the year with a bang!  Here is my plan…

Weight-Loss Goals — My current weight-loss total is 22.4 pounds. For the past 3 weeks, I have lost less than 1 pound a week. In fact, my total for the past 3 weeks adds up to less than 1 pound lost! This is definitely the worst streak I have had since the beginning of September. So now for my weight-loss goals for December… I like round numbers, I am slightly OCD when it comes to that. So it would be really easy for me to say that I will lose 2.6 pounds, which would get me to the 25 pound mark. But I do not want to do the easy thing. I have been doing the easy thing for the past month and it has obviously not been working. So, my goal for December is to lose 7.6 pounds by the time I weigh myself on January 1, 2012. This will definitely been a challenge with all the holidays and celebrations this month, but I am determined!

Exercise Goals — I have really been slacking in this area. I have just been finding it hard to get energized and motivated. But, if I am going to meet my weight-loss goal for December, I need to step up my game A LOT. So I will be doing some kind of exercise every day, whether I feel like it or not. I am thinking that doing what I originally planned for November is a good place to start… I will alternate legs and arms daily, as well as doing some cardio. I am also going to do an ab workout at least 3 times a week. And I think that I will take my measurements again on January 1st so I have a starting point for 2012.

Personal Goals — As I stated earlier in this post,I have been feeling a bit down lately. So I want to make a couple of personal goals for this month. First, I want at least one date day with my wonderful hubby. I honestly cannot remember the last time we took the time to just spend some time alone together… It has been at least a couple of months, which feels like an eternity when you have a baby! I also want to do something fun/relaxing each week… It could be an art project or shipping or just some quiet reading time (yes, I am a dork and reading qualifies as fun in my world!). This week, I am going shopping with my mom, sister and Zeeva!  My last personal goal is to get to church ore.., we were plagued with illness in November and were not able to get to church at all. I miss it!

So that is it for now! I started working on a project for Zeeva last night, so I should have a non-weight-loss related post soon!

A Bit of Thanksgiving…

A Bit of Thanksgiving…

I am writing this post in the wee hours, so please bear with me!

Today is Thanksgiving, a day that means so many things to me this year. It is Zeeva’s second Thanksgiving, but the first one that she will really get to participate in. I am all set to release the mommy control strings and let her have fun eating her tray of food at dinner. And I am definitely anticipating having to give her a bath afterward!  I already made sure that Grandma & Grandpa’s house is all stocked with bath supplies! 

This year also marks an extremely rare occasion for my family… There will be extended family present at my parent’s Thanksgiving dinner! My family is originally from Vermont. We moved to Indiana when I was seven, so I really did not grow up knowing what it is like to have a lot of family around. As a result, my parents, my sister and I are all very close. I honestly do not even really know what it is like to have grandparents around that you can adore, like so many people do. I am used to this, so it really did not bother me a whole lot. But I am so very thankful that Zeeva will have the privilege of knowing and absolutely loving her grandparents. And I am glad that she is getting the chance to see some of her more extended family too. My dad’s twin and his wife will be here for a few days… I know we are all glad to see them!

Another thing that makes this year different is me… I would normally be looking forward to chowing down on some yummy food and finishing the day off with a large slice of my mom’s amazing apple pie, probably drowning in ice cream and smothered with whipped cream. This year is definitely different. We will be starting the afternoon off with a nice family walk (all ten of us, plus one or two dogs!)… The walk is kind of a tradition but I usually declined to go in years past. For dinner, I am definitely planning on having some yummy food but I will be watching my portions and eating a lot more veggies than I usually do.  Dessert… My nemesis. There will be FOUR pies there. Yes, four… For nine and a half people. I guess that is what happens when everyone likes a different kind! At least most of them will be made with the Splenda baking mix. I am, of course, going to have a slice. I am a firm believer that everything is ok in moderation. But it will not be a huge piece and it will not be smothered in ice cream and whipped cream. 

I want to close with my list of things that I am thankful for… There are many, many things and I am sure I will forget some, but here goes! 

Thomas… I have an amazing husband who works hard to provide for us and always brings my comfort when I need it. He is a wonderful father to the daughter that we both adore and I know that I can always count on him.

Zeeva… She has brought us so much joy and is a completely answered prayer. She is such a special baby and is so silly and spunky…she fits into out little family perfectly! 

Family… Our families have really done so much for us during this past year. There is WAY too much to go into it, but we are more thankful to them than they will ever know and we will ever be able to express.

True friends… This year has been a hard one for us, in the way of friendship. We have been burned more than once recently, as well as in the past,and it is comforting to know who are true friend are… We are so greatful for each of you!

Other things… A warm roof over our heads, money in the bank, a steady job flow, my ability to stay home with Zeeva, health, our great starts on our weight-loss journey, and a million other things that my foggy mind cannot think of right now.

Thank You Lord, for all You have given us and are giving us even as I type… Your plans are perfect and we are so thankful for You and Your presence in our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I finally did it… I have officially reached the goal that has so narrowly eluded me for the past two weigh ins! I lost 0.9 pounds this week, which means that I have now lost 10% of my starting weight! Yea!!!!

This is SUCH an exciting goal to reach! I really was not sure if I would reach it this week, even though I only needed to lose 0.1 pounds to hit it. After being sick for most of the past week and taking so many medicines and all the tea I drank (which can make you retain water) and the inability to do any exercise for so many days (and just not getting around to it for the past 2 days!), I was actually expecting to gain weight this week. I was so pleasantly surprised to see my number go down instead of up! Now I need to figure out what my goal reward is going to be… I never set one for this goal!

Now back to reality for a bit… November has been hard for me. I have really fallen out of the exercising groove after being so good about it in September and October. Regardless of the reasons, I know that I need to do better. I actually talked to Thomas about this very thing last night and he has agreed to help keep me accountable with my exercising. So here’s to a better week!

At the beginning of the month, I set a goal to lose 5 pounds during November. I now have one week left and 2.4 pounds to go. Can I do it? Can I do it with TWO Thanksgiving dinners coming up in the next three days? I am sure gonna try!

Jessii’s Sick Day…

Jessii’s Sick Day…

Well, Zeeva was sick last week, and Thomas was sick over the weekend… It is apparently now my turn. Oddly enough, none of us has had the same illness! I currently have one of the worst sinus infections I have probably ever had, as far as the amount of pain goes. I actually have a nerve condiction called trigeminal neuralgia that flairs up occassionally… It can literally make my face feel like it has been struck by lightning. This pain is a close second to that. I have had very few moments of relief in the past two days or so. To put it lightly, I am miserable. And on top of that, my meds are making me feel achy and sick to my stomach. Definitely not a great couple of days! My doctor’s office is calling in some pain medicine for me so hopefully that will help! They said the antibiotic will take 3-5 days to help… Craziness!

I have a confession now. I am sitting here eating ice cream as I write this post. I am desperate for relief and it is a quick solution. I cannot eat much else so I am not going to feel guilty about this.

Please send up some prayers for me! It is so hard to take care of a 1-year-old when I am hurting like this. Thankfully, she has been pretty good today. Thomas has done a great job taking care of me too! One of the perks of having a hubby who works from home!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I only lost 0.2 pounds… I only needed to lose 0.3 pounds to reach my 10% goal! I am bummed… Very bummed. I am normally one to be happy with any loss at all. But it is a bit depressing to be sooooo close to reaching such a significant goal and then to come just shy of meeting it two weeks in a row. Yep… Definitely bummed.

UPDATE: I decided to take my disappointment and use it on working out. I did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for the first time in a couple of years…. Can we say brutle?? I was already feeling achy in some areas from yesterday’s workout and this definitely intensified it! But I am glad I did it instead of resting on my disappointment… I could have easily taken a nap instead of working out!

A Hodgepodge Kind of a Day…

A Hodgepodge Kind of a Day…

There have been all sorts of random thoughts running through my mind recently, so here is a bit of a hodgepodge type of post!

1. Zeeva is finally feeling better after being pretty miserable all last week. Yea! It is so hard having a sick 1-year-old… We did not even know she had an ear infection, we just thought she was teething. And she was so pale and miserable looking for so many days… It made us feel helpless! So we are definitely happy that she is better! And we are thankful that she is pretty much back to her normal sleep schedule, after being spoiled with middle-of-the-night cuddles last week.

2. I took another weight-loss progress photo last Friday and compared it to my previous photo that was taken a month and ten pounds ago. Thomas helped point out some areas where there are visable differences. Some of the things he saw were still not visable to me. But some of the things were a lot more easy to spot! And I did learn something about photos… I definitely need to take at least 3 angles (front, back and side) because they all show different things. I still do not really see a difference when I look in the mirror, but I am working on that and it is good to know that I have photos to fall back on.

3. I have been in a serious food rut recently. I feel like we eat the same few meals over and over and over. And I know that I eat the same boring thing for lunch every day, simply because I have no other ideas. But now that Zeeva is a “toddler” (EEK!!), I am thinking that we really need to have more variety, to introduce her to different foods and flavors. Plus, it will help us not get so bored with what we have been eating. And now that I am accustomed to not eating as many sweets, I have actually found myself craving things that I would have never thought possible. Such as roasted zucchini… I have always hated zucchini but it is suddenly delicious to me! (no, I am not pregnant!) So, I have started a list of recipes to try. They are all pretty healthy and most of them venture outside of our normal dinner zone. Hopefully we will find some keepers! This week I will be making white chicken chili, which I have never even eaten before. Yep, definitely outside of my comfort zone!

4. I have been in a bit of an exercise rut for a little over a week now (apparently I am in all sorts of ruts right now!). It started when I had several days of insanely bad allergies… If I moved, I sneezed. That also ran into the time period when Zeeva was really miserable and just wanted to cuddle all day. Then, she finally started feeling better and the field next to us got harvested… Cue the allergies again! I know that some of you will want to tell me that I am being too hard on myself, but I am not being hard on myself… I made a committment and I need to stick with it, even when it is easier to not do it. Because when I allow myself to sink into not exercising (or not eating right) for a few days, it makes it very easy for me to continue those habits. So, I am saying right here and now that I am committing to do some form of exercise every day between now and Christmas… even on the days when I really do not feel like doing it.

5. Lastly, I am asking for prayers for Thomas. He seems to be having a reaction to the amoxicillan that Zeeva is taking for her ear infection… Definitely not good. If you have never had a reaction to a medication before, you have no idea just how much discomfort a thing like that can cause. So if everyone would please send up a quick prayer for Thomas’s healing, we would greatly appreciate it!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Ok, it is time to be completely honest… I did not do too great on the food front the past few days. Specifically, in the area of sweets. Don’t worry, I did not do anything too crazy like eat a dozen donuts or 3 pints of ice cream! But I did have 3 & 1/2 cupcakes over the course of two days. Thankfully, two of them were low-fat! I also have to admit that I had a hard time resisting the chocolate and butterscotch chips that we had in the house for Zeeva’s party… So hard, in fact, that I actually threw away what I was not using. That is a serious win for me… I do not think that I have ever thrown away something like that!

I was really hoping to lose 1.8 pounds this week so I could meet my 10% weight-loss goal… that would have absolutely made my day. Unfortunately, I did not do that. I only have myself to blame… I should have eaten better and worked out more. I did lose 1.5 pounds this week. At first, I was actually pretty disappointed by that. I really thought that I would meet my goal. After a few minutes of being disappointed though, I realized that I was being stupid. 1.5 pounds lost in one week is great, something that most people would be happy to have. And my previous three weeks had phenominal results, so to lose that much is pretty spectacular in my book. Yes, it is disappointing to not meet that goal this week… but I know that I will see that number on the scale next week!

Zeeva’s Sick Day…

Zeeva’s Sick Day…

Today was Zeeva’s first “sick” day ever! I say “sick” because we are fairly sure that everything was actually caused by teething and not an actual illness. She has had a very low-grade fever since Saturday at bedtime but at one point today it was as high as 102.2 degrees… We felt so bad for her all day! She has been extra sleepy and snuggly and did not want to play with her toys most of the day. We snuggled under a blanket and watched part of The Wizard of Oz this morning.

Now, the old me would have used this as an excuse to eat pizza or fast food or ice cream as an easy fix for dinner. I had to run to the grocery store for more medicine today and it would have been very easy to pick up anything my heart desired. But we already had everything for spaghetti, so I decided to just pick up some bread to go with it… Not 100% great but much better than my other options! The best part about my dinner decision had to do with the sauce. I cannot stand meat in my pasta sauce. Everyone in my family knows that if we are having spaghetti, there better be a meatless option for me! On top of that, I have always picked out any veggies that were to be found in the sauce… Even mushrooms, which is funny since I actually like mushrooms! So I have never had anything with my spaghetti other than e actual sauce. This time, though, I wanted to make sure that we had plenty of veggie options for Zeeva to choose from in an attempt to coax her into finally eating today. There were a ton of pieces of mushrooms, orange bell pepper and sliced up squash… First time I have EVER put veggies in my pasta sauce! It was yummy too!

Thr best part of all of this is that it actually worked! Zeeva ate some pasta, bell pepper and lots of squash. She even whined at one point becsue I was not fast enough! For now, she appears to be back to her normal self… Let us hope that she stays that way!

A Perplexing Development…

A Perplexing Development…

There is a funny thing about losing weight that I have been struggling with from the beginning. Today, I finally took a moment to talk it out with my mom and sort through it in my mind. I have now lost 20 pounds. That is a pretty significant amount… I know my doctor would be thrilled to see me tomorrow! I feel stronger, I do not have the cravings I used to have, I actually want to exercise now and am way more active than I have ever been, my jeans are baggy on me in some areas, and I now have actual muscles in my arms.

Yet, despite all of this, I do not even remotely feel like I have lost 20 pounds. I am just a hair away from having lost 10% of my starting weight, but when I look in the mirror, I see the same old me. I started off this journey with an overall goal of losing 90 pounds… That is quite a lot of weight! So, I do not know if that is part of why I am not seeing the progress that I know I have made. Like maybe, somehow, by knowing that is my ultimate goal, that is making my unable to really see where I am currently at? Does that even make sense? Every so often, I wake up expecting to finally see some changes when I look in the mirror. It has not happened yet.

I have to say that this is all a bit perplexing. I know that my clothes are fitting differently and that the scale and the tape measure do not lie. Yet, what I know in my mind and what I see with my eyes are two completely different things that do not match up.

I know that eventually this will all sort itself out… And my before and after photos will definitely help with that! I guess that, for now, I am just a bit impatient for the day when I can finally see the difference in myself.