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When I started writing this blog, a friend of mine suggested that I check out a Facebook page of another woman my age who is on a mission to lose weight. Her name is Dana and she currently has 2,129 followers on her Facebook page, 2011 – The Year od Fit, Healthy and Slim. So I checked out her page and she is very inspiring!

Today she posted about a new challenge that she is joining to get her out of a recent slump that she has been facing.
Here is a bit about the challenge…

The pledge is simple, we will either make good choices for October, or we will make bad choices for October. Even with roadblocks we can make good choices.

If you want to “Rock” October by making sound food and activity choices, then please join this pledge and share with your friends. Together, we can make Rocktober 2011 a month to remember!!

I joined today. I would absolutely love to reach my next weight-loss goal in the month of October. That would put me in the 100s, which is a number I have not seen on the scale in years. So, my goal is to lose another 7.9 pounds in Rocktober! Would anyone care to join me in turning October into Rocktober?

If you would like to “officially” pledge on Facebook to Rocktober, here is the link: I Pledge to Rock October (Rocktober)

A New Project for Zeeva…

A New Project for Zeeva…

Two weeks ago, I went into Zeeva’s room to get her when she woke up from a nap.  It was then that I discovered that she had been using her crib railing as a teething bar.  She only had one tooth at the time (now she has two!) and yet there were little teeth marks all along the inside of her top rail and little flecks of wood surrounding her mouth.  Needless to say, I was not thrilled with the development.

So I started looking into options for a crib rail cover.  I found plastic ones, but they did not have very good reviews at all.  I also found fabric ones that tied on, but they were very pricey and would not have fit her crib very well.  The cloth ones did get me thinking though… they inspired me to make my own!

Due to some supplies that I already had and a fantastic sale on fabric, I was able to make a custom-fitted set of 3 crib rail covers out of fleece fabric and satin ribbon for less than $5!  It actually would have been less than $2 but I ended up running out of the ribbon and thread that I already had at home.  So I ended up having to go to the store not twice, but three times for this little project!  Oh well, third time’s the charm, right?  :o)  The covers were very easy to make too… the hardest part was making sure the ribbons were spaced correctly to fit the crib.

This project definitely got my creative energies flowing… I am now thinking through several other projects that I might do in the near future.  It feels good to be in a creative mood again!



  1. Measure the railings you want to cover.  You will need the length and the overall size of the railing (to get this, hold your measuring tape at the bottom of one side and wrap it over the top and all the way over to the bottom of the other side).
  2. Cut fabric to match the dimensions you need.  I used fleece because it does not fray, so the edges did not need to be hemmed.  Score 1 for less work!  ;o)
  3. For the ribbons, I used the overall railing dimension and added 10 inches to it, to make it easier to tie.
  4. Figure out the spacing you need and want for your ribbons, keeping in mind that each crib is different.  I would use at least 5 ribbons on the long sides and 3 on the short sides, to help keep the cover secure.  After you have figured out your spacing, you can pin your ribbons in place.
  5. Sew ribbons onto the fabric.  I also singed the ends of my ribbons with a tiny bit of heat from a candle, to keep the ribbons from fraying.
  6. Tie your newly made crib railing covers onto your crib and enjoy!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Today was the day… Time to weigh in again. I seriously could not believe that another week had gone by already! It felt like it was just yesterday that I was standing on the scale, disappointed by that seven-tenths of a pound weight gain. With that still so fresh in my mind, I was definitely ready for some good news. Zeeva woke up around 5am to nurse this morning and I even prayed about it while I was trying to fall back asleep… I found myself praying for even a half a pound loss today. And then I found myself thinking that half a pound would be great but two pounds would be awesome!

So I was a bit nervous when I went to weigh myself this morning. We use our WiiFit to weigh ourselves. On the WiiFit, it shows your BMI results before showing your actual weight results. The whole time I was standing there waiting for my results, I kept thinking “please be lower, please be lower, please be lower” over and over again. When the BMI results finally popped up (which probably took a total of 5 seconds but felt like 5 hours!), I was very happy to see that my number had gone down! Then I clicked on the button to switch the chart to my weight results. I was shocked to see that I had lost 3.3 pounds!  :oD

I am completely shocked and thrilled and thankful and flabbergasted by that number! And on top of losing such an awesome amount, this week’s weight-loss also made me reach my first goal! Yippee!!! I have now lost exactly 10 pounds! And three-quarters of it has been just in the last 28 days… That shows me that I am definitely doing something right and that I can really, truly do this. I feel like a brand new person and it feels great!

So now I am looking ahead to my next goal, which is to reach my new “century”. I have 7.9 pounds to go and I am hoping the momentum of this month will carry me there quickly!

I will be ordering my reward for reaching my goal today or tomorrow and am excited about that. I think it will make a perfect Christmas present for Zeeva! Now I have to figure out another small reward for my next goal… I am thinking maybe some new nail polish to keep my toes looking pretty during the winter. Any other ideas?


UPDATE: I just ordered the hippo pattern!  Yea!  I am so excited to make this for Zeeva!

Confession Time…

Confession Time…

Confession time… Friday and Saturday were not great days for me. I did not walk either day. Friday I did not have a chance to walk and Saturday I just did not feel like it by the time I had the time for it. I knew I should have but I had a definite moment of weakness. I also broke a rule… Thomas and I shared a Coke. We were desparate and there was no other option. I am not trying to justify it, just stating the truth. But we still have not had any sweets, so we are good!

After two such slack days, I knew that Sunday had to be a day that I really stuck with my plan. However, it turned out to be a miserably gloomy day… Unseasonably cold and rainy all day long. Definitely yucky and definitely not walking weather! So I decided to break out an exercise video that I have not done in a couple of years… Crunch: Cardio Salsa. If you are looking for a fun workout video that is easy to follow and gives you a pretty decent workout, I highly recommend this one. I even have two left feet (as I demonstrated a few times today!) and I catch on very quickly. Thomas and I did this video together back when we were engaged and we both lost quite a bit of weight. I think I am going to try to do this video three times a week, in addition to the walking that I am already doing. Hopefully we can figure out a large enough space in our house so Thomas and I can once again do it together!

I also have to say that Zeeva loved watching me do this video today. She was clapping her hands and kicking her legs. I definitely have the cutest cheering section ever! Talk about motivating!!

23 Days Sweet-Free…

23 Days Sweet-Free…

I am now 23 days into my sweet-free month.  I am so proud of myself that I have made it this far!  And I am very proud of my awesome hubby for doing this challenge with me.  It definitely helps to have us both on the same page and motivating each other.

I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised that my cravings have been practically non-existent this month.  I have been able to easily walk down the cookie and ice cream aisles without so much as a glance at the treats that used to call my name from aisles away.  I even wait for my turn in the checkout lane without even noticing the candy.  I do not think this has ever happened to me before!

While my waking hours have been craving-free, my dreams have not been so lucky.  I have woken up several times now remembering the smell of donuts and cake and sugar, almost as strong as if it were sitting right in front of me.  I don’t think there is anything that I can possibly do about that, but I am very happy that the cravings are being confined to my non-waking hours!

Yesterday was a real victory day for me.  I only got three-and-a-half hours of sleep and had to get up extra early for an appointment that I had.  The appointment did not go good.  At all.  I also got a phone call while I was at my appointment.  Which was also not good.  Needless to say, I was having an incredibly bad morning and it wasn’t even 9 am yet!

Now, the old me would have taken this opportunity to swing by the donut shop on my way home and pick up a dozen sinfully-sweet treats to make myself feel better.  After all, I was having a horrible day and was exhausted… I needed something to pick me up!  The new me, however, did not even think about doing that.  Seriously, it did not even cross my mind until I got home and realized that I did not fall onto my old habits in a time of stress.  And on top of all of that, I even took Zeeva for a walk when I got home, exhaustion and all!  I wanted to lay down and go to sleep with every step I took, but I did it!  I cannot even begin to tell you what a huge leap that was for me…. it is kind of mind-boggling when I think about it!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

It’s been a few days since I last posted on here. Sorry about that, I have been trying to figure out what topic I want to tackle next. There will be several posts coming up soon!

First thing’s first though — today was Weigh-In Wednesday! And I have to say that I was actually looking forward to it. Unlike last week, this week I felt like I would have a decent weight loss. I was feeling very positive. Apparently my internal signals are not working correctly right now. I gained 0.7 pounds. Yep, that’s right… Gained!! And i have to say that this was a bit surprising and definitely disappointing to me.

Now, the old me would have taken this as a sign that I just cannot do this whole weight-loss thing, that it is just time to give up. Right about now, I would be telling myself that it is just took hard and discouraging. I would be seriously contemplating getting a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dinner.

But Zeeva is currently cracking herself up while trying to steal my notebook, giving me a full-out reminder of why I am making this change. I am determined to not be that person anymore. And I honestly do not feel like that person anymore. I feel such a mental change… It is hard to explain, but very refreshing!

Instead of siting here dreaming about a crazy list of sweets, I have been sitting here thinking about the past week and trying to pinpoint where this weight gain came from. I have walked every day except one day since September 11, so it is possible that I have started to gain a bit of muscle. But I think that there are two more likely culprits. I have recently started drinking iced tea, sweetened with Splenda, so I have not been drinking as much water. So I need to stop drinking as much tea. The other culprit is that we have been eating out a lot in the past week. It started as just one time, but turned into several times for various reasons. I tried to make smarter choices, but they obviously were not good enoughh. So I definitely need to make a change there… I am sure our bank account will appreciate that too! :o)

So I have three goals for the next week.

  • Walk every day. If it is raining, I will do an exercise video.
  • Drink more water. I am shooting for three rounds in my refillable bottle, which is 72 ounces.
  • Eat out less. Maybe even not at all. I think not at all is doable, but it will definitely take some huge willpower!

There you have it… My results and thoughts after my first (and hopefully last!) week with a weight gain! I am really trying to feel positive regardless of these reselts. I can do it!

My Weight-Loss Goals…

My Weight-Loss Goals…

Yep, you read the title of this entry correctly… I am finally going to list out my goals!

But first, I want to explain a feature that is new to Jessii’s Hodgepodge.  You may have noticed that there is a new graphic in the sidebar on this website.  If you haven’t noticed it… well, you are just not very observant!  ;o)  It is my new “Weight-Loss at a Glance” graphic. My wonderful hubby came up with it for me and I think he did a great job!  It has my start weight, current weight, goal weight, and current weight loss total, all available at a quick glance.  It also contains tick marks along the graph to indicate where my milestones are, so that I (and you!) can easily keep track of my progress among my goals.  I think it will be a very useful tool.

Ok, so onto my actual goals!  I have a lot of mini steps along the way, to help keep me celebrating and motivated.


Goal: Weight: Total Lost:
10 lbs 207.8 -10
New Century 199 -18.8
10% Lost 196 -21.8
25 lbs 192.8 -25
30 lbs 187.8 -30
20% Lost 174.2 -43.6
Half Goal 172.8 -45
Wedding Weight 170 -47.8
50 lbs 167.8 -50
25% Lost 163.3 -54.5
30% Lost 152.4 -65.4
75 lbs 142.4 -75
35% Lost 141.5 -76.3
40% Lost 130.7 -87.1
Final Goal 127.8 -90


There you have it.  My goals!  I know some of them are close together, but they are all very important milestones for me!

Now, I am a firm believer that every “diet” needs some sort of rewards system.  A way to give yourself a pat on the back for sticking with your plan and doing a great job.  To start with, I am going to build up a clothing fund by adding $5 to my special account for every pound that I lose.  That is something that I have always done whenever I have tried to lose weight in the past.  I find it very useful when my pants are failing off of my hips.  I feel less guilty buying new clothes when I already have the money set aside.  And it is going to be even more important this time around, since I am planning on losing so much.  I definitely do not have any clothes stored up in the size that I am planning on being!

I also plan on having rewards for some, if not all, of my goals.  Some will be bigger rewards but more will probably be small.  For now, I have only set a reward for my first goal.  I might end up doing it that way, just setting each reward as I am specifically working toward it.  Any thoughts on that?  Good idea?  Horrible idea?

My reward for my 10 pound goal is actually something for Zeeva.  I have fond memories of a stuffed hippo that my grandma made me when I was little.  I loved sleeping with it because it was so big!  I would really love to make one for Zeeva, but I have not been willing to spend the money on the pattern, even though I have been eyeing it for a while and it really does not cost very much.  So my first reward is to buy the pattern.  Silly, I know, but it’s something exciting to me!  :o)  And I am now already 3/4 of the way there!!!  :o)

If anyone has any suggestions for rewards, especially less expensive ones, please feel free to share them with me!

Weigh-In Wednesday…

Weigh-In Wednesday…

I woke up this morning, dreading stepping on the scale today. I cannot really explain why, but I thought for sure that I would only have a tiny loss this week or even a possible gain. It was just a mentality at I woke up with and the feeling grew even stronger while Zeeva was having her breakfast feeding. So it was with definite trepidation that I stepped on my scale this morning.

But it turns out that I had no reason at all to be nervous. I lost weight this week… A significant amount of weight, in fact. I lost 2.4 pounds!!  :oD  (there’s that super excited smiley face again!) Yep, the same as last week. I was totally not expecting to lose nearly that much but I am definitely super happy about it and very thankful!

Such a great amount of weight loss in just 2 weeks is so very encouraging for me. It shows me that I am definitely doing the right thing and that I can definitely do this!

Proud Mommy Moment…

Proud Mommy Moment…

Zeeva was playing by herself this morning. I was going about my normal morning routine, not really fully paying attention to her but checking on her frequently. At one point when I looked up, I noticed that she had her ring stacker in front of her and was trying over and over to put one of the rings on the stacker pole. She was very determined and even had her tongue sticking out of her mouth, just like I do when I am concentrating really hard! I didn’t have to watch very long when she suddenly struck gold… She got the ring on the pole! And no one showed her how to do it… She figured it out all on her own! She was so happy and proud, I couldn’t help but grin and cheer for her! That has now been her new form of entertainment all day. She takes breaks every now and then, but she keeps going back to this newfound joy. And she has now figured out how to get all five rings on the stacker… Way to go Zeeva!

A Scary Thing To Do…

A Scary Thing To Do…

When I first thought about putting together this blog, I intended to be completely honest with you all.  As in full disclosure.  Specifically, full disclosure about my past, current and future weights.

You may have noticed that I have not yet posted anything about a specific weight or goal or anything in that area.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  I have not yet posted any goals simply because I hadn’t set my goals until last night. I will share them in a future post within the next few days.

On to my weight… I haven’t posted specifics on that yet because, well, I’m chicken.  :o)  Yep, I admitted it.  While it was something I fully intended on doing while planning this blog, the act of actually putting it all out there for everyone to see simply terrifies me to the core.  At this point, only myself, my husband, and my doctors know how much I weigh.  It has been that way for a very long time… and I big part of me wants to keep it that way!

A funny thing happened to me on Friday afternoon when I was thinking through all of this.  I was talking to my wonderful husband (who really is awesome!) about my desire to add a weight-loss ticker to this blog, something that would show how far I’ve traveled on my journey at a quick glance.  He asked me what I specifically wanted it to incorporate — starting weight, current weight, goal weight, current weight lost, etc.  So I thought about it for a minute.  And I actually started to feel slightly panicked about the prospect of sharing my weight!  My throat tightened up a bit and tears began to accumulate in my eyes!  Which is completely crazy!!  Why should a simple number be allowed to have that kind of hold on me?  Why should I allow Satan to have that grip of fear on me?!

So I have come to a realization and a decision after all of that.  I am planning on never being my current weight again, so I shouldn’t feel guilty or embarrassed by it.  I hate it, but it is what it is.  I am not going to allow that stronghold of fear and embarassment and rejection live within me anymore.  I am allowing and asking God to release me from it.  Therefore, I have decided that I am going to post my weight on here.  I will be completely honest — yes, the thought of this still makes me a bit nervous.  But I am still going through with it.  I feel like, by putting it on here, it will be another level of accountability for me through this all and to stay on track and not waiver.  And I need all the accountability I can get!

Here goes nothing!

  • starting weight:  217.8 pounds
  • current weight:  212.9 pounds
  • goal weight:  127.8 pounds
  • current weight loss total:  5 pounds!

There you have it.  A little more insight into me, my fears and my weight.  It’s still a bit scary putting this all out there but I know it’s for the best! And I know my goal sounds extremely specific, but I like the thought of losing a nice, even number.  :o)  I’m a bit crazy, yes!